Contemporary New Age Instrumental Review: Force For Good-Innocence

Release Date: February 1, 2021

Label: Sprout Recordings


I had the pleasure of listening to and covering the Force For Good release Passions nearly one year ago. This is a group founded by Jonathan Sprout.

And just as I mentioned in that review, a new album would be forthcoming in February of 2021. They are right on schedule with his latest instrumental recording Innocence. That word is one that I did not hear in 2020. It was just the opposite all year long. How could you focus on the innocence of a child, or a beautiful animal with the world in turmoil? These things I am sure were presented to us at one time or another during the year. That is a decision we all can make to enjoy those pleasures in life regardless of what is going on around us or is on the news 24/7. If you need some music to help you I have just the right prescription.

We are going through a fundamental change worldwide, although I am unsure of where it all will end, I have hope in humanity, our resilience and common sense collectively. Music is the healer and it always has been, although I did not come to that realization until I reached adult life and was presented with spiritual music to gather my thoughts and emotions to change my outlook, only then would it change significantly.

So, what does all this have to do with the music of Force For Good and the album Innocence you may ask? It is the natural elegance of contemporary new age instrumental that brings all of these thoughts and emotions to the forefront and I feel compelled to share it. As this musician is immersed in his music and the meaning of it all, my experience follows that process. For me as a listener this all intersects and merges into one thought process and translates to spiritual awareness and growth.

I think many listeners looking for enlightenment and healing will find it in Innocence. In that one word we can find love, spirituality, humor, happiness, and above all a slice of heaven we all can use to our benefit.

There are fourteen tracks on the album and consistency and the flow prove to be some of Jonathan’s best work to date. Potential listeners must look at each track title and listen carefully to what is inside the music that relates to that inference. “Adirondack” which is the longest track clocking in at 8:19, is the culmination of one man’s beliefs, process, and innermost thoughts that drive the creative process. Certainly, the track is a tribute to the Adirondack Mountains and the essence of its natural beauty, colors, sounds, and the awesome power of natural occurrences and wildlife that populate the area. I believe the track captures the spirit of all of those thoughts within the song and because there is so much to discover in those mountains, he had to make sure the track flowed and gave the listener a glimpse of beauty held within nature.

Another high point was the orchestrations in “Plastic.” This is one that would be well suited for a soundtrack or documentary on our environment. The apex comes just before the four-minute mark and will leave you floating on a cloud as it transitions back in the softer layers of the track. “Oceans” was impressive as well with so many changes and the varied instrumentation made it inspiring and unforgettable.

Those are a few examples of a masterful performance and significant achievement for Jonathan Sprout and A Force For Good, it is what we need for these times. Innocence will surely be recognized as one of the best releases this year in the genre of contemporary new age instrumentals.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
January 31, 2021

Track List:

01. Natural    3:12
02. Uplifters    3:51
03. Reverence    7:10
04. Vinyasa    6:17
05. Wilderness    4:07
06. Adirondack    8:16
07. Hunger    4:25
08. Plastic    5:46
09. Homeless    7:10
10. Oceans    5:20
11. Wind    3:10
12. Force - Acoustic Version    0:15
13. For - Acoustic Version    0:22
14. Good - Acoustic Version    0:31

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