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Ambient-New Age Instrumental Review: Various Artists-Ambient Sleep

Release Date: March 11, 2022

Sleep is crucial to our health, heart, body, and mind. Which in many cases can all equal a definite form or spirituality? It makes sense to me. myndstream is a label that is interested in all humanity's well-being and endeavors to provide new age music in various forms. The three-track release focuses on Ambient Sleep, a doorway to the inner light that lives in us all. I am familiar with the artist featured, so I felt comfortable and ready to listen with some anticipation of a great experience.

The artwork points you in that direction and the three tracks presented are the spirit clearing elements that keep that window open to all of that beautiful light coming in. The music is a three-fold idea, new age, meditation, and instrumental only. There are no words to clutter your thought process. It is about letting go of any thought process and finding the emptiness of space. Anticipation of your arrival there is imminent at some point during the listen.

The first track by Carl Borden is "Dreamscapes." Carl is no stranger to creating soundscapes to clear the occupied mind and soothe the soul. The layers of ambiance entice you to come in and hold you from beginning to end. It is dreamy and ambient and played at just the right volume, making you spellbound.

"Guuterput" by The Haiku Project offers a nice piano backed by synths. It is very tranquil and inviting. The pace is purposely slow and layered with the right tones and colors to ease a listener into a comfort zone. This type of track should usher in a meditative state in a relatively short time frame. I do speak from my perspective; however, I suspect it will apply to many of you who are into this type of music.

"Tomorrow By Another Name" by Michelle Qureshi is layer after layer of synths, and then some strings enter the picture via an acoustic guitar. The guitar offers an element the previous tracks do not and a certain uniqueness in this trilogy of instrumental bliss. It is a bit shorter than the earlier tracks; however, it makes an impact, and it felt like the perfect ending to an otherwise perfect day or evening, whatever may be the case upon your first listen.

These artisans are talented and offer listeners an easier path to relaxation, time for thought, or meditation to clear their thoughts. Whatever way you pursue your purpose, all are sure to benefit from the three tracks on Ambient Sleep.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
March 11, 2022

1. Dreamscapes by Carl Borden
2. Guuterput by The Haiku Project
3. Tomorrow By Another Name by Michelle Qureshi

Ambient-New Age Instrumental Review: Keith Richie-Ambient Highways

Release Date: April 13, 2021

Label: Independent


Keith Richie’s Ambient Highways was 5 years in the making. 

Sometimes life can get in the way of things we want to do or accomplish. And then it takes intestinal fortitude and a supportive family to help you reach the end of the line to complete what you set out to do. Check all the boxes for Keith.

Now I begin my travel down the colorful Ambient Highways. The eye-catching artwork, provided by Keith’s wife and the colors of 180-gram LPs (purple white marbleized, and translucent blue), and the album sleeves with its dystopian view, bring many things to mind. Everything syncs up beautifully into one clear package of instrumental ambient music with a new age feel and color.

The engines start and you are rolling down the highway with “Neutrino.” The steady pulses provide the focus and you are seamlessly engaged, as the light keyboards are echoing through the cosmos. “V Feeling” provides ambient layers down this new highway with the cosmos as a backdrop. As I listen and I look at this cover art I am thinking how quickly everything is moving on the highway, at light speed, and how life can be that fast, then we are once again stardust. Side one closes with “Xenogenesis,” offering some nice keys to relax and draw you into the mix of orchestrations and rhythms that create an ambient bubble in time.

Side B brings you the title track as the “Ambient Highways” are now an extension of you as the music moves you. This fantastic voyage and the softness of the synth ushers you into all the layers of sound. The “Weeping Angels” are now calling with synths sounding like a harp playing at the gates of heaven. This is a prolific track title with the music to emulate what the words say beautifully with purpose. “Faiths Song (Ptilopteri Waltz)” closes out the purple and white marbleized spinning disc with a dance of divinity and color pulsating with love.

Now as the beauty of the translucent blue disc spins on your turntable, the chilling “Arctic Shores” get some warmth from sounds that Keith is creating on side C. You feel the chill turn into something new and refreshing as the waves hit the shoreline, the cold is gone and the water is inviting again. “Dew From The Morning Star” takes shape as the music drips it inviting sounds on the grass and leaves on the trees. The only thing missing is the sound of happy birds chirping. The piano is engaging, bringing about these visions in your mind’s eye. Then the storytelling track, and Keith’s musical bio, “Keeping The Dream Alive” begins. This is personal and a victory for the artist and all the people he loves. It is all at once cinematic, emotional, and bursting with many colors of joy. It is the perfect closer for this side of music.

Side D finishes in epic form with some very exciting and powerful music. “Neptune’s Awakening” puts the ocean on notice and all of your senses, as you envision this God emerging from the depths. The music is anticipatory and exciting like an important scene in a movie. “Distant Visions” is a continuation of this turn of events and musical direction. I enjoyed how much the music changed and continued to get my attention from beginning to end. You can feel the energy and strength of the music making its way through your heart and soul. The curtain closes on “Ultima Thule.” This is the Latin variation of the Greek meaning of “furthest of the far places” or a reference to people located beyond the borders of the known world. Look into the cosmos they may be waiting for you on the edge of time or perhaps the beginning or end of the universe? The sounds echo through the mists of time and the constant ticking of life's clock is present, as the beauty of every molecule that makes up this vast universe is represented and captured within the music.

Ambient Highways is a musical story that you will not forget. The fact that Keith composed, performed, and engineered this entire recording, is a credit to his immense talent and vision that we can all appreciate in his music. This one is a keeper for the ages in the world of ambient instrumental music with a taste of new-age essence tucked within every track. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, into the ground we return and our spirits ascend to return where we began. Music, heaven, and the cosmos can be found traveling along the Ambient Highways.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
May 6, 2021


Side A:
1. Neutrino
2. V Feeling
3. Xenogenesis

Side B:
1. Ambient Highways
2. Weeping Angels
3. Faith's Song (Ptilopteri Waltz)

Side C:
1. Arctic Shores
2. Dew from the Mourning Star
3. Keeping the Dream Alive

Side D:
1. Neptune's Awakening
2. Distant Visions
3. Ultima Thule