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Instrumental Jazz-New Age-Ambient Review: UMA-Wishing Well

Release Date: July 16, 2021

Label:  ‎ myndstream


UMA are the project of two Estonian musician’s guitarist Robert Jürjendal and trumpet/corno da caccia player Aleksei Saks.

The duo came together at the beginning of 2007. The name UMA comes from the South Estonian Seto dialect and it means ‘own.’

The cover of Wishing Well, their latest release, gives a potential listener a soft and pleasing image before the music starts. Imagery is everything, particularly with instrumental music. Even though most listeners will see their own pictures in their mind’s eye, the soft blue color and singularity of the tree on a hill and its shadow on the ground brings you instant solace. The gentle guitar and horn are all these two gentlemen need to create a delectable array of sounds.

Now the idea from this point is to offer a selection of tracks to take that one image to the next step in the process. This is exactly what Robert and Aleksei do with the offering of 10 beautifully done tracks. The music has many elements that intersect including jazz, smooth jazz, new age, ambient, and all of them blended into each individual track. The combination is very effective and quite pleasant.

As you move from track to track the horn and guitar lead the way as well as the unique corno da caccia which is a piccolo horn. If you have any interest or particularly enjoy any of the genres that are part of this music, you will most definitely appreciate what you hear on Wishing Well.

This is duo is very skilled and precise in their presentation and the flow, overall sound, and engineering values of this recording are superb. Sometimes when you put on certain music, it is exactly what you need to hear. In this case that applied 100% for me on this listen. In fact, I would listen any time of day or evening because this is the kind of music I can appreciate. It is warm, inviting, and most of all, the enjoyment you can obtain from beginning to end is notable.

You can have your own private Wishing Well with a click or the push of a button. As all the wonders of modern technology merge with exceptional musicians, the chances of creating something special are always possible. In this case, it became a reality and I am glad I had the opportunity to discover and enjoy all the amazing music on this recording.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
July 19, 2021

01. Wishing Well
02. Old Diaries
03. Pilgrim’s Path
04. Lightness of the Soul 3
05. Petite Ouverture à Danser
06. Lost A Dream
07. Longing
08. My Days
09. Deep Sea
10. Beyond Skylin