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New Age Review: Sangeeta Kaur- Illuminance

Release Date: August 28, 2020

Label: Domo


This will be the fourth album I have had the opportunity to hear from new age artist Sangeeta Kaur. Illuminance is her first official label release with Domo. What is significant about that it is on legendary performer Kitaro’s label. I remember the first time I heard Kitaro and I loved it. Since that time a lot has happened and changed however the one thing that never changes for me is the incredible healing power of music. In fact, it is music like the kind that Sangeeta has been releasing for many years now that leaves a lasting impression.

Peter Kater is on the piano making the album very special for her and the listeners who are familiar with Peter’s work. They both have been fans of each other’s work and it was kismet that they finally met and collaborated. Peter’s piano is quite the compliment to her gorgeous vocals and vocalizations (singing without words).

Sangeeta said: So, for me, these songs are meant to remind us of our strength and of our pure bright light within. It is this light that can help us overcome anything.

That statement is from the heart and soul of a true artisan following her path straight and true. I can hope that the world will begin to change and see the inner light that is in all of us and transcend from these hard times and evolve into a strong and resilient world community. Music that you hear on Illuminance will resonate with those seeking the light, those that have it, and then finally those that want to share it, like Sangeeta.

Sangeeta’s classical opera experience is her greatest asset on this recording particularly when she is vocalizing without words. Honestly, I found it all so soothing and her tone and delivery were simply angelic. “Light of Love” is one of the examples that shows the immense talent she commands with the most important instrument on the album, her vocals. She dubs this kind of music as Mantra Opera however it stretches even further into other areas of sounds, theatrical elements, and even a bit of jazz at times. It is a diverse array of sound, color, and an overall musical kaleidoscope led by an amazing voice that floats over the music so effortlessly.
Illuminance glides the listener on a cloud of hope, inspiration, beauty, and a touch of heaven and spirituality that will touch you with a firm but gentle purpose. So as Sangeeta sings “Come Find Me,” it sounds like an invitation and it instantly pulls you in to listen to something you will never forget.

When new age artists collaborate, it is always a memorable experience because they are coming from the same place with the same goal in mind. Whoever you are and whatever you are looking for, this music will clear a busy mind, relax a tense body, and calm a troubled soul. The healing powers become evident immediately as you begin your journey of Illuminance with Sangeeta Kaur.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
August 24, 2020 

Track List:
01. All My Love
02. Illuminance
03. Worlds Collide
04. Light of Love
05. Path of Light
06. Come and Find Me
07. Supernova
08. Stardust
09. Dedication

New Age Music Review: Sangeeta Kaur-Compassion

Release Date: August 2, 2019
Label: Sangeeta Kaur Music

This is the third recording I have had the pleasure to enjoy from Sangeeta Kaur. Previous to Compassion, I covered mirrors and Niguma Vol. 2 The Mantra Project.

It is the absolute goal of this artist to have people listen to her music and open the door to everything positive. We all know what a difficult time we are living in with a multitude of issues going on all over the globe.

Recordings like Compassion will help those feelings, attitudes, and situations melt away for a time and give you a different perspective and optimism that things really can change.

“Rise Up” is an excellent example of the prevailing attitude and approach can deliver to a listener. I also added the track to my New Age Music Reviews Spotify Playlist. It drew me in very quickly and I felt the words were prolific and very engaging.

I also took note of the first track “Om Tare Tuttare,” which is a Buddhist Mantra specifically for the blessings of the compassionate female Buddha Green Tara. It is to help those facing mental, physical and emotional blockages as well as relationship blockages. This came at the perfect time for this listener as I have been struggling with some blockages. I will carry this mantra with me and recite it as many times as I can during my day.

What I am trying to illustrate here is that music can do so many things for you. If you take a moment to understand what the track is about, it puts an entirely different light on your listening experience. I always take the time to read about the tracks in the CD notes, particularly with New Age and Meditation music. The purpose of this music is for you to get in touch with your higher self, the vocalist presenting this music is surely locked into this phase of development and quickly taps into her higher state of being.

“Song of Compassion” takes Sangeeta to a different place and her vocals are that of an opera singer. Her range and octave are amazing. She gives new age music a slice of heaven and it translates to warmth and peace within for the astute listener.

Compassion is what the world needs so desperately and recordings like this speak loudly to that need. One listens to this beautiful collection of tracks and you will find a different mindset and a new road will be forged by its prompting. It is a beautiful thing how powerful these ten tracks could change the course of your life. Another incredibly influential classic by a renowned vocalist that continues to contribute to the new age and meditation culture regularly.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
August 30, 2019

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01. Om Tare Tuttare
02. May the Long Time Sun
03. Transcendence
04. Rise Up
05. Song of Compassion
06. Om Vajra Sattva Hum
07. We are One
08. Sa Re Sa Sa
09. Voices and Crystals
10. Voices of Compassion Medley

New Age-Classical-World Review: Sangeeta Kaur-mirrors

Release Date: September 21, 2018
Label: Sangeeta Kaur Music

This time last year I was introduced to Sangeeta Kaur with her amazing album Ascension - Niguma Vol. 2 The Mantra Project. It was easy for me to tag it as a 5-star album. I was genuinely moved by her music.

