Instrumental Acoustic New Age Track Reviews: Ryan Judd-The Lost Summer

Release Date: August 27, 2021

Label:  ‎myndstream


"The Lost Summer” from the Summer Song Flight release on the myndstream label, is Ryan Judd’s new featured track.

Refined acoustic sounds emanate from the fingers of Ryan Judd to his acoustic guitar on this simple yet defined track. The singularity of one man and one guitar can be a prolific experience for the listener seeking the quiet and solitude of the experience.

The cover artwork illustrates the loss of one season and the birth of another. Its beauty and grace are well-defined in the notes that the artist creates with his guitar. It all folds into each aspect to become one work of art.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
September 4, 2021

Instrumental New Age Track Review: Michelle Qureshi-Night of a Thousand Stars (Summer Song Flight)

Release Date: August 27, 2021

Label:  ‎myndstream


“Night of a Thousand Stars” from the Summer Song Flight release on the myndstream label, is Michelle Qureshi’s new featured track.

The beauty of the picture on the artwork of this track gives you the indication that what you are about to hear is something serene and magical. And that is exactly what you get.

Michelle’s enchanted guitar playing sets you into a trance as you float along the water into the warm confines of the sun-drenched haze. Although the sun has set and the day is over, a new adventure begins as the night ushers in with all the stars, thousands of them, to make a wish upon.

The music indeed lets you sail away into another world for a short time, but every second is enjoyed with the accompaniment of the music.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
September 4, 2021 


Instrumental Ambient Track Review: Michael Whalen-Phonic (Summer Flight Series)

Release Date: August 27, 2021

Label:  ‎myndstream


“Phonic” from the Summer Song Flight release on the myndstream label, is Michael Whalen’s new featured track.

I have always thought Michael was one of the most innovative and eclectic artists I have listened to over the years. He continues to surprise and delight with refreshing combinations of sounds, colors, and instrumentation on” Phonic.”

On the pastel colored cover, with the welcome mat at the doorway reading the label's name (look closely), and the door to new sounds and the anticipation of those sounds, you feel the energy rise as the track plays.

This is different, with bells and all kinds of layers devised by Michael and his massive array of keyboards and synths.

You did again for me Michael, I love it!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
September 2, 2021

New Age Instrumental Review: Ann Sweeten-Change Is in the Wind

Release Date: September 3, 2021

Label: Orange Band Records



Ann Sweeten takes us all on another instrumental new age journey on Change Is in the Wind. This is the fourth release I have covered in her catalog.

Ann has defeated breast cancer twice and is now battling leukemia. It makes me wonder why so many people have to go through so much suffering in their lives. It is for a reason, that is what many people will say, and even those going through it. It is about acceptance, healing, and moving to the next phase of your spiritual development, here on earth or another level of existence.

With that thought in mind, I think artists such as Ann Sweeten come from a place not all of us can understand. Although there are physical issues, we all deal with, some are more serious and life-threatening than others. In that very moment of realizing your life is once again being threatened, the enlightened will look at it as another opportunity to grow and get stronger. That is exactly the choice that Ann made recording this album.

While reading all of her notes in the CD pamphlet I realized that there were so many things I could relate to. She mentioned sitting in her garden and a butterfly and hummingbird came to visit. She immediately looked at it as one of nature’s gifts and god’s messengers. I have always felt that way about wildlife I “coincidentally” came across, and no I do not believe in coincidence, I see these beautiful creatures as a reminder of the beauty and life that surrounds me.

This has everything to do with the music of Ann Sweeten. The appreciation, connection, and the awesome beauty of god’s gifts that are given to us while we are here. It is important to me to know about the artist and their music, what drives them, where their energy is coming from, and what is the process that gets them to the end of an entire recording. I find out a lot of this on my Podcast’s however just by listening to the music, reading a bio on a website, or the liner notes, I have a lot to think about before I listen, and then it changes my entire experience.

Ann and her Steinway Baby Grand Model B will sweep you away into another time and place, the mists of time melt away, and your feelings are engaged and pictures will enter your mind. This music moves me in a way no other genre can. It takes away any preconceptions of what I will hear and allows me to flow with the music and feelings that are happening. And yes, it is meditative and healing, her music has always had that effect on me.

“What My Eyes Can’t See” is one of the most prolific tracks she has ever created. And interestingly enough it connects to “What Blooms Beneath The Snow.” It is untouched beauty yet to blossom as we wait for the snow to melt and the sun’s rays to provide the warmth to initiate the growth. Life is like that in many ways. In some ways perhaps the disease that this amazing woman is currently dealing with has brought about something she now can see, and the growth is beginning because another part of her physical being is going through yet another change. I can see how she weaved all of these titles with meaning into her gorgeous representation of instrumental piano work. The spiritual essence of this individual is alive and well in this music and as she created it, presents it to us all, she is healing as well. This is her gift to the world and with that, we all must appreciate what is before us and take advantage of the beautiful sound and expressions being delivered through those ivory keys.

