New Age Review: Sangeeta Kaur- Illuminance

Release Date: August 28, 2020

Label: Domo


This will be the fourth album I have had the opportunity to hear from new age artist Sangeeta Kaur. Illuminance is her first official label release with Domo. What is significant about that it is on legendary performer Kitaro’s label. I remember the first time I heard Kitaro and I loved it. Since that time a lot has happened and changed however the one thing that never changes for me is the incredible healing power of music. In fact, it is music like the kind that Sangeeta has been releasing for many years now that leaves a lasting impression.

Peter Kater is on the piano making the album very special for her and the listeners who are familiar with Peter’s work. They both have been fans of each other’s work and it was kismet that they finally met and collaborated. Peter’s piano is quite the compliment to her gorgeous vocals and vocalizations (singing without words).

Sangeeta said: So, for me, these songs are meant to remind us of our strength and of our pure bright light within. It is this light that can help us overcome anything.

That statement is from the heart and soul of a true artisan following her path straight and true. I can hope that the world will begin to change and see the inner light that is in all of us and transcend from these hard times and evolve into a strong and resilient world community. Music that you hear on Illuminance will resonate with those seeking the light, those that have it, and then finally those that want to share it, like Sangeeta.

Sangeeta’s classical opera experience is her greatest asset on this recording particularly when she is vocalizing without words. Honestly, I found it all so soothing and her tone and delivery were simply angelic. “Light of Love” is one of the examples that shows the immense talent she commands with the most important instrument on the album, her vocals. She dubs this kind of music as Mantra Opera however it stretches even further into other areas of sounds, theatrical elements, and even a bit of jazz at times. It is a diverse array of sound, color, and an overall musical kaleidoscope led by an amazing voice that floats over the music so effortlessly.
Illuminance glides the listener on a cloud of hope, inspiration, beauty, and a touch of heaven and spirituality that will touch you with a firm but gentle purpose. So as Sangeeta sings “Come Find Me,” it sounds like an invitation and it instantly pulls you in to listen to something you will never forget.

When new age artists collaborate, it is always a memorable experience because they are coming from the same place with the same goal in mind. Whoever you are and whatever you are looking for, this music will clear a busy mind, relax a tense body, and calm a troubled soul. The healing powers become evident immediately as you begin your journey of Illuminance with Sangeeta Kaur.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
August 24, 2020 

Track List:
01. All My Love
02. Illuminance
03. Worlds Collide
04. Light of Love
05. Path of Light
06. Come and Find Me
07. Supernova
08. Stardust
09. Dedication

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