Mirrors is Sangeeta Kaur’s third New Age/Classical Crossover album. The album features renowned composer and producer, Nicolas Neidhardt on piano and keyboard as well as the multi-instrumentalist, Dat Nguyen on guitars and flute.  These excellent musicians become the quintessential element that elevates the vocalist to where she needs to be.

Once again, I am mesmerized by this woman’s voice. Mirrors can give a listener so much potential. I found it to be relaxing assurance, peace, and a smile was inside me just bursting to come out. This music and Sangeeta’s voice is something to celebrate.

The music is an effective combination of new age, classical, world and vocals. The difference in this recording is it was not recorded to match a stage presentation on the level of the last album. I can envision a multi-media project built around this music, however. The strongest instrument is Sangeeta’s voice. The musicianship is precise and quite beautifully arranged to accompany and accentuate a great vocalist. This combination worked well and at this point, there is no doubt there is a great vocalist that we all need to discover. Well, here she is, if you have not heard her, you need to. Even if you are not a fan of this type of music you can appreciate the talents of Sangeeta.

With Mirrors, I heard some more music presented in a different language and again, I was very pleased. I felt it was done just right, her warmth and sincerity come through the music with tremendous impact while at the same time gently inviting you in to partake in the festivities.

I think Mirrors says a lot through the music and the CD cover. This really does mirror the soul of a woman that wants to give you every ounce of energy that she can give. This music can mirror you the listener, it can give you purpose, validation, and clarity. That is the purpose of any good meditation or relaxation music. If you can sync with the music and feel the vibrations and tones, you will be swept away instantly, I can promise you that, and you will love it!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
September 19, 2018

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1. Bring It Down
2. Dust In The Wind
3. I'm Not Gonna Break
4. Adoro Te Devote
5. Mother Earth
6. If Time Stood Still
7. Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation - To Make The Impossible, Possible  
8. Thank You

New Age-Meditation Review: Sangeeta Kaur-Ascension - Niguma Vol. 2 The Mantra Project

Release Date: September 22, 2017
Label: Sangeeta Kaur Music

Sangeeta Kaur’s recent album has a lot to say and the complexity of the title certainly makes sense. It is only the beginning if you choose to do some exploring.

Ascension - Niguma Vol. 2 The Mantra Project is one of the more interesting and compelling music projects I have had the opportunity to hear this year. 

An excerpt from the artist website reads:
Who is Lady Niguma and in these modern times, why should we care? With grace and powered by an awe-inspiring production, Sangeeta and her company of yogi & yogini artists extraordinarily provide an answer of inspiration.

This will give the potential listeners some insight into what this music is about. If you want to learn all the details I highly recommend visiting the artist website. Based on what I garnered from the CD booklet there is quite a musical production that accompanies this music and it looks fantastic.

In most cases I do not favor music in any other language than English because I really want to understand what the artist is singing about. I did my due diligence and got a better idea while listening and after the music stopped. This was a different perspective I fell into and instantly while taking in this recording. I was pleasantly surprised with how it made me feel.

Sangeeta has a gorgeous angelic voice that melts into your soul and hangs on tight. This album was so different and refreshing that I sincerely enjoyed every track. Some of the music is prolific and larger than life. The resounding drum beats and layers of instruments intertwine into an audible journey of divinity. This women’s voice ranges from silky smooth to operatic dependent on the pace and movements in each track. There is never a time where I felt disinterested, it was quite the opposite actually. I was wondering what was coming next.

If focus brought on by the light of the human spirit is what you seek you shall find it on this recording. If you happen to enjoy it as much as I did, it will be over before you know. This is comparable to doing a task you love and time becomes irrelevant. And it should be in this case because what you receive from Ascension - Niguma Vol. 2 The Mantra Project, is a new focal point filled with positive vibrations. This music will soothe your soul and clear your mind. I say that with conviction. I can see now how this music was set to the stage with all the dance, yoga movements and the colors brought to life.  An audience would simply be mesmerized. This is beauty in motion with words and music ...

5/5 Stars

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

November 3, 2017

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01. All Space And Time (Intro)
02. Niguma, I Bow To You
03 .Dream Tunnel
04. This Beautiful World (Featuring Kassé Mady Diabaté)
05. Summer's Dance
06. Lascia Ch'io Pianga (Full Orchestra Version)
07. Samsara's Tango
08. Ascension (Featuring Tahir Qawwal)
09. Deum De Deo (Featuring The Hungarian Studio Choir)
10. Ardas Bhaee (Full Orchestra Version)