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Contemporary Instrumental - Jazz-New Age Review: Todd Mosby-Aerial Views

Release Date: November 4, 2020

Label: Mosby Music


Aerial Views is the third in a series of concept albums from Todd Mosby. Todd’s father was a pilot and this music is a look back to when he served as dad’s co-pilot as a child. This music is about our natural elements and the most important one, air.

Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton produced Aerial Views. They are the dynamic duo based in Will’s Vermont Imaginary Road Studios. The all-star cast that assembles to record amazing albums has been going strong for many years now. This is yet one more recording to add to their incredible legacy of new age-based recordings.

This is contemporary instrumental jazz with new age as a stepping stone or motivation if you will. It is an amazing combination that never fails to impress. There are twelve instrumental gems for a listener to allow their body and soul to melt right into. It is seamless as one track syncs right into the next. It is comparative to the flow of air and how a plane adjusts to the different types of atmospheres that can be experienced as it goes higher and higher. I think that could be the concept of this music. It is the way I am experiencing it.

“Earth and Sky” is one of my favorites and how the title becomes a reality. Imagine leaving mother earth on a fantastic voyage into the blues skies, what a great experience to have growing up. I can see Todd and his dad lifting off now. The variances in the music from the solid ground to the unknown of the sky are exciting and literally elevating and spiritual. I found this track to be one of the best examples of how new age and jazz can create the perfect marriage of sound. That flexibility allows the composer and performer on guitar, Todd Mosby, to envision each track that is filled with all the emotion and experience of his youth. I added the track to my New Age Music Reviews Spotify Playlist to make sure I have a reminder of the beauty that was captured in the track, and actually, the entire recording holds the same for each listener.

Todd Mosby’s acoustic and electric guitar playing is exquisite throughout. Most notable as well is the bass players, Tony Levin and Michael Mannring. I do not think you could have asked for any better than those two players. I thought Manring’s distinctive sound on “Into Starlight” is a tribute to his legacy and he accentuates any track he contributes to as does Tony. Jerry Marrota and Jeff Haynes were also two important contributors. It is all about the partnership of musicians, becoming one with the music, and being able to convey that oneness to a listening audience.

I had interviewed Todd several months back (which I have included with this review) and we did not have a chance to talk about this part of his childhood. Now I feel that I have had the opportunity to know him better. I can see how inspirational this must have been for him. Being able to view his world from the sky certainly must have changed what he felt about the earth and the importance of being able to enjoy the miracle of flight.

Todd Mosby’s Aerial Views is presented in the most organic and heartfelt way possible. The music was the vehicle of complete expression from the artist via the concept of seeing everything above the earth instead of the line of sight on the ground. If you think about the track titles then listen, hopefully, it will allow you the look through the music to see what the artist is conveying. Have a nice flight and a smooth touchdown once Aerial Views is done playing!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews
November 7, 2020

Track List:
01. Gliding
02. Across America
03. Aether
04. Earth & Sky
05. Into Starlight
06. Sylphs
07. Between the Clouds
08. Blue Horizons
09. To the Sky
10. Aerial Views
11. Solo Flight


New Age-Jazz-World Instrumental Review: Todd Mosby-On Eagle Mountain

Release Date: April, 1, 2016
Label: Mosby Music Group
Todd Mosby creates an intriguing combination of new age, jazz and world music on his new release On Eagle Mountain.

As an introduction to this artist I had the pleasure of focusing in on one track on our Rate The Tracks site. “Spirit Dancer” is a multicultural brew of new age with some infusion of smooth jazz topped off by hints of world to make it a distinct crossover flight.  

As with many of the recordings at Will Ackerman’s Imaginary Road Studios, some familiar names are part of the equation. The incomparable Tony Levin and several others including Michael Manring, Jill Halley and Tom Eaton combined with the astute guidance of Ackerman make for an unbeatable team. They all draw out the very best from each other during a recording session.

“Eagle Mountain” in all its beauty and splendor pictured on the cover of this recording gets a proper introduction through the delicate and tasteful guitar playing of Mr. Mosby. The bass section is amazing as well and it all jells into auditory perfection.

The great outdoors can inspire and refresh when embraced and surely Todd is one such person. After listening to this music that one thought becomes reality. “Falling Light” dances and sings and turns into one of my favorites very quickly. It is nearly six minutes of musical enchantment. It builds and builds until you hear percussion, violin, guitar and bass all intersecting at the same point. I really enjoyed the way the track started with a simple foundation then built a towering monument of sound. As the sun rises over the mountain peak it falls onto the trees, animals, vegetation and people below. This is a beautiful thought process that becomes totally engaging once transferred to music.

I think the artist really gets in touch with his surroundings while recording this music and obviously could envision the places he held dear in his mind and heart. Instruments like the ewi, bells, singing bowls and English horn, cello and other elements make their presence known and are part of the final product.

Perhaps the deciding factor that made this entire listening experience coalesce for my ears and spirit was how Todd took his guitar and added all the other instruments to make On Eagle Mountain a delight to fall into, like your favorite comfy chair. This recording was like a culinary delight taking every ingredient and then measuring it properly to flesh out the sound for each individual track. Interesting enough the titles go very well with the music.

On Eagle Mountain took me down a road that made me feel alive and free just like the open sky and mountains ranges that adorn our land. Music that is that powerful needs recognition and validation. It was my pleasure to be one of the fortunate people to give all the credit to the creators of this superb release.

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Spirit Dancer, Eagle Mountain, Falling Light

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck- New Age Music Reviews Founder
February 11, 2016
Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews