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Instrumental New Age Reviews: Steve Rivera-Beyond Measures & Time

Release Date: September 7, 2018
Label: Independent

My coverage of Steve Rivera’s music began two years ago with Dividing The Darkness. Now a release that came out a few weeks ago titled Beyond Measures & Time has arrived. It was easy to notice the prolific artwork on the cover of the album. It looks very thought-provoking and the first artist I thought of was Dali. It is a mixture of modern with the old, the sands of time slip away the old-fashioned way or the modern way with the wristwatch. The hand looks more robotic than that of a mannequin. So right away the images are telling a story before you ever hear a note played.

This recording is all solo piano instrumentals. It is one of many I have heard this year. And as with the other recordings, I found so much enjoyment in the music. The simplistic approach serves some artists so well, in this case, it works beautifully for Steve. The adage of less is more certainly is applicable in this case.

Although the piano is the only instrument there is plenty of flow and rhythm, it fills the room you are in.  “Waves and Particles” is one of the better examples of a constant rhythm and destination for the music. It is all about the rhythm and flow of the music and where it can take you. From where I am coming from, it really fits that description. There have to be tones, vibrations, colors and rhythm for me to get in sync with the music. It all felt quite natural to fall into a pocket of sound and just go with it, then let my soul just float away with it. That is my form of release and meditation, it is very healing.

Beyond Measures & Time is the perfect title for this recording. The essence of time and measures is scientific, mathematical, it is in essence cerebral. I think what the artist may be saying here is that music transcends all of that thought process. This all part of our daily life - time and schedules, then measuring that time to fit into a schedule. 

Music so beautiful and properly arranged removes us from an equation and puts us in a space that finds a comfort zone with no particular cause or thought other than to center and relax, heal and eventually reenergize because the music took us to that point. For this listener, that is the perfect scenario.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
September 25, 2018

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01. Suspended Dream
02. Passing Shadows
03. Unlocking The Moments
04. Spectrum of Thoughts   
05. Falling Closer   
06. In My Own Memories   
07. Waves & Particles
08. From The Beginning
09. Dark Tides    
10. Fragmented Dreams
11. Measures & Time

Instrumental New Age Review: Steve Rivera-Dividing The Darkness

Release Date: October 12, 2015
Label: Steve Rivera Music

Music without limitations or barriers will be successful. This kind of approach and mindset is very positive and it garners the attention of those within range. I am glad to be one of those listeners.

Steve Rivera is one such artist that has earned his place in the genre of new age contemporary music. He accomplished that with his first release titled Dividing The Darkness.

Steve likes to call his music restrained simplicity that is emotionally moving. I don’t think I could have come up with a better phrase to explain what this music is.

The piano playing of Mr. Rivera is superlative and his accompaniment with a violin interspersed and weaved so delicately in the tracks gives it another layer grace and outright beauty. 

Everyone needs to find their way home in some fashion, whether it be a long road trip, a walk in the woods or simply a reference to a soul that needs comfort and a place to feel wanted. Thinking in another way would be when our lives come to an end on this earth and how we need to find our way home. It can mean many different things dependent on who you are and where you are in life’s path. So, it is rather appropriate that the album opens up along those lines with “My Way Home (feat. Charlie Bisharat).” The lead off track is crucial in setting a precedence for the entire album and that is certainly accomplished with this lovely instrumental.

“Skyward” caught my ear and engaged my senses. The rhythm of the piano is one of consistency and a constant unraveling varying degrees of the human condition found in the music. The changing tempos and the additional violin and background vocals makes it sound as if it was delivered right from heaven’s gate. The music gave me a much-needed pause and touched my soul while initiating a healing I desperately needed. Tracks like this flip a switch in me and I can hear and feel the joy and sadness of what the music is saying. This music is so beautiful it was like a transference of consciousness, taking what the artist offered me while listening.

“The Ancient Road” set my mind wandering about the history of mankind and what would happen if there was such a road that led to a path where all things live in complete harmony and joy. The piano leads you down a path that becomes your own reality via the music. This is a process I have enjoyed through music my entire life however when it is instrumental music it makes that much more my own. This is one of the longer tracks on the album and I appreciated the layers of sounds, like it a woven tapestry just for me.

I find it no coincidence that I preferred the longer tracks. This music is so pleasant that you don’t want it to stop. The prolific fingers of the artist are charged with all sorts of energy and emotion that can be truly appreciated by anyone wishing an auditory therapeutic process.

Dividing The Darkness is just that, if there is any darkness around you either on physical or spiritual plane then this music will divide it and separate it with its everlasting light of hope and faith. Once again it felt like a spiritual experience that I needed to have and it was delivered so thank you Steve Rivera.

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: My Way Home, Skyward, The Ancient Road

1. My Way Home (feat. Charlie Bisharat)
2. This Ancient Road
3. Help Me to Listen
4. Skyward
5. Beautiful Years
6. So Quickly Gone (feat. Will Ackerman)
7. Delicate Force
8. Valley of Light
9. Skyward Coda


Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

October 31, 2016
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