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New Age Instrumental-World-Jazz Review: Peter Sterling-Mystic Voyager

Release Date: June 2, 2023

Label: Independent


Mystic Voyager is the fifth studio album I have covered for Peter Sterling. Most people who appreciate music, particularly the kind that fits into the new age genre or subgenre, would agree that the harp is a beautiful instrument. It sounds heavenly and magical.


The cover art is colorful, with giant crystals and the light beam shining down. The person standing there looks so tiny in comparison to the wonderment they are witnessing,


So, the challenge for anyone with the harp as a lead instrument is to create an accessible group of tracks with enough variance so that many listeners would stop and listen. Over the years, Peter has accomplished that with diverse selections on his recordings. 


An excellent example of that diversity is “Cosmic Lover,” which has a jazz flavor with some lovely vocals. It proves that the harp can fit into any genre if played correctly. It is the gentle, inviting sound that allows that to happen. 


I am sure it must be a complex instrument to master and then be able to create music that most people would feel pleased to hear. If you ever watch any of the old Marx Brothers movies and see how the crazy Harpo would stop and play, it was the only time he looked serious during filming. That told me that concentration is vital when playing any instrument; however, the harp differs exceptionally from your typical guitar, bass, and drums. 


I appreciate all kinds of music and admire the people that create it; in this case, I am amazed at how Peter can do this album after album. There are so many elements that merge on Mystic Voyager. To give proper credit, this is an excellent amalgamation of new age, jazz, and world. It is primarily instrumental, with the touch of female vocals to give it that extra layer of rhythm and beauty. The harp accentuates everything, but in this case, everything else heightens the harp’s color and absolute perfection.


There are not many things that life offers that are perfect; well, here is that time that it is. Every track is entirely different from the one you just heard. That will keep your interest and make you curious about the next track. For my ears and taste, that is what I live for. All the eclectic albums you can enjoy do not always turn out to be unique. In the case of Peter Sterling and Mystic Voyager, it is unique; all of his work is. Add another to the list.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-NAMR Founder

May 4, 2023


1. Invocation 4:22

2. Night Wind 4:39

3. Cosmic Lover 4:44

4. Across the Great Divide 5:47

5. Bahia Del Sol 6:22

6. The Long Cold Winter 4:49

7. Light of Your Love 5:17

8. Angels Ascending 3:39

9. Wings Of Light 3:15

New Age Instrumental Reviews: Peter Sterling-The Winding Way

Artist: Peter Sterling

Title: The Winding Way

Release Date: August 13, 2021


Peter Sterling is “Calling All Angels” (track 4) with his magnificent harp playing on his new release The Winding Way.

Like many of his contemporaries, Peter has a multitude of talents that can be enjoyed. I would recommend visiting his website to see the array of artistry he presents with several recordings, works of art, and a book titled Hearing the Angels Sing: A True Story of Angelic Assistance.

I have said this before, and it bears worth repeating, this harp music is the closest thing to heaven on earth on an audio level that I have heard. Beyond the audio, there is an experience available. The listening is just the beginning. For my senses it is transformative. I can go from being restless, stressed, and worrisome, to a very satisfied meditative state. And what all that equates to is a strong feeling of gratefulness for everything presently in my life. That is a tremendous feeling of spirituality and oneness. For one recording to enable all of that is a miracle, and it must make the recording artist feel quite gratified because I can assure you that is the goal for this music.

In the new age instrumental genre, the music must speak to you in some way. Without words, a message must be carried by the music alone. With the music of Peter Sterling, there is the harp leading the way in every track however there are layers of sounds and elements that embellish and support that main instrument. There is an old saying, behind every great man there is an equally great woman, and vice versa. With music, there is always a wellspring of talent and production values that support the main instrument. In this case that applies along with a beautiful wordless singing (with the exception of the spoken word on #9 “The Elven Queen”) that is a lovely touch that makes the chosen tracks more elegant and desirable. I would not think that was possible but it is, just that harp is beautiful enough, and then to add the additional layer of the talented background vocals is taking it all to another level. It is like more roots growing on a strong oak tree.

