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Instrumental New Age-Meditation Review: 2002-Clouds Below

Release Date: January 7, 2023

Label: 2002 Music



Introduction from the artist: Clouds Below was inspired by opposites - contrary forces that depend upon each other to exist and evolve. The sun above by day and the moon at night share a magic moment when they briefly mingle before one yields to the other. 

Clouds drift along regardless of day or night, and they appear below when we soar in an airplane, climb above them on a mountain, or a chance to see them reflected in a pond. The songs on this album explore the beauty found all around us, above and below. The music reveals unexpected paths, inviting us to follow.


Are you ready to follow? It is another blessing when I can cover a familiar artist. Music is a gift to all humanity, and animals and plants enjoy it. Listening and following can be a spiritual experience; with this family group of Pamela, Randy, and Sarah Copus, that has always been the case for my tastes and needs. I need music daily to inject energy into my body and uplift my spirits. It’s like wearing a watch your entire life, then one day, you forget to put it on, it becomes a part of you, and you feel incomplete. Music soothes our souls and completes the circle of life. 

A family relationship like this is a beautiful thing to develop in music as they (and us) go on an aural journey.


I know that sounds prolific, and it can be for everyone. Walk through that door and find your “Soulmate,” whether that is a person, a cat or a dog, or the music itself. It can all be interchangeable. If there is a “Glimmering Hope,” you can find your “Landing.” It is not intentional that I find a connection to tracks like that; it just happens and makes sense as they unfold and dovetails into one message. I hope this makes sense to many of you. It’s not complicated if you just let the music and you become one. 


The ethereal layers and colors presented on each track on Clouds Below are meditative examples of new-age ambient instrumental music with an objective. For instance, the interspersing of a saxophone on “City Blue” gives you a glimpse into the eclectic world of the Copus family. The quiet storm of jazz creates an alternate universe and takes a listener elsewhere. However, it does remain relaxing and meditative. Each member’s contributions are significant and in sync from beginning to end. 


At the “First Light of Dawn,” the cosmos grants you another day of life on this beautiful planet, and as you take “The Flight Home,” the “Clouds Below” reveal the beauty and awesomeness of our world and the “Everyday Miracles” that we can witness. We must open our eyes, hearts, and minds and let the music in. It’s simple and direct, resulting in healing and a feeling of blessedness we cannot find anywhere else. 

The Copus family are gifted purveyors of magical instrumentations and sounds you will appreciate. Their journey as artisans continues, and I am grateful to join them on their cloud for a short time and rejoin them any time I choose, and so can you!


Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-TFOV Founder

March 5, 2023


01. Soulmate 4:53

02. Glimmering Hope 5:38

03. Landing 4:16

04. City Blue 5:56

05. First Light of Dawn 4:35

06. The Flight Home 4:12

07. Clouds Below 4:33

08. Air and Light 4:26

09. Riding the Current 4:32

10. Everyday Miracles 4:28