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Contemporary Instrumental Review: David J. Pena-Zero Gravity

Release Date: October 6, 2023

Label: Independent


David J. Pena is one of the more productive piano artists, releasing music regularly and adding to the growing archive. I cannot imagine how it must feel to create music that will leave a legacy for lifetimes. What a blessing.

Zero Gravity is due on October 6th. 


The first track and title, “Zero Gravity,” put the vastness of the universe into the eyes of the astronaut floating above Earth. The piano playing and orchestration are heavenly, and it has a floating light-than-air feel, setting the perfect tone to make it as accurate as possible. It was an excellent way to start the recording. I like it when an artist chooses the title track to lead off; it makes sense.


Everyone has dreams. It is up to every individual to seek those things they desire. Sitting around waiting for something to happen never served anyone well. The piano playing is beautiful and engaging while orchestrations reach a peak; David knows how to create the peaks and valleys of our emotions where “Dreams We Shared” are born and sometimes dashed or forgotten. The rule of karma is you get back what you put into life, good, bad, or indifferent. 


This is the “Hour Glass” of life we all must come to terms with. We are going from the top in little grains of sand to the bottom, where our presence here in the physical form ends. The finality of that can be daunting, not knowing what happens until you get there. I think we have some ideas based on stories of people dying and then coming back. Is it different for everyone based on what they did while they were here? Will be “Forgiven” for any wrongs and enter the next life seamlessly? I think our consciousness leaves our bodies and enters a collective consciousness known to many as the spirit world or ether at Zero Gravity, where our friends and family have left and are “Awaiting Your Return.” You can only “Daydream” until you arrive.


“Will You Dance” are steps created by the keys of a piano, subtly and elegantly, as only David can present it. As with the previous tracks, the finishing touches are the orchestrations accompanying him. Is this the dance of life, or a serenade from one to another sending an invitation to join in their dance? It is the dance the listener hears and sees forming in their mind as the song plays through. It is warm, and it touched my heart.


“Renewed” or renewal is a significant word in English. Does the music you hear energize you, or does it cause time to reflect or to come up with an answer to a question that can only be solved by looking within? Beautiful piano-based music with moving orchestrations can initiate many things for a listener. In the end, will you feel renewed in some way? I would answer that with a resounding yes, but that is for me; what will it be for you? Listen and find out.


“Childhood Memories” are so sweet and unforgettable. I felt sadness while listening to this track. Life is so fleeting, and although my childhood was long ago, I will always hold certain aspects dear to my heart. That is why I will never let go of those times and feelings. We cannot make the past come back, but we can relive parts of it, the stories that never grow old and stored in our hearts and minds. This piece was so moving for me; it did bring a tear to my eye. I, at times, long for the simple life I once had. It served as a gentle reminder of the importance of things in the past.


Those are some of my favorite tracks. Of course, there is more to be listened to and explored. And it would be best to let go of the day and all the thoughts running through your mind; finding that way is through music like David Pena can offer you Zero Gravity.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-NAMR Founder

September 11, 2023

01. Zero Gravity 
02. Hour Glass 
03. Dreams We Shared 
04. Will You Dance 
05. Renewed 06. 
Childhood Memories 
07. Forgiven 
08. Jeannette 
09. Daydream 
10. Awaiting Your Return