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New Age Instrumental Review: Carl Borden-Beyond the Sunrise

Release Date: August 14, 2020

Label: Myndstream


Beyond The Sunrise is Carl Borden’s third proper recording. Carl said Beyond the Sunrise symbolizes a new beginning for me as an artist. Both creatively and emotionally.”

What you will hear are some soothing sounds among the ten tracks offered on Beyond the Sunrise. The keyboards and synths utilized create a blanket of sounds that gently wraps you up and takes you away. If you happen to be looking for meditation-based music this definitely could serve the purpose.

For me, it is listening and letting the music open the doors to what I am feeling while I am listening. Essentially what it does for me is it pulls the plug on an entire day, my mind empties, my physical being is relieved of all stress and as I let go, I let the music do its work. Only then can find a clear path that resonates with my soul.

The title track is the longest clocking in at 8:54. For my listening experience, it was the most fulfilling and inspirational. The consistency of the flow of music, the textures, colors, and connection I found inside the music was exceptional. Every artisan’s intention is to move you in some way with their music, paintings, sculptures, whatever visual or audio component they want to present, they all have a special meaning to the creators, and hopefully for those that appreciate it all. I sincerely appreciate all types of art; music happens to be the most powerful for my tastes and expectations. At times when the music is paired with a video, it becomes even more powerful depending on what the artist is trying to convey to an audience.

Different sounds are combined with all the keyboards in these songs, that make them individual artistic expressions. For example, in the title track, you can hear birds tweeting.  “In Space and Time” you can hear wind chimes and gentle keyboards allowing those sounds to permeate your being. It is as if you are on the front porch of your home on a sunny day with a huge empty green field in front of you and your appreciation and love for that land radiate like the sun above as the wind chimes give their appreciation by making beautiful sounds in full agreement. That is what I could picture myself doing and feeling listening to this track. That is but a few of the diverse expressions of audible art that you can create via your own personal painting inside your mind’s eye. Just let Carl Borden lead you down that path.

Speaking of diversity and contrast, “Jamila’s Song,” while it is the shortest outing, gives pause to just the solo piano that Carl can offer without any other effects. It is pure and simple and perfect just the way it is played. I surely could have listened to several more minutes of that piece and really do enjoy just solo piano as much as everything else I heard on this entertaining and ultimately relaxing session.

Beyond The Sunrise is beauty, elegance, consistency, diversity, and everything one could expect from a keyboard-based instrumental new age recording. I do understand the hours of work that goes into arranging compositions, putting them together, using the right instruments and effects, then recording something cohesive and pleasing for a perspective audience. Carl Borden ticks all the boxes and I am sure you will love his work after one listen. Your entire being will melt like butter on a hot summer day, it is perfect for stress relief from start to finish.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
August 10, 2020

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

Track List:
01. At First Light 05:24
02. Beyond the Sunrise 08:54
03. City of Dreams 06:01
04. Drifting Stars 07:29
05. In Space and Time 06:35
06. Jamila’s Song 02:19
07. Memories of You (Interlude) 04:18
08. Memories of You 06:32
09. The Road Home 06:04
10. Walk With Me 04:39 (A Beautiful Journey)