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New Age Review: 2002-Hummingbird

Release Date: June 11, 2021

Label: myndstream



A little over a year ago I covered the 2002 album Celtic Fairy Dream. Now at the beginning of June Hummingbird will be released. There are no coincidences in life and I have always loved to watch birds. And hummingbirds are fascinating little creatures. Friends of mine have a feeder for them and I was thinking about getting one. This was a mere two weeks ago. So now I am sitting here listening to an album dedicated to those very birds. 

2002 is a wonderful family group and immensely talented. They are the mother, father, and daughter team of Randy Copus (guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals), Pamela Copus (flutes, Celtic harp, keyboards, vocals), and Sarah Copus (Celtic harp, vocals). They are totally in sync and their productions bear out that synchronicity time after time on Hummingbird.

”Gathering the Clouds” is a good example of the great music this family can create, engineer, and then produce. The orchestrations and wordless vocals on the track are gorgeous. It swept me away into their cloud of sounds and I just floated away with them. What more could a hardworking, anxiety-ridden, stressed individual ask for at the end of the day? Yes, I can fit that profile some days. I tend to be highly self-motivated, focused, and push too hard at times. This takes a tremendous amount of energy and I need a space to call my own to step outside that realm. Even knowing this, at times I have a hard time leaving my conscious mind behind for a reprieve.

I do need to climb the “Sacred Mountain” for relief. But don’t we all? This track featured some nice ambient keyboard layers and flute. The underlying orchestrations are always the key to this music. They give the tracks a meaningful foundation to build on and you cannot help but feel some elation and the profoundness of this music. This is new-age music at its very best. All the right combinations come into play to set your mind and spirit at ease amidst all of the elevating sounds and textures that create all the colors and visions in your mind’s eye.

Everything about Hummingbird speaks to the sacredness of life and nature and our interdependence and connection. Each track takes you to a different place and it’s all about the beauty and pureness of nature and all its bounty. The music expresses that fully in a very distinct way. On “Through the Rainbow” you can hear the gentle fluttering of the hummingbird’s wings through the sounds of the instruments and the lovely inviting acoustic guitar lines.

These are some examples of the many facets and talents of the Copus family and how many sounds three people can put together. At times it sounds like a choir accompanied by an orchestra. The clean and crisp recordings having some fine production values and this team utilizes all of their talents to great advantage to make Hummingbird one of the best new age releases of 2021. I would count on it receiving a lot of praise and some awards for its efforts and contributions to humanity. This is musical meditation for a new age and universal healing for the world. Welcome to Galactic Playground Music.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
June 11, 2021


01. Rainbow Cove (5:39)  
02. Walela (4:12)  
03. Gathering the Clouds (5:04)  
04. Sunlight in Rain (4:20)  
05. Sacred Mountain (4:46)  
06. Through the Rainbow (5:02)  
07. Courting the Moon (5:37)  
08. Jasmine Rain (4:09)  
09. Wind Dancer (5:19)  
10. First Day of Spring (4:57)