New Age Ambient Review: Cheryl B. Engelhardt-A Seeker’s Slumber

Release Date: July 23, 2021

Label: ‎Independent


Last year’s award-winning Luminary was my introduction to the fascinating artist Cheryl B. Engelhardt. Now with A Seeker’s Slumber, I did not know what to expect because what I found out by interviewing this lady was, she was willing to experiment and take risks to grow as an artist. Not every artist is ready to approach things that way, particularly if they already have a successful formula that works every time they release an album. With that in mind, I have the utmost respect for Ms. Engelhardt.

Now I am challenged with putting this music into an appropriate genre, however never into a box. Cheryl thinks out of the box at all times. Yet another reason why I enjoy the music so much! So, I am ready again for a new journey and a different road as I jump in with energy and optimism.

Are you a seeker looking for slumber? While this music may get you there, you may also be surprised by the eclectic sounds on the ten tracks. Cheryl has a superb voice, and I found it very inviting and spiritual. The lyrics will require your attention, as they are essential as the music accompanying them.

While I am hard-pressed to define this work of art presented here at times, I can say, yes, it is New Age. The other factor that I would say unequivocally is that different genres find a way of branching off it. There is electronic, ambient, easy listening, contemporary, and even slight hints of pop. But keep in mind, the foundation is built from the soul of a prolific artist and translated as new age music. For my listening pleasure, this is a highlight and always an unexpected delight. The musicianship is once again excellent and performed at a very high level, just as I would expect.

Some of my favorites are “Unwind,” “Temperance,” and the excellent opener “Ithaca.” I cannot say enough about the creativity and all-around talent Cheryl brings to a recording. Now only two albums in, and I am fascinated with her accomplishments and can only wonder what the next project will be. Know this; it won’t be anything like A Seeker’s Slumber.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
September 21, 2021

01. Ithaca
02. Awæcnian
03. Circlet of Pisces
04. Unwind
05. Emerald Dreams
06. Mother Gaia (feat. Joanie Leeds & Chava Mirel)
07. Anyway You Choose...
08. Pentacle Path
09. Temperance

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