I think there has been Change Is in the Wind for several years now. The awareness is getting stronger with each passing day on a global level. For me, I count my blessings every day. When I realized what was going on with Ann it changed my entire perspective on my own life. Even though there is gratitude present, I believe there could be more. We all need to give each other as much understanding and opportunity to express our true feelings and love for each other. Music like this gets me into the right space where all of these thoughts come to me one at a time for yet another moment of consideration. Music without words can be more powerful than heartfelt lyrics. Ann Sweeten has mastered that artistry and Change Is in the Wind is another documentary of her amazing life and talent.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
September 3, 2021 

01. Arctic Dance
02. What Blooms Beneath the Snow
03. May 24, 42 Years Ago
04. Turning the Page
05. What My Eyes Can’t See
06. One Last October
07. Forever Sunday
08. Emergence
09. Change is in the Wind
10. Silver Lining

Instrumental New Age/Ambient Track Review: Eamonn Karran-The Edge (Summer Song Flight)

Release Date: August 27, 2021

Label:  ‎myndstream


“The Edge” from the Summer Song Flight release on the myndstream label, is Eamonn Karran’s new featured track.

The modus operandi here is diversity. Eamon says in his bio “I like to blend electronic music with flowing piano melodies and create something unique.”  He does exactly that on this gorgeous track.

Eamonn pushes the musical envelope and sounds very progressive on this track. My imagination was captured immediately while listening to the blend of the traditional piano with the electronics
Once the track was over, I felt like I need
ed to hear more, and for the artist, that is a good thing!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
August 31, 202


World New Age Review: Raphael Groten-Potential

Release Date: September 1, 2021

Label:  ‎Independent


Raphael Groten has taken the next step in his evolution as a musical artist with Potential. He is calling this transformation of sound world medicine groove. It is unlike anything I have heard from the talented six-string maestro. Having covered two previous releases, I can honestly say he going in the right direction to reach his full Potential as an all-encompassing artisan.

The title track typifies his groove and it surely is world medicine for the soul. He normally creates instrumental works however “Great Spirit” includes some very affecting vocals and instrumentation. And there are several more tracks with vocals that are quite good as well.

Spirituality and strength are found with one look at the cover art. The wolf is the natural hunter and believes in the pack mentality or teamwork as we would see it as humans. I think the cover says more than meets the eye and for one to explore and discover the multitudes of sounds and meanings, you must absorb the fourteen tracks on offer.

As it is noted on the artist homepage - Potential is broad and dynamic, offering guitar to ukulele, percussion to gong, bamboo flute to kalimba, hand pan to a chorus of voices.

This is a fine encapsulation of what awaits your senses - audibly, spiritually, and physically. They are the equation for a very distinct sound and the journey you will embark upon. Audible is the beginning to engage your sensory perception, which then transforms into a spiritual essence and hence an overall sense of well-being on the physical level. From my own listening perspective, I was able to get in touch with the oneness of the music, in the sense that we are all connected to nature, the animals, the innate spirituality of all of that. This can be a prolific experience for many seeking such things and something fresh and full of amazing original energy that you can associate within and outside of yourself.

Of great significance is that Raphael composed, arranged, performed, produced, and engineered all the music in his newly established Humming Bird Studio. This is a great accomplishment. When you consider the multitude of instruments employed on this recording, it is quite impressive. The end result is superlative music that you will find enchanting and mesmerizing. I am sure many listeners will utilize it for relaxing and meditation as well.

Potential digs down deep into the soul of this artist and you can reach in and feel it, grasp it, hold it for your own, and take every advantage of the peace and joy it brings with one solitary listen. Tracks like “Melt” have a strong tribal feeling with the steady drumbeat and repetitive phrases that felt like they held great significance to anyone in touch with the ancient cultures that depended on the land and its creatures to survive. In the same frame of reference, that type of individual or group held each of those aspects of life with great respect. This is something we have lost over time that we desperately need before we can get started to find our way beyond the healing and renewal stages. It is time for us all to reach our full Potential as sentient beings. Music like this reminds us all of what direction we need to go.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
September 1, 2021

01. Wander         
02. Potential         
03. Great Spirit        
04. Within        
05. Care         
06. Melt         
07. River's Edge     
08. Pause         
09. Percolate         
10. Call         
11. Aft         
12. Bear Cave        
13. Release        
14. Twin Eagle 

Track Review: Chris Haugen-Water to Land (Summer Song Flight)

Release Date: August 27, 2021

Label:  ‎myndstream


"Water to Land” from the Summer Song Flight release on the myndstream label, is Chris Haugen’s new featured track.

Chris plays acoustic guitar quite beautifully. The scenery on the cover of this single release depicts solitude and oneness with nature. The colorful clouds bring the promise of a new day of sunshine and renewal.

Chris’s acoustic guitar soothes and relaxes the listener just as the water below the rocks serve the individual pictured. This music aligns with the artwork perfectly and the track takes you there to that scenery within seconds. 

Sublime guitar playing indeed.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

August 30, 2021