Classical-New Age Review: Lisa Swerdlow-Coming To America (EP)

Release Date: September 17, 2021

Label:  Independent


The sound of music brings us many gifts. Lisa Swerdlow is an interpreter of those gifts via the piano. She has overcome obstacles that got in the way of her life and music, which includes cancer.

The music heals, and those in sync with that vibration know this to be a fact. I live it every day, listening to those healing sounds that separate me from the clutter of many thoughts and self-imposed stresses.

With the Coming To America EP and the three tracks that encompass the recording, you will hear the absolute passion and love Lisa has for her instrument of choice. Each track is over 3 minutes in length and fully orchestrated by Doug Hammer.

With classical music, you will hear the elements of new age as well. That is where new age builds a foundation then crosses over into other expansive musical territories, which has been evident from the birth of the genre. This project is a classical concerto of love and devotion to a genre. And that foundation finds a way to build a fortress of beauty and elegance. With the beliefs in a new age mindset and or practice, it all comes to life, with meaning.

The beautiful orchestrations found in each composition are the axiomatic icing on the cake. All though I thoroughly enjoyed this work of art, it was too short. I wanted to hear more, but I could always play it again. With so many nuances articulated within each composition, this kind of music would be worth every listener’s time to give it more than one spin. I think that puts everything into the proper perspective for those seeking the comfort and solace of instrumental pieces offered on this EP.

Every day brings us new perspectives on life and how we process those events. With that thought in mind, I believe music is our savior regardless of what happens. How we decide to react is our choice and listening to music is a choice as well. I choose to hear what the music is saying because it is a spiritual thing for me; I can only hope that listeners can find that same path and listen to gifted artists like Lisa Swerdlow.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
October 6, 202

1. The Arrival
2. The Crossing
3. Home of My Ancestors

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