Lately, I have seemed to been getting away from mentioning certain tracks and just focusing on the album in its entirety. I listen to it like I would watching a river flow or the snow or rainfall. Like it was a living live thing coming alive before me. It was almost like all 11 tracks wrapped into one ongoing story unfolding and all of my senses joining in and becoming one with the music. This is truly a spiritual thing for me and I am very pleased that it happens that way. This does not happen all the time, just more so lately. I can look it at it as a different level of conveying my feelings and thoughts of what I am hearing to potential listeners. This to me is another form of growth and coincides with my studies of Buddhism. It all works together.

So, Peter Sterling, I thank you for the opportunity, the realizations that your music revealed, and how the timing of my listening experience was meant to be, perfect for these moments in time. Hearing your amazing new album, The Winding Way made everything crystal clear.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

August 13, 2021


01. Beauty Abounds         
02. Clouds and Sky         
03. Deep Dive         
04. Calling Angels          
05. Along the Way         
06. Rose Petal Tea         
07. Every Which Way         
08. The Noble Knight         
09. The Elven Queen         
10. Hope for Tomorrow         
11. A Love That Lasts

New Age Instrumental Review: Peter Sterling-Sanctuary of Light

Release Date: April 1, 2020
Label: Harp Magic

I have had the pleasure of covering two of Peter Sterling’s releases so far. The 2016 release Sacred Visions and in 2018 Magic Kingdom. Both were filled with beautiful sounds led by his diverse harp playing. Now we have the latest to enjoy titled Sanctuary of Light which is ready to enchant us all that can appreciate new age instrumental music.

For my personal tastes, this music works. I value all music in such a way that there is built-in respect and admiration I have before listening to any artisan’s creation. With that in mind, it opens the mental aperture some more and casts aside any preconceived ideas one may have about what they will be hearing.

Right now, more than ever, we all need healing on some level. The world is in turmoil and distress and the only way to realign mother earth and its inhabitants is to take a collective breath and let the music lead the way. This is why music has been and always will be our savior. That is in effect, a community of unsung heroes as far as I am concerned.  

Peter is saying to us all “Let the light be your sanctuary, you can find it in my music.” While there is always darkness and shades of grey in our world, we can always find the light whether it's through the music, a kind face, or a gentle smile of assurance from a loved one. Yes, this is what this music brings to the forefront of my mind and how it relates to my spirit, consciousness, and attitude at any given moment.

As Peter intimates on the inner sleeve of the CD jacket “This music is dedicated and inspired by the divine light that lives in us all.” I find this to be so true right now. Every day, I am seeing how people are coming together, sacrificing their time, energy, and knowledge to fight the worldwide pandemic we are facing. It so predominant right now in all our lives that I cannot help but talk about it and how this all connects together. I am linked to music consciously and unconsciously. This gorgeous and heavenly sound Peter coaxes from his harp, gives me more awareness of my surroundings and how easily I can become grounded and centered with some help provided by his music.

So rather than mention any particular track on the recording, I prefer to put my attention on the entire project as a whole. I am looking at the big picture right now for all of humanity and the fact that music can inspire me in such a way that my inner spirit and true self is revealed.

Thank you, Peter Sterling, for your artistic genius and contribution to all of mankind with the soothing spiritual sounds provided on Sanctuary of Light.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
April 3, 2020

Founder of:

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

Track List:

1. The Light Within
2. Divine Reflection
3. Light In Your Eyes
4. This Path I Walk
5. Forever More
6. Pool of Love
7. Seventh Heaven
8. Shores of Eternity

New Age Instrumental-World Review: Peter Sterling- Magic Kingdom

Release Date: October 1, 2018
Label: Harp Magic Music

It has been two years since I covered Peter Sterling’s superb Sacred Visions. I am more than ready to go on another magical musical journey, on to the Magic Kingdom. Or as I like to refer to it as “Peter Magic.”

Magic Kingdom is the following musicians:  Peter playing keyboards, harp, recorder, Freenote chime, Peruvian wooden flute, and percussion. Richard Hardy is on Irish Pennywhistle and Soprano Sax and Anthony Mazzella on Guitar. The album was recorded in Sedona from 2017-2018.

I have concluded after several years of listening to various incarnations and fusions of new age music that the combination of world and new age is the most interesting and colorful listen I could hope for. It is always different and just about any instrument can serve as the lead if the mix is right. Peter’s main instrument is the heavenly harp. It is so precise and delicate, and it easily mixes with the other music and sounds provided on Magic Kingdom

Peter defines the term indie musician and the do it yourself attitude that is so strong amongst the folks that make up that culture and work ethic. It takes tremendous dedication, commitment and talent to produce a recording such as Magic Kingdom.

The blend of instruments is simply sublime and the few tracks where you hear some vocals it is impressive as well. The vocals are an instrument as far as I am concerned and it is quite evident when listening to the tracks that provide that. The closer and title track “Magic Kingdom” and “Tomorrow’s Child” are two fine examples of world-instrumental new age with just enough vocal styles to make it a meditative piece that you want to hear more than once. “Over the Bridge” features a sweet child’s voice, contributing to the purity and innocence of this listening experience.

“Everlasting Love” starts off with Peter’s harp inviting the rest of the instruments into the mix then a jazzy tone comes alive with some soprano sax. I love that combination absolutely, it always works for me. I do love jazz so that makes the transition that much more delightful for my ears. 

So, in the end, what I got to enjoy was another musical stew brought to a simmer by many talented artists. Make sure you listen to Magic Kingdom and let it bring you joy and good vibrations, it is there waiting for you now.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
October 5, 2018

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Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

Instrumental New Age/Meditation Review: Peter Sterling-Sacred Visions

Release Date: June 21, 2016
Label: Harp Magic Music

Peter Sterling’s Sacred Visions album is music that is transformational. This statement on his website holds the absolute truth. If you listen to the 9 tracks on this recording you will find your own truth in the music.

The music has to move me shortly into the first track to feel any sort of inspiration. This feeling is translated to joy and then my words flow about the music. If it does not unfold that way then there is not a lot to say. 

With Sacred Visions there is plenty to feel joy about and to translate to abundant feelings and words. Peter plays one of the most magical instruments in the world, the harp (he also contributes percussion, keyboards, loops, ocarina, recorder and vocals). Peter is also an artist that creates a thing called Portals of Light Crystal Frosted Art which adorn the cover of this CD. That is one example of many. This multitalented man used his art as an inspiration on canvas to create a musical canvas with his harp. This was obviously a very intense creative period for Peter. Many folks that make music paint as well however this is a blend of spirituality, music and art that transcends the norm. It sounds like divine intervention. 

“Sedona Sunset” opens the album and it mesmerized me and made my soul smile. The sounds are full of beauty and good energy; it beckons you to come along for the journey. I was all ears and found it quite easy to let myself just melt into the music becoming one with the sounds. For my listening pleasure that is the goal, to allow the sounds to let the day and thoughts disappear and feel complete blissfulness with all of creation. Music such is this is so powerful and spiritual and that is the reason I love it so much.

“Eclipse (Featuring 3rd Force)” was another track that swept me away with the alluring harp intermingled with a smooth jazz like saxophone. That combination when placed properly within in this type of music is a perfect blend just like the right combination of coffee and creamer in the morning; it’s a pause that refreshes. Jazz and new age always sounded compatible to me if done well and properly and in this case it was.

“Dance of Saraswati” has all the essential elements of the previous tracks however the difference here is the female vocalizations that give it that gentle angelic touch that takes the spirit to a higher plane. Peter also adds his vocalizations as well. The balance is exceptional with perfectly placed harp textures for the vocals to ride along, like a billowing cloud floating across the sky it all seemed so natural and flowing.

We all seek solace from the pressures and stresses of daily life. We endeavor to reach the end of the day when we can put on some music like Sacred Visions and recharge our batteries for another day. It works very well; you will find what you need just let the music lead the way.

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Sedona Sunset, Eclipse (Featuring 3rd Force), Dance of Saraswati

1. Sedona Sunset
2. Shaman’s Cave
3. Starlight and Moonbeams
4. Bombay Boogie
5. Eclipse (Featuring 3rd Force)
6. Dance of Saraswati
7. Mystic Rose
8. Thru the Valley and Over the Hills
9. Remembrance
Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck” Hannaleck
Founder of:

July 7, 2016
Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews