Contemporary Instrumental Review & Interview: Ed Bazel-The London Sessions New Perspectives from Studio 2

Release Date: March 18, 2024

Label: DiscMakers


Nearly two years ago (October 2022), Ed Bazel released The London Sessions-Reflections From Studio 2. Which I had the opportunity to enjoy and review. Ed returned in March this year with The London Sessions New Perspectives from Studio 2 at Abbey Road. It features nine original tracks and two covers.


Daybreak” is a beautiful opening track. It imagines a clear, crisp morning with the sun rising over a mountain peak. The piano is melodic and soothing, instantly letting the visions come to you.


As we all travel “Onward” in our lives, there are many things for which we can be grateful. One thing is musicians like Ed Bazel. The melody progresses as the track carries you to your next door to open or a pathway to follow—3:11 minutes of musical perfection.


“All Of My Life” immediately suggests something more poignant yet infinite. Our lives are meaningful in many ways, and Ed expresses them on the track. I did feel some sadness and reflection in the track as it gave me time to pause and look back at my life. The beauty flows and continues from one track to another.


“The Long And Winding Road” was instantly recognizable to any Beatles fan or music lover, for that matter. It is done well with a violin singing along with the piano. The words are going through my mind as I listen. Like many people, I know the words to nearly every Beatles song. It just happens that way if you have been listening to them since you were five years old!


“A Joyful Life” is a perfect follow-up to a Beatles cover because of the feeling one gets listening to their music (for those who cannot relate, start listening to them, and you will understand). In just under three minutes, the piano does sound happy and positive, so the message is well received. It is simple, direct, and brief enough to enjoy and get the associated feelings of joy.


“A Beautiful Life” follows the same lines as its predecessor. Being joyful can be beautiful. Ed’s talent for the keys interprets the meaning of the titles very well. It runs a bit longer at 4:36; however, the violin adds the necessary ambiance that the piano seems to integrate into the piece seamlessly.


“Happy Go Lightly” maintains the atmosphere and good feelings of the two previous tracks. The melody is upbeat and seemingly smiling at you through the chord progressions. Feeling that way with a song is something magical and powerful that one solo piano can create.


“Blue Skies” is another track placed perfectly in sequence with the others before it. I recognize that meaning and purpose are significant in a recording like this. Once again, you get a gorgeous, uplifting melody that puts a smile on your heart and soul. Ed’s playing is fluid and perfect.


“A Rainy Day” changes the mood, as all music has the power to do. In every life, rain comes, but another sunny day with blue skies is around the corner, as you witnessed in three consecutive tracks. It is not a letdown but a reality check that life happens, and we move on. The mood is somber yet beautiful because of the exquisite piano playing. Your hope becomes a reality like the silver lining in a dark cloud.


“Beautiful Tonight” brings the beauty and spirit of these compositions back to the forefront of your consciousness. The track is one the most beautiful (they all are), and the soothing melodies on the recording are so clear and defined that they project all the emotions implied in the title.


“Imagine” is one of John Lennon’s most prolific songs ever recorded. Ed did a great job of making it all real again without the words, but if you are familiar with the song, the words will come quickly. The track was such a prolific statement that it still holds today and must be believable for all humanity. We need it now more than ever. Thank you, Ed, for bringing this great song back into our awareness, and hopefully, this will become a reality. And the world will live as one…


The London Sessions New Perspectives from Studio 2 is a complete triumph for everyone involved. The music is gorgeous, and the musicianship and production are superb. If you enjoy instrumental piano music, this is one performance you should not miss!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-NAMR Founder

July 5, 2024


01. Daybreak 02:38

02. Onward 02:09

03. All Of My Life 03:11

04. The Long And Winding Road 03:17

05. A Joyful Life 02:57

06. A Beautiful Life 04:36

07. Happy Go Lightly 02:11

08. Blue Skies 02:47

09. A Rainy Day 03:55

10. Beautiful Tonight 03:05

11. Imagine 04:21

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