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Contemporary Instrumental-New Age Review: Orchestra Indigo-Requiem

 Release Date: March 10, 2023

Label: Independent


Last fall, I had my introduction to Orchestra Indigo-the creation of long-time blues artist Rick Randlett. His first album was titled Farewell To Memories. I was impressed with the musical paradigm shift that Rick successfully made. 

Now Requiem, his sophomore release, is ready for release. 

Rick Comments: Requiem comes from a lifelong fascination with the form, growing out of college performances of both the Verdi and Mozart requiems. In my version, I've tried to create the same flow and emotions without using any Latin text but with piano, synthesizers, and vocal sounds.


Those who can appreciate classical music's importance and timelessness undoubtedly appreciate what was accomplished in this release. And in some instances, listeners that enjoy contemporary instrumental, ambient keyboard-based, and new-age music will find appreciation with this listen. I can feel gratitude from all aspects; however, I am unfamiliar with Rick's inspirations that propelled him to a place of creative essence. After listening to his progressive versions, I understand his fascination and passion.  


I remained focused and relaxed listening to this fantastic concept and tribute to some great composers without previous knowledge. And therein lies the key for listeners who may be like me. If you can present a thought process or feel about anything and use music to make it come to life and be believable, then you have completed the circle and reached your goal as an artist. That is what Orchestra Indigo achieved on this release.


I felt transported from an existential plane to the ether in the eleven tracks. The dreamy synth sequences and wordless vocals felt regal and heavenly, making me think of centuries ago when incredible people created great classical music. Telling a story is very important in most music and challenging in instrumental music.


So how does a lifetime of the blues transform into something like Orchestra Indigo? I don't have an answer to that. I know one thing; Rick Randlett is a very talented individual who stepped out of his comfort zone, took a big chance, and created something beautiful that all listeners can enjoy and appreciate any time of day or evening. 


Requiem is quite different from Farewell To Memories. I did not know what to expect but was genuinely impressed.


The tracks have a nice flow, and I found it easy to get into that rhythm and sense what this means to the artist and realized what it became for me. I felt moved emotionally and spiritually. In essence, I found everything I hoped to see inside the music. That is all anyone can ask.


Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

February 23, 2023


01. Introit 4:00

02. Kyrie 3:34

03. Dies Irie 4:34

04. Hostias 3:29

05. Lacrimosa 5:12

06. Offertorium 4:09

07. Sanctus 4:00

08. Agnus Dei 3:43

09. Lux Aeterna 3:51

10. In Paradisium 3:27

11. Libra Me 4:46

Contemporary Instrumental New Age Review: Orchestra Indigo-Farewell To Memories

Release Date: September 9, 2022

Label:  ‎Independent


Rick Randlett is a blues artist with five albums in circulation. Orchestra Indigo is a separate project he created playing synthesizers and piano. His new journey began when COVID shut the world down, and he began exploring ambient new-age music. Farewell To Memories is the result of his studies and creations. When you look at the captivating view provided by the cover art, it is very suggestive. Are you ready to walk down that dock and jump in to see what will happen? I was prepared to go and take a swim through this music.

Just for a point of reference, the name of this project you may find has some interesting cross references. Indigo children, according to a pseudoscientific New Age concept, are children who are believed to possess unique, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. So, this music is the orchestra's child since it is the first release of this type of music. And, it certainly does have some magic and special abilities to change your feelings, brain waves, and well-being.

Farewell to Memories reflects on growing up in New England, with the title track and album title a direct reference to a return visit upon the passing of his mother several years ago. So, seeing this passing of a parent was his farewell to many things. I lost both my parents many years ago, and I have to admit that many memories have faded with time; however, there is not a day that goes by when I do not think of them. Life goes on, and death happens. It is our destiny to live and die; we do not know when that time will be. I saw a saying the other day that made sense, "Live life like it's your first day and your last." Some sound advice, to be sure. 

Rick used synthesizer strings to create his orchestra of ambient sounds and colors. Some of it does have a feeling of sadness and letting go. Such as the resolute piano in "Daybreak," which gently introduces the layers of synth for a pleasant feeling of floating on top of the primary instrument. I imagine the artist's intent with this type of composition would be that you are very relaxed and have that feeling of detachment from the physical world. In your mind, you can float away to another frame of reference or plane of existence, if you will. All tracks on offer here give the listener something to feel and find inside their soul. That sounds deep, I know, music is a powerful tool that can let you dig down and pull things out that need to be looked at, and then you can process it and move on.

Buddhists refer to our suffering as samsara, and we can reach dharma (In Buddhism, dharma means cosmic law and order but is also applied to the teachings of the Buddha-i.e., karma) through meditation and removing the thoughts of attachment to all things physical on this plane. I discovered a strong correlation between new-age music and the practice of Buddhism. And from there sought more knowledge and have continued to do so. Music like this, any instrumental recording made for relaxation or meditation, brings me to another discipline. That is just one example that is worthy of note.

As I made my way through each track on Farewell to Memories, it engaged me in many ways, triggering a thought process of feelings, including sadness, hope, joy, and the promise of a new day. This music can and will renew your spirit. You are the door that either opens or closes to this opportunity. It was my choice to listen and open the door. The result was a healing of my consciousness, direct and indirect thought process, and, most of all, my heart. As the track says, "Hope Is Eternal," it never rests. It is a part of us all; whether you acknowledge that or not, that is your choice. I always find some hope every day regardless of what transpires. And this music brought those thoughts to the forefront of my mind.

This is a distance away from the blues music this artist typically creates. For him, it was a creative and healing process; for the listeners, it can be whatever you need it to be. That is music's beauty and eclectic nature and the sounds you will hear on Farewell to Memories.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

September 9, 2022

01. Farewell To Memories 5:57
02. Distant Worlds 4:57
03. In The Aftermath 3:30
04. A Time Of Solitude 4:42
05. Twilight Falls 3:49
06. Daybreak 4:25
07. Lights On A Distant Shore 3:46
08. A Perfect Summer Day 4:44
09. Mysteries 4:18
10. Hope Eternal 4:37
11. First Snow 4:02
12. One Last Look 5:16