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New Age Instrumental Review: Peter Calandra-Ambient Tuesdays

Release Date: January 29, 2021

Label: Independent


The first thing I noticed on Peter Calandra’s new release Ambient Tuesdays was the texture of the album cover. If you look closely or blow it up larger you can see it has the same surface as the paper on canvas. It of course works very well because it is an oil painting and it looks like the image used was the actual painting. I think it was a clever idea to do it this way.

When I started to listen to the first track it was an instantaneous reaction of, yes, I know I am going to love this album full of ambient delights. It never hurts to be familiar with an artist, which I am with Peter. I go back to 2014 and here we are in 2021 already and the music just keeps coming, and I am very grateful for that.

Ambient Tuesdays
will take you on quite a journey, with each track offering the listener all the variety one artist can assemble in a recording session. There is gracefulness in this ambient aural exchange. With each track, there are so many elements intersecting you quickly realize the immense effort that went into recording all eleven tracks.

The very interesting and progressive title track starts the proceedings then the exciting and cinematic “Walking The High Line” changes direction entirely. If you can picture a situation or actual physical presence of someone attempting such a daring feat, the music certainly gets you there quickly with emotion and suspense sprinkling the image in your head with various sounds and keyboards. On the other side of that “Spring Morning” is a shorter piece that brings instant relaxation and peace. It is contemplative and meditative all at the same time and I could see if it went on for a few more minutes it would serve as a doorway to another state of mind, that higher plane of existence that meditation can take you. Peter is no stranger to bringing that kind of composition to a recording as the next piece, “Quiet Romance,” is everything it says it is in the title and it runs for 6:28. It gives any kind of listener ample time to stretch out, relax, and let the stress or worries of the day just disappear. It is a wonderful thing this spiritual-based music we have at our fingertips any time or anywhere.

Now if all of that was not enough Peter invites you to create “Your Story” set to the most elegant and inviting sounds. This allows you to paint your picture on a blank canvas with the music as your spark to some creative essence otherwise not found. Maybe you have something inside that needs to come forward or you need to rewrite your story and make it real. The music is the golden key to bring you there.

I particularly enjoyed the way Peter wrapped up the album with the two “Matriarch Suites” prelude and postlude, coming in at 7:10 and 5:54 respectively. The first suite reminded me of the wizardry of keyboard legends like Rick Wakeman and Jordan Rudess. Peter stretched out and gave his audience an aural bag of goodies with over 13 minutes of his keyboard prowess on display. I thought it was an amazing two tracks and I thoroughly enjoyed how many changes and developments all this music went through. As a matter of fact, on the entire recording there was so much diversity, but more so in these two suites than I ever expected.

Ambient Tuesdays takes the core beliefs of the new age genre and community tenets and uses them as a springboard to create and deliver gorgeous ambient instrumental soundscapes. The production values of this recording are superb and the use of the keyboards and different sounds it can generate is masterful.

The truth is you can have all of this and it does not have to be Tuesday to fully enjoy it!

January 12, 2021
Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

Track List:
01. Ambient Tuesdays (3:00)
02. New Renaissance (5:51)
03. Overlook Morning (4:24)
04. Rainy Mood (5:11)
05. Desert Skies (2:42)
06. Walking The High Line (4:04)
07. Spring Morning (2:47)
08. Quiet Romance (6:28)
09. Your Story (4:10)
10. Matriarch Suite, Prelude (5:54)
11. Matriarch Suite, Postlude (7:10)

THE FINAL ON VINYL REVIEW: Howard Givens & Craig Padilla-The Bodhi Mantra

Release Date: June 26, 2020

Label: Spotted Peccary Music


The Bodhi Mantra was a real treat for this addicted vinyl collector. The fact that I love to hear music on vinyl is the driving force behind this addiction. So, I am thinking, when can addiction be a good thing? Ok, I thought for a minute, when the music makes you happy and the vinyl is a beautiful teal and blue splatter and looks very cool when you hold it up to the light. There is my justification. I’m sold- But seriously…

Howard Givens & Craig Padilla unveiled their third release in June this year and it is an instrumental blessing of sound and textures. A little bit of history is good to know before you listen to this immersive slice of vinyl. The artists use analog, digital, and modular keys and synths to create their multitude of sounds and spiritually with an exceptionally enlightened approach. This version of The Bodhi Mantra is a deluxe 140-gram 12" vinyl record pressed on teal and blue splatter colored vinyl with a premium polylined sleeve and color insert.

