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New Age Vocals Review: Marya Stark-Sapphire

Release Date: September 17, 2020

Label: Independent


This is my maiden voyage into the world of Marya Stark’s musical world of wonder. Sapphire is ten tracks of sometimes undefinable music. Marya looks like the goddess that she is on the cover of this masterful group of tracks.

Right at the onset of seeing the cover, you are thinking spiritual, mystical, otherworldly, and new age. I think all of the above applies here. I opted to call it new age vocals. It is the content lyrically and at times strongly, but it is new age in different phases on the tracks. It can cover you like a warm blanket on a cold winter night.

The sounds on Sapphire are very inviting and Marya’s voice is angelic, simply gorgeous throughout the entire recording. She is in essence the main instrument everything else follows to where the light lives inside her.

The first track grabbed me with a force I could not resist. “Echo” sets the standard for everything else and reinforces the importance of that first track. I immediately added it to my New Age Music Reviews Spotify Playlist. It runs for nearly six minutes making sure you get the full effect of this woman’s incredible vocal talent. The music is very good as well, I have to make sure that is a known fact. Beautiful vocals need the right support from the music for everything to fall into place like it was meant to be. And trust me on this, the way this album unfolds is magical.

Another amazing track is “Blood of the Stone.” It is prolific lyrically and musically. It is a strong message to us all how important mother earth is. New age music is tied strongly to this subject matter and I am grateful for that. We need a constant reminder that our survival depends on the health of our planet and right now it is not acting like it is very happy. When a message like that is transmitted with such passion and grace you stand up and take notice.

Five tracks in and I am completely sold on this artist and her music. I cannot wait to hear what the next track will bring. It makes you feel like a kid on Christmas morning waiting to unwrap the next present. Marya is eclectic and so talented that she can deliver something different with each track. It is a wonder how one artist can offer so much variety in one recording.

So, all of you who appreciate music, great vocals, a meaningful message, and pure talent, then you need to listen to Marya Stark’s latest release Sapphire. Even though the title is a particular gemstone this one is a perfect shining diamond that should not be missed. There is a lot to hear and enjoy in this engaging recording.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
October 14, 2020

Track List:
01. Echo        
02. Stargazer        
03. In Between
05.Blood of the Stone        
06.Celestial Butterflies   
07. Negra Luz        
08. Baptism     
09. Crystal Chambers        
10. Rose Lineage