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New Age Review: Raphael Groten and Rebecca Kodis-Unity

Release Date: July 1, 2024

Label: ‎Independent


The cover art depicts a red-tailed hawk flying with other birds, symbolizing potential human Unity. Music inspired by a vivid dream led Raphael Groten and Rebecca Kodis to collaborate on Unity, their latest release.


It was not just any dream but a profound vision that resonated deeply with Raphael. The artist felt compelled to act upon this vital message and create this beautiful recording.


The central theme of this music is Unity, a message that resonates throughout the album. This music has the power to transform and inspire us to choose Unity. It is a guiding light and a powerful messenger, potentially uniting us all.


Raphael Groten and Rebecca Kodis' alignment is a testament to their musical ability and creativity. Rebecca's violin and vocals add a new dimension to the music, enriching the overall sound. Will Ackerman at Imaginary Road Studios' contributions, including Eugene Friesen on cello and Michael Manring on fretless bass, further enhance the album's depth and complexity. Tom Eaton's consistent presence in production ties it all together, making this album a true masterpiece.


The violin's introduction in this album adds a unique texture and color to Raphael's music, distinguishing it from his previous works. This beautiful element enhances Raphael's acoustic guitar, creating a harmonious blend. In the track “Rainbow Tribe,” their performance is seamless, as if it was all predestined. Each track vividly captures the essence of this album, making it a must-listen for new-age enthusiasts.


In this specific track, I found it significant that there was an American Indian reference, and the vocals were a tribal chant. It always brings me back to how the Native Americans lived and respected the earth and all living things, providing equal existence and respect for each other and taking only what they needed. This is the right way to live for all living things. Unfortunately, we have been on a path of self-destruction for so long with no regard for these important values and beliefs.


"Good Medicine" follows along that same path, with Raphael's guitar resonating from beginning to end with extraordinary picking that sounds very timely. It is so relaxing and calming that you cannot resist its pull to let it melt away any stress you may be feeling. It can relax the mind and clear the thoughts that make you anxious. As with meditation, the goal is to be in the emptiness and just be. Healing of the body, mind, and spirit can occur in that space. In fact, as usual, all of the tracks provide that kind of atmosphere one would seek for renewal.


I found "Sleeping Lion" fascinating, a step away from the norm. Michael Manring's bass leads off the track, and the acoustic guitar comes in. The sound Manring gets is very different from a typical bass sound. It is very recognizable to my ears, as I have heard it many times. It can be a lead instrument with the sounds he coaxes out of it.  


There is so much beauty and peace to behold in this music. Watching Raphael develop over the years has been a true honor. Every release brings more maturity and gorgeous guitar playing that can be enjoyed.


Unity is one more step that cements Raphael's growing legacy as a new-age artist who has made his mark and will continue to do so. The collaboration with Rebecca Kodis showcased his willingness to explore new avenues. I suggest that he continue on this path, developing his music with more intricacies and complexities to gather more interest from an ever-widening and eclectic base of listeners.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-NAMR Founder

June 23, 2024


01. Feathers 3:16

02. Ease 6:25

03. Rainbow Tribe 5:40

04. Open Hands 5:41

05. Good Medicine 4:37

06. Union 4:07

07. Old Home 3:53

08. Eternal Blossom 5:33

09. Sleeping Lion 4:13

10. Unity 5:37