Acoustic Instrumental-New Age-Meditation Review: Ryan Judd-Soaring Together

Release Date: February 26,2021

Label: The Rhythm Tree


Ryan Judd returns in 2021 with Soaring Together. My introduction to Ryan