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New Age World Meditation Review: Samir Bodhi- Memories of Empathy

Release Date: July 14, 2023

Label: Independent


Samir Bodhi has become prominent in the new age genre with his music and particular recording brand. It is a splendid fusion of new age, Indian, classical, and modern, all rolled into one prolific package.

Memories of Empathy is ready to capture current fans and gain some new ones along the way.

I had the pleasure of covering his debut EP in 2021 titled Stairway To Nirvana. As I recall, it was an impressive piece of work. So, setting the bar high for the artist and his work is not unusual, particularly when you start with such a good impression.

When you look at the compelling artwork for the album, it fits the title. To have empathy, or to be an empath, is a beautiful gift to give another human being or any living thing. Self-absorption with cell phones and social media can be the degradation of humankind if we do not utilize them properly. And many people do not, unfortunately.

“Have and Have Nots” start the recording. It points to that very thing, the difference between the haves and the have-nots is widening in our societies. While very unfortunate, the music and imagery this music creates will make people rethink who they are and how they conduct themselves. The vocalizations are in a different language than English. However, it does not matter as the warmth and feeling come across with passion and purpose. Bodhi’s wife, Madhumita Chatterjee, provides the vocals along with Supriyo Dutta.

“Compassion-Karuna” has a very old-school guitar sound (Co-Produced by David Vito Gregoli), the kind you would hear traveling down the waterways in Italy during a movie. The atmosphere is very soothing and romantic, if you will. It is undoubtedly a big step away from the first track. This is what makes Samir’s music so captivating. He likes to mix things up and keep it interesting. Keeping your musical ears on their toes.

“Heaven So High” is a gorgeous instrumental. The acoustic guitar is sublime; additional instruments like the flute and some soft percussion give the listener a ready-made easy chair to sink into and forget their troubles for a while. That is the purpose of this type of music.

My favorite track is “Affinity” (Co-Produced by Sanjoy Das). I had to listen to it several times. The invitation to beauty starts from the very beginning and holds throughout the entire 6:30 minutes. Madhumita provides the heavenly wordless vocals on the track, and the mix is divinity in motion. Everything about the track breathes spirituality and the innate goodness we all have inside us to share.

“Indifference” features Madhumita once again accompanying Samir’s instrumentation. It has a definitive Middle Eastern flavor that weaves an impactful thread through the song. Her voice is so smooth and precise, and although I don’t understand the words, I can still feel the impact of them and know in my heart there is a meaning and message.

The recording closes with theWorld of Empathy,” the longest track on the album, at 6:48. Some excellent saxophone and gentle piano are in the mix. It has a definite jazz flavor to it. All the elements of Samir’s music exist in this track, thus the advanced length. All the complexities of his music need room to stretch out and capture the listener’s attention from start to finish, and it does.

Memories of Empathy will be revered and recognized globally; I have no doubt. It is a triumph of music and social justice that needs to be heard.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-TFOV Founder

June 2, 2023


1. Have and Have Nots 5:53

2. Heaven So High 4:28

3. Affinity 6:30

4. Compassion-Karuna 5:38

5. Indifference 4:43

6. World of Empathy 6:48