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Contemporary Instrumental Review: Pam Asberry-Unraveling

Release Date: April 15, 2022

Label:  Independent


The last album I heard from Pam Asberry was the 2017 release Seashells In My Pocket. The Unraveling is now on for my listening pleasure. You look at time differently with each passing year. It is a concept, a segment of our lives. Life is concise in the grand scheme of things, and then we are stardust once again.

Everyone has a different perception of the virus that changed our lives forever. It is year three, and we still are getting infected. Musical artists have been depicting this time in their music, and Pam Asberry took advantage of the time to create another exceptional recording. All music was composed and performed by the artist.

You have a story told through music, one creator, and one instrument. The solo piano work of the artist is moving and compelling for many moods. While you feel the “Storm Clouds Gather” and the “Unraveling” begins, you can go to “Dark Places.” That was reality for us all in different measures. While you hold the absolute music of Pam’s talented fingers via the keys of her piano, you can feel the emotion flowing. There were times when Pam found time to do things while waiting for renewal, and then the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic would creep in. She went into the “Dark Places” and the “Unraveling” of our lives, and hers hit hard. Then the bright spots were more poignant when the time was allowed to find sweet things from the past like “Tattered Lace” from passed members of her family.

Listening felt different because Pam gave me a look behind the music. It makes an enormous difference following along with the storyline when listening. With tracks like “Polaris”, I heard optimism and the promise of light on another path to renewal. Thinking about that momentarily gave me pause to reflect upon the present and glance back at the past. One foot in front of the other is the goal here, and we only have today; we do not know what tomorrow will bring. I am ok with that these days and grateful for life and ready for what it brings. 

Unraveling keeps it real for all us listeners. I always manage to find my true self in this music. Part of the reason that happens is that it is all instrumental; thus, you focus more on thoughts than any words, and in turn, the music provides the terms formulated inside me. I believe this is paramount with any relaxation or meditative music. 

There are different packages offered for this recording for many music lovers, such as a companion sheet music book for all you piano players. Thanks for allowing us listeners to hear your story set to music, Pam. It may have been an Unraveling, but you sure made it all so beautiful with your music in the sad, dark, and uplifting parts of the story; it all folded together nicely. Once again, behind the clouds is the sun shining brightly, and the music reveals it.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

May 23, 2022


01. Storm Clouds Gather (3:23)

02. Unraveling (3:49)

03. Bluebird (3:08)

04. Tattered Lace (2:51)

05. Dark Places (3:47)

06. Goodbye Again (2:50)

07. Labyrinth (2:43)

08. Saudade (2:35)

09. Polaris (2:50)

10. This Time with You (3:14)

11. Metamorphosis (3:42)