I pulled this info off the artist Bandcamp page to give more meaning to the album title: Bodhi is a Sanskrit word translated as “enlightenment” or “awakening” which relates to a Buddhist concept of spiritual awareness, wherein Bodhi is synonymous with the state of nirvana - being freed from hate, greed, and ego or the unenlightened identity. The Mantra is the musical expression of this serene offering.

That certainly puts things into proper perspective from where I sit. I am interested in comparative religion and have a fascination with the ancient healing arts and all the music these enlightened musicians create. On the other side of all that for the listener that is not seeking any particular path of enlightenment and has a desire to hear some wonderful ambient new age sounds, this is a great listen. There can be a multitude of purposes for music like this. I happen to look at every aspect possible like the album art, the inner sleeve that comes with this album, the credits, the equipment used, and the color of the vinyl, and finally, the all-important sound.

The first side offers one track titled “Prana” which clocks in at 13:01. The mellow and immersive sounds gradually relax you and the tones, wavelengths, colors, and textures go through some changes during the time that fills over 13 minutes. It sets you up for side two which is more complex.

“Serenity, the Peaceful Place” runs for 9:29 and it is perfectly titled. It says it all giving the listener an imaginary comfy chair in your mind's eye to slide right into a melt into the music. The sounds are an invitation to reach down in an explore your soul and find the truth. Our daily lives are so fast and busy that we stop only because of mental or physical exhaustion, or both. This is time to unwind and heal, to recharge those batteries so your inner light can shine again.

“Leaving Behind the Now” runs for 18:50 and it is their ultimate track to close the curtain on their synthesized delights. I find myself thinking of legendary performers such as Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. I reference these two bands frequently when I hear music that flips that switch inside me. This track did right away and even though it was nearly 19 minutes long I did not want it to end! It just kept getting better as it progressed with the different layers of keys. It starts as a small quiet stream of water then gradually builds to a mountain full of sound. Some of the stronger heavier sounds got the Tangerine Dream thing happening for me.

This was an album that was an awakening to two very talented artists sharing their path with the world. Music, good music, has the power to do that. Do not miss out on The Bodhi Mantra.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-TFOV Founder

August 31, 2020

Side One:
1. Prana 13:01
Side Two:
2.Serenity, the Peaceful Place 09:29
3.Leaving Behind the Now 18:50

New Age Instrumental Review: Carl Borden-Beyond the Sunrise

Release Date: August 14, 2020

Label: Myndstream


Beyond The Sunrise is Carl Borden’s third proper recording. Carl said Beyond the Sunrise symbolizes a new beginning for me as an artist. Both creatively and emotionally.”

What you will hear are some soothing sounds among the ten tracks offered on Beyond the Sunrise. The keyboards and synths utilized create a blanket of sounds that gently wraps you up and takes you away. If you happen to be looking for meditation-based music this definitely could serve the purpose.

For me, it is listening and letting the music open the doors to what I am feeling while I am listening. Essentially what it does for me is it pulls the plug on an entire day, my mind empties, my physical being is relieved of all stress and as I let go, I let the music do its work. Only then can find a clear path that resonates with my soul.

The title track is the longest clocking in at 8:54. For my listening experience, it was the most fulfilling and inspirational. The consistency of the flow of music, the textures, colors, and connection I found inside the music was exceptional. Every artisan’s intention is to move you in some way with their music, paintings, sculptures, whatever visual or audio component they want to present, they all have a special meaning to the creators, and hopefully for those that appreciate it all. I sincerely appreciate all types of art; music happens to be the most powerful for my tastes and expectations. At times when the music is paired with a video, it becomes even more powerful depending on what the artist is trying to convey to an audience.

Different sounds are combined with all the keyboards in these songs, that make them individual artistic expressions. For example, in the title track, you can hear birds tweeting.  “In Space and Time” you can hear wind chimes and gentle keyboards allowing those sounds to permeate your being. It is as if you are on the front porch of your home on a sunny day with a huge empty green field in front of you and your appreciation and love for that land radiate like the sun above as the wind chimes give their appreciation by making beautiful sounds in full agreement. That is what I could picture myself doing and feeling listening to this track. That is but a few of the diverse expressions of audible art that you can create via your own personal painting inside your mind’s eye. Just let Carl Borden lead you down that path.

Speaking of diversity and contrast, “Jamila’s Song,” while it is the shortest outing, gives pause to just the solo piano that Carl can offer without any other effects. It is pure and simple and perfect just the way it is played. I surely could have listened to several more minutes of that piece and really do enjoy just solo piano as much as everything else I heard on this entertaining and ultimately relaxing session.

Beyond The Sunrise is beauty, elegance, consistency, diversity, and everything one could expect from a keyboard-based instrumental new age recording. I do understand the hours of work that goes into arranging compositions, putting them together, using the right instruments and effects, then recording something cohesive and pleasing for a perspective audience. Carl Borden ticks all the boxes and I am sure you will love his work after one listen. Your entire being will melt like butter on a hot summer day, it is perfect for stress relief from start to finish.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
August 10, 2020

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

Track List:
01. At First Light 05:24
02. Beyond the Sunrise 08:54
03. City of Dreams 06:01
04. Drifting Stars 07:29
05. In Space and Time 06:35
06. Jamila’s Song 02:19
07. Memories of You (Interlude) 04:18
08. Memories of You 06:32
09. The Road Home 06:04
10. Walk With Me 04:39 (A Beautiful Journey)

New Age Instrumental Review: Bernward Koch-Becoming

Release Date: May 15, 2020
Label: Myndstream

Bernward Koch is a German multi-instrumentalist and Becoming is his fourteenth proper recording.

On Bernward’s website, he says "Music gives wings to a brighter life“ That statement is so true especially with what the year 2020 has brought the world. With all the pain and suffering on this planet, we are desperately in need of more artists like Bernward to keep making music that heals.

I also found something else noteworthy on his website that touched my soul. The US organization "Massachusetts Fallen Soldiers" uses his music to heal suicide-prone soldiers who have come back from crisis areas in different places in the world and often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I am from Massachusetts; I am a vet, and my father served in WWII so this means so much to me. Thank you Bernward.

This music is graceful, filled with beauty, and ultimately a wonderful tool for relaxing, meditation, contemplation, or simply listening enjoyment. That is without a doubt the entire reason this man makes his music. I am sure every time he records it is a process but a labor of love at the same time. He gives away sheet music on his website for two of his albums! I find that so generous of him to do that. Aspiring piano players can learn and play his music. So, the fact he gives us such beauty and peace through his music is one thing, then to give his actual sheet music away, well that is just amazing. May all of that good karma come back to you tenfold sir!

Listening to this music really helped me today. I had to walk away from the news that has been coming across our TVs and step back and take a breather. We all need it, especially now. I personally need to know that there are still loving and giving people out there and Bernward is surely one of them.

“Sparkling Eyes” was one of my favorites and I added it to my NAMR Spotify Playlist. It reminded me of my wife when I first met her and she still has that sparkle to this day. It is a gift to listen to this music and go through so many feelings, memories, and at times, sadness is coaxed out of me but I still feel good when the music finishes. This is music that puts me in a place that is not of this earth, we call it heaven. Maybe there is some truth that we choose our parents and start in heaven and return once we leave our bodies. It is possible, anything is if you believe.

is a very significant word. It can mean any number of things dependent on who you are and what frame of mind you are in when you are listening to this music. For me, it is about being me with no mask or wall to protect me, just me taking all of the sounds, textures, and colors in, then processing it all. What I get in the end is something very special, spiritual if you will, whatever one can call it, it is a blessing that I receive with a lot of gratitude. Every second of my life I am Becoming who I am, evolving, learning, growing, and sharing my experience, strength, and hope with everyone I know and meet.

I hope each and every listener can find a road to take within this music that allows healing. You just never know where Becoming is going to take you but that is exactly what makes it so intriguing. Every listener will find their way through this music, whether it is intentional or not, I am guaranteeing that these tracks are going to affect in you in a prolific manner, but you must let it happen, just listen and Benward, he will take you there.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
May 30, 2020 

Track List: 
01. A Magical Dream
02. Lavender Fields
03. Moments of Love
04. Sparkling Eyes
05. Alone on the Way
06. Becoming
07. Mysterious Afterglow
08. The Bright Spring
09. The Harvest  
10. A Swan Dream
11. Floating Leaves
12. September Impressions
13. Long Long Time Ago

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

New Age Instrumental Review: Peter Sterling-Sanctuary of Light

Release Date: April 1, 2020
Label: Harp Magic

I have had the pleasure of covering two of Peter Sterling’s releases so far. The 2016 release Sacred Visions and in 2018 Magic Kingdom. Both were filled with beautiful sounds led by his diverse harp playing. Now we have the latest to enjoy titled Sanctuary of Light which is ready to enchant us all that can appreciate new age instrumental music.

For my personal tastes, this music works. I value all music in such a way that there is built-in respect and admiration I have before listening to any artisan’s creation. With that in mind, it opens the mental aperture some more and casts aside any preconceived ideas one may have about what they will be hearing.

Right now, more than ever, we all need healing on some level. The world is in turmoil and distress and the only way to realign mother earth and its inhabitants is to take a collective breath and let the music lead the way. This is why music has been and always will be our savior. That is in effect, a community of unsung heroes as far as I am concerned.  

Peter is saying to us all “Let the light be your sanctuary, you can find it in my music.” While there is always darkness and shades of grey in our world, we can always find the light whether it's through the music, a kind face, or a gentle smile of assurance from a loved one. Yes, this is what this music brings to the forefront of my mind and how it relates to my spirit, consciousness, and attitude at any given moment.

As Peter intimates on the inner sleeve of the CD jacket “This music is dedicated and inspired by the divine light that lives in us all.” I find this to be so true right now. Every day, I am seeing how people are coming together, sacrificing their time, energy, and knowledge to fight the worldwide pandemic we are facing. It so predominant right now in all our lives that I cannot help but talk about it and how this all connects together. I am linked to music consciously and unconsciously. This gorgeous and heavenly sound Peter coaxes from his harp, gives me more awareness of my surroundings and how easily I can become grounded and centered with some help provided by his music.

So rather than mention any particular track on the recording, I prefer to put my attention on the entire project as a whole. I am looking at the big picture right now for all of humanity and the fact that music can inspire me in such a way that my inner spirit and true self is revealed.

Thank you, Peter Sterling, for your artistic genius and contribution to all of mankind with the soothing spiritual sounds provided on Sanctuary of Light.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
April 3, 2020

Founder of:

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

Track List:

1. The Light Within
2. Divine Reflection
3. Light In Your Eyes
4. This Path I Walk
5. Forever More
6. Pool of Love
7. Seventh Heaven
8. Shores of Eternity

Classical/New Age Instrumental Review: Gabriele Saro-SensationS

Release Date: October 9, 2019
Label: Independent

Gabriele Saro gets across the meaning of his recent release SensationS with a cover that says it all. I cannot say that I have seen a more sensual cover come across my desk in the classical-new age genre. It threw me off at first glance and created a different impression in my mind, which of course, was totally off base.

The music compositions and violin are provided by Gabriele, Andrea Del Piccolo is on piano and Francesco Pinosa rounds out the bottom end with his cello. It is a very effective and poignant trio that delivers the vastness in musical compositions and execution throughout the fifteen tracks. The tradition and discipline of classical music is on display in all its glory on this release.

The maestro on the violin is amazing. Some of the sounds Gabriele coaxes from that instrument sound as if two people are playing not just one. It is very different from what I have been accustomed to on instrumental albums like this.

What you will experience are all kinds of SensationS consistently. I must say that this group of tracks was aptly titled by the creator. And not to mention of course the perfect title for the album. It all comes together for you the listener when looking at all aspects offered on this broad selection of songs. As it mentions in the liner notes of the CD, this is “to reach states of deeper harmony with our ego, through the harmony that only its vibrations can give.” Yes, the harmony of the music and the vibrations of those sounds can sync with your heartbeat, your thought process will hopefully translate with ringing truth in your soul. For my senses that is what I look to discover in instrumental music of this nature.

Every track can bring moments of beauty, perfection, the silence of your emotions, and ultimately the focus you seek arrives through that process. Everything in life is about the process, through our minds, hearts and innermost beliefs. The only thing that heals as it does, is music. It comes with no orders from your doctor and it’s not a prescription to fix you. This is the purity of the heart translated through gifted musicians.

SensationS is everything it can be and everything you desire it to be. The giving of the music and the elegance of the classical foundation, with a new age flair, is the perfect marriage for the creators and all listeners ready to embrace it. What more can one ask for from a shiny metallic disc producing all of this sound? It is just what you need at any time during the day or evening to breath in and feels the gratitude of the wonderful artists that give us this gift of music.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
October 26, 2019

Founder of:

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

01. Morrow
02. Stilness
03. Bliss
04. Merriment
05. Enchantment
06. Contrasts
07. Regrets
08. Accord
09. Torments
10. Chills
11. Nostalgia
12. Gracefulness
13. Delicacy
14. Liberty
15. Serenity 

New Age Instrumental Review: Michael Stribling-One World

Release Date: September 20, 2019
Label: Leela Music

Michael Stribling sent me his last album almost two years ago. I was fortunate to have the pleasure of covering Union-Music For Lovers.

Now with the arrival of One World, I get another opportunity to explore his diversity and explorations of world and new age music.

I was a bit in awe of the talent this man has at his command. I was looking for this long list of credits and what I saw was all tunes, tracks, and tinkering by Michael Stribling. I certainly did not expect to see that when I heard the first and title track as it filled the room and enter my consciousness. 

Tom Eaton did the final master of this recording and as with so many others, he did an excellent job. And so, it is, as many that have traveled that road before him, Michael made the right choices. Because of that series of events and choices he has created an absolute masterpiece of eclectic world new age music.

The lead-off track “One World” is one such track that is the perfect introduction and pacesetter for what will follow. There is something mystical and alluring with the wind chimes these artists use in their music, and that was one of the finishing touches for that track.

The one thing you can count on with One World is an amazing cross-section of music utilizing traditional world music instruments and the new technology for the finishing touches, so everything comes through crystal clear and the kind of gentle and impactive persuasion that you would expect from a recording like this.

The lighthearted “African Marketplace” puts you right there walking down the street and visiting with all the vendors. I imagine it is quite different than what you would witness in the U.S. I would expect the goods being offered would be interesting as well. I have a feeling Michael is speaking from his own special experience. If not, he sure knows how to paint a picture with his music. It gave me a sense of being there. That is what any recording artist would want his or her audience to experience while listening to music. So, from my perspective, it was mission accomplished!

Michael takes you to a “Shaolin Garden” then to an “Aboriginal Campfire” and then back to the rat race with “Marching Through Manhattan” (although that term may be out of context when it comes to this music). The point is that you become an instant world traveler through the music and colors brought forth on every track of One World. 

The whole point is that we are One World, one community, one people, and that is not only obvious with the track titles, but the music also speaks for itself. This is all done very with a very impressive recording with a panoramic view of the world that is conveyed through one man’s music.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
September 12, 2019

Founder of:

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

01. One World
02. A Gathering of the Elders
03. Shaolin Garden
04. Aboriginal Campfire
05. Buddhist Nursery 
06. Barcelona Nights
07. Persian Night Caravan
08. African Marketplace
09. Asian Dawn Maneuvers
10. Marching through Manhattan 
11. Across the Moor
12. Black Forest Cuckoo Shop
13. Gaia Weep
14. One Planet, One People
15. Benediction (Prayer for World Peace)

Instrumental Piano/New Age Review: Michael Whalen-Cupid Blindfolded

Release Date: July 12, 2019
Label: Real Music

There is nothing better than an instrumental piano recording when you need to relax. I hear a lot of this music all year long and never tire of it because of the multitude of value it provides. It can offer total relaxation during a quiet time you have every day or evening, or provide beneficial focus and help you clear a cluttered mind, or simply invite you into a meditative state.

My introduction to Michael’s music was the 2018 release Kiss The Quiet. I thought that was an ingenious title for the recording and it fit the music like well-worn jeans. I think we have the same instance with the newest edition to his catalog, Cupid Blindfolded.

An artist like Michael Whalen is at the forefront of the Instrumental New Age/Piano genre. You have to be on top of your game to compete with similar artists and capture the imagination of the listeners.

For me, the first thing I take a good look at is the album cover. With the title being Cupid Blindfolded, that is the first thing you see. It is nothing that makes you think too hard or plays tricks on your eyes. Sometimes that is appropriate and is just right for the music, in this case, that is a perfect match.

Cupid may be blindfolded but if she opens her eyes, she can see through the thin red veil that is wrapped around her head. That is a clue as far as I am concerned. People, in general, may have a “veil” of some sort over their eyes but all it takes is for them to open their eyes to see right through it, right? This is a conceptual frame of mind I am coming from. Music and images tell a story and I have found that if there are no words set to the music, it can still relay a powerful message. As I always say, it is up to each listener to decide what the music means to them or could mean to them at first glance of the image.

Cupid Blindfolded is 10 tracks of exceptional solo instrumental piano music. The album has a steady flow to it, like a river after it rains, it moves right along with that sort of momentum. Each melody intrinsically connects to the next one, like mother nature at work in a musical sense of the word.

Talented ivory ticklers like Michael Whalen should have ample opportunities to license their music for a multitude of areas including soundtracks for commercials, documentaries, etc. I do want to stress that this music is first and foremost for a listener to enjoy any time of day or evening, and course the previously mentioned uses it can afford.

Cupid Blindfolded is an excellent group of tracks and it went by much too fast for me. When an album is really good and it catches my ear, it has a strong meaning for me personally. And that is the way it works and that’s a good thing!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
July 5, 2019
Founder of:

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

01. Cupid Blindfolded
02. All of My Heart All of My Soul
03. Reflection of My Affection
04. Sunrise in the Desert
05. The Muse
06. At the Touch of a Lover
07. Standing in the Rain
08. Serendipity
09. Isle of Skye
10. City of Lights

New Age Instrumental Review: Kathryn Kaye-Solace of Mountains and Clouds

Release Date: June 1, 2019
Label: Indie

Solace of Mountains and Clouds is the fifth release I am covering by the exquisite piano player Kathryn Kaye. It was like visiting an old friend when I gave this new recording my first listen. I received everything I have come to expect from an album created by this exceptional artist, top-notch musicianship, production, and sound.

If those three factors are in place consistently on your recordings there is a very good chance you will garner the praise you deserve and all the respect from your peers in the industry. You can tick off all the boxes in that category for Kathryn as well.

Solace of Mountains and Clouds is a direct reflection of the surroundings of the artist where she lives and creates all of her compositions. The inspiration of mother nature can be found in many different segments of the artistic communities. I must say after several years of listening to instrumental piano and new age music, that the images and music presented most definitely go hand in hand. The production elements are superb thanks to the Imaginary Road Studios and the fine stable of artists that contribute to this and many other recordings. The partnerships created are absolute bliss, with Kathryn’s recording being no exception.

A few of my favorites are “Slow Waltz at Summer's End” and “While The Mountain Sleeps.”  The track titles are as moving as the music. The images created by the titles and music are all at once prolific, calming, spiritual and rhythmic. There is an innate sense of musicality and tones emanating from those talented fingers that touch the ivory keys.

Solace of Mountains and Clouds is the soul of nature mirrored in the music and the colors, atmospheres, and vibrations of this wonderful music. It starts by touching all of your senses then it finds a way to your heart and soul. Any good instrumental music holds that magic but to do it so well and for so long is an incredible achievement and a gift to all that have the pleasure of hearing it.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
June 2, 2019
Founder of:

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

01. Luna's Dream 3:57
02. For Love of Earth and Sky 5:12
03. We'll Be Home Tomorrow 4:13
04. Slow Waltz at Summer's End 4:24
05. Solace of Mountains and Clouds 6:06
06. Mountains Touching Sky 4:10
07. Finally Spring 5:16
08. Warm Sun, Gentle Rain 4:00
09. While the Mountain Sleeps 4:27
10. Stories Told by Trees 4:55