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Contemporary Instrumental Review: Ed Bazel-The London Sessions – Reflections From Studio 2

Release Date: October 7, 2022

Label:  ‎Independent


Ed Bazel's The London Sessions – Reflections From Studio 2 is eleven romantic melodies recorded and mastered in June 2022 at Abbey Road Studio 2. 

With November peeking through the doorway and the subsequent winter months ahead in the Northeast, this type of music is comforting, relaxing, and reassuring. The music does warm my soul and heart.


I hold music dear to my heart and with great respect and gratitude. Ed Bazel is a fine pianist. I had the opportunity to enjoy Homecoming nearly three years ago. It was a wonderful experience, and just as the first track, "Morning Glory," began, I knew it would be a similar journey. This is where my reference of reassurance applies once again. Familiar feelings of audio pleasures bring me great joy. The therapy of instrumental piano music with the elegance of strings and some percussion can do wonders for your attitude and well-being. 


This music holds the simplicity of one instrument and its effectiveness to significant effect in every track. Although this is considered a romantic collage, the album art would also hint that the culture of England brings it all full circle when looking at the entire project and absorbing all its elements.


One of my favorites was "After The Rain," and of course, the Beatle's classics "In My Life" and "Yesterday," which are emotional tracks for me. If you are older and your children are gone, and many relatives and loved one's have passed, it hits home. I sang the words to myself as Ed's piano played them perfectly.


I heard some sadness in the piano's keys and then a flow and splendor that gave me moments to pause and find the colorful notes filled with pleasure and hence a surrender to its magnificence. It is like the silver lining in the clouds, they are always there, but you must see them and recognize the importance of the entire picture being painted right before you. You don't have to look too far to see this happening; it is rather apparent quite quickly if you feel the music's mellow approach giving hints of sadness and reflection. It is like a quiet "Evening Stroll" through your mind's eye. The music helps you paint the images within and process them all internally and externally.


Ed Bazel has painted a musical masterpiece that is both timeless and memorable. At times the simple things in life are the medicine we so desperately need in this complex, unforgiving world we live in these days. Moments to pause, reflect, and take stock of what to be grateful for can be a positive experience that will affect you and everyone around you. 


This is a must-have if you enjoy beautiful instrumental music with exceptional production values! To romanticize in the music framework is commonplace; it is another thing to make it into something extraordinary, and Ed Bazel accomplishes that.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

October 27, 2022


01. Morning Glory 2:18

02. Mountain Serenity 3:22

03. In My Life 3:48

04. Old Friends 3:02

05. After The Rain 2:39

06. Soaring 3:24

07. Mountain Joy 2:59

08. Daydream 2:41

09. Evening Stroll 2:42

10. Passages 3:21

11. I Will Think Of You 2:38

12. Yesterday 2:39

Contemporary Instrumental Piano Review: Ed Bazel-Homecoming

Release Date: January 15, 2020

Label: New Thought Records


Ed Bazel is another newly discovered piano maestro for me to enjoy. Homecoming is his second studio recording. This man is firmly established in the world of music. He is held in high esteem with many different recognized awards.

Ed was awarded the 2017-2018 MPS Hall of Fame Award Instrumentalist and the 2018-2019 Entertainer of the Year Award from the Nashville area Yamaha piano dealership - Miller Piano Specialists.  He also was recently recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his accomplishments in the music industry.

The only instrument you will hear on this recording is Ed’s piano. With music like this I think there should be more attention given to the track titles. How else would one get some insight into what the artist is conveying to a listener, besides how it is making you feel while listening. A hint into the process is also helpful. That is my progression of listening, everyone has their own and what that experience entails. I emphasize the word experience. This is gorgeous solo piano and it is meant to soothe the soul and be totally experiential.

I think it was very clever to start off the first track naming it “Morning Cup.” What better way to start off the day than your first cup of music, and with your coffee? I can see bringing in the day on a positive note by listening to this music.

The “Homecoming” is wonderful title track. The music is smooth, flowing, and I can envision Ed’s fingers gliding over the keys. Another factor that makes this track so appealing is the rhythm and projection of the keys. I could have listened to this much longer than the 2:37 that it ran. I just fell into the music like I always do. Making the transition from a busy mentally taxing day is assisted with this outlet. This music empty's my mind and lets my spirit soar into the clouds, then another time and place can be realized where I find healing. After all, is that not what we all seek after a hard days work whether the intent to decompress is there or not, it can happen much quicker when listening to music from a recording like Homecoming.

As with much of this type of music that I enjoy so much, the foundation is based in classical then it grows out of that.  An appealing type of contemporary instrumental emerges with a new age theme and all the track titles to push it further in that direction. And that to me is a perfect path to establish when presenting simply piano music that sends many messages inside the music. The first step is the title then the listener decides where to go letting the music lead them, staying mindful of the original intent. If you approach it that way you will find all the grace, passion, and the beauty of Homecoming in all eleven tracks.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews
December 7, 2020

Track List:
01. Morning Cup 2:51
02. Sweet Innocence 3:34
03. I Remember 4:00
04. Homecoming 2:37
05. Lullaby For Life 2:53
06. Northern Lights 3:49
07. Sunrise 3:40
08. Walk With Me 3:44
09. The Quiet Dream 3:11
10. Light Of My Soul 2:39
11. Dusk 3:46