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New Age Instrumental Meditation Review: Palm Reading-Malibu: Point Mugu

Release Date: August 13, 2021

Label:  ‎ myndstream


Palm Reading is the musical project by Scooby Laposky and Charles Copley, inspired by plant life, the natural environment, and the traditions of ambient and mindfulness music. Malibu: Point Mugu is the first in a series of locations that these recordings will be created.

That introduction to this music was just what I needed to read on the artist's one sheet to get immersed into this spiritual and nature-themed meditative music.

This is an effective combination of synthesized electronic music that is generated by biodata recorded from plants using a biodata sonification device. The device works by measuring microcurrent fluctuations occurring across the surface of a plant’s leaf, which then generates MIDI notes when a change in conductivity is detected, allowing a user to listen to the invisible biological processes occurring within plants.

I find this a fascinating way to make music and connect with nature using hi-tech instruments and electronics. Note the cover of the CD how the electrodes (Tens style sticky pads) are connected to the leaves? What a brilliant idea to where music intersects with mother earth, science, and electronics. The outcome is very relaxing as well as the original acoustic guitar accompaniment. I never thought a tool I have used to relieve pain in my back would be used this way. The Tens unit is an instrument many people use in their homes and are commonly found in a chiropractor’s office. This is not a Tens unit, however; it simply uses the principle of the sticky pads to keep the wires in place to detect the biological processes of the plant.

The tender guitar lines interspersed with the ambient electronics create a very placid and inviting atmosphere. Listeners will find it easy to meld right into and float away with, whether just relaxing or falling into a desired meditative state.

I feel a lot of anticipation for the next volume of recordings and wonder what location will be selected. There would be many to choose from if the duo decides to travel up the California coast on Highway 1. While a gorgeous drive along the coast, it would be interesting to turn off some exits into some smaller towns to see what flora and fauna were on offer.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
August 13, 2021 

1. White Sage (Salvia Apiana) 5:57
2. White Sage (Salvia Apiana) Interlude 1:30
3. Laurel Sumac (Malosma Laurina) 8:17

New Age Instrumental Meditation Review: Various Artists-Relax

Release Date: October 9, 2020

Label: Domo Music Group


Domo Music Group (Kitaro’s home for recordings) has just released a wonderful compilation titled Relax. It does not get any plainer than the day. I think most people would agree we all could do some relaxing in light of the global issues going on presently.

Nobody understands what the artist is up against in the music business than someone that has lived it. One of those artists is Dino Malito who produced and contributed a track to the compilation. Being in another person’s industry and facing similar challenges does put thing in a different light and gives it all another perspective that many people do not have.

There are fourteen tracks on this album and as the cover would indicate a lovely path down the road of relaxing, meditation, and the connection to mother earth we all have. I have been reading about Buddhism and there is a connection that is explained in their teachings that can begin a definitive realization to what our surrounding world means and how it is all connected. I bring this subject up because music like this does unplug all the noise from outside and the internal chatter that goes on inside my head, I do however speak from a personal viewpoint. The artists on this compilation deserve high praise for their contributions to humanity and the health benefits that the music can provide.

A few of my favorites include Kitaro’s “Estrella” (which was my pick to add to my New Age Music Reviews Spotify Playlist) and “Wood Fairy.” I got into Kitaro back in the 90s and felt he was one the most innovative and prolific artists recording instrumental new age music.

Dino Malito’s “Aurora,” and Steve Anderson’s gorgeous rendition of the classical “Clair De Lune” are exceptional tracks as well. And that is just a few of many excellent slices of instrumental bliss you will find on Relax.

There are many advantages to a compilation of tracks. First, you get a wide variety of sounds that can find appeal with a much wider cross-section of listeners, secondly if you hear something you enjoy you can investigate the artist and look into their back catalog or new releases. Those are the two major advantages of releases like this. For me, that is enough. And I must say lastly that the one main focus is to Relax however you still can enjoy the diversification of styles and sounds.

If you are looking to Relax then this an opportunity to do just that and get exposure to some artists you possibly never experienced before. This is a win in anyone’s estimation.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

 October 10, 2020

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews


01. WINGS TO FLY (Tsubasa Wo Kudasai) by Kuni Murai
02. SLEEPING WOMAN by Luis Perez
03. ESTRELLA by Kitaro
04. LINDEN by Yu-Xiao Guang
05. MIRACLE by Seda Bağcan
06. RUNE by Dave Eggar
07. RIMPA : COSMOS by Hiroki Okano
08. JOY by Uma Silbey
09. AURORA by Dino Malito
10. CLAIR DE LUNE by Steve Anderson
11. MEDITERRANEAN SUNRISE by Benedetti & Svoboda
12. WOOD FAIRY by Kitaro
13. SEE THE LIGHT (Abridged) by Fumio Miyashita
14. MOONLIGHT SONATA by Steve Anderson