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Instrumental New Age Review: Laurence Furr-Upon The Corner of The Moon

Release Date: October 15, 2021

Label:  ‎myndstream


Nearly a year ago, on the eve of the Presidential election, I listened to the soothing and therapeutic music of Dr. Laurence Furr. I found solace in his Deep Peace recording.

This incredibly gifted man started playing the Celtic Harp in 2013, then three years later became a Certified Clinical Musician and a Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner. I have heard of people getting on the fast track up the corporate ladder, but this is entirely different. It holds much more meaning and depth than the cold, calculating business world. It is simply magical, just like the heavenly strings Laurence plays.

Upon The Corner of The Moon is his latest chapter of musical healing. I can hear, feel, and process the music much differently than last year. There are still many things going on in the world that are troublesome; however, my mindset is quite different now. We all evolve and change over time. One look at the cover art sets your mind at ease, and you know the journey you are about to take will be memorable.

When asked about his inspiration, Laurence commented: Most of this music was improvised while playing at the hospital for staff, patients, and families. While I play, people, places, and events from my past and present fill my mind, and the music comes pouring out onto the Harp...

Once you play this music you will be amazed after reading that last statement. Mostly all improvised music? That is such a gift to channel that kind of energy and then translate it to music. I cannot fathom that for one second, it is beyond my realm of existence. Words like magical, heavenly, awe-inspiring, beauty, spiritual, and many other thoughts and visions will come to you like a running stream knowing where it is going.

There are thirteen tracks on Upon The Corner of The Moon that are a beautiful tool for simply relaxing, meditation, or background music to subliminally calm and restore you. There is something extraordinary about a person that can play music so engaging and healing. The Harp is, without a doubt, in my mind, a godsend. My listening has evolved into different levels of understanding with each passing year. I have learned so much about who I am and what I need, and I know instinctively now what kind of music I need to hear to help me connect to the oneness of life on the planet.

Music is a guidepost to another lane on the highway of life you can take. Listening to the inviting tracks encompassing Upon The Corner of The Moon is like a long drive along the coast of the ocean with a warm, gentle breeze massaging your face. If this is anything like heaven, then I won’t mind going there when my time comes. The music can lead you down the right road for when you are ready to take the trip. I let Laurence Furr take the wheel on this drive.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
October 13, 2021

01. Upon the Corner of the Moon (4:48)
02. Jacob’s Stairway (4:25)
03. Where Angels Tread (4:01)
04. The Weight of Beauty (4:39)
05. Garner Fields (3:43)
06. Genoveva's Dance (3:46)
07. The Turquoise Door (3:25)
08. Fireflies (2:25)
09. McDermott's Pub (2:51)
10. Angels Landing (4:15)
11. She Handed Me Her Harp (2:59)
12. Green Fields if Ireland (2:13)
13. Mathew’s Heart (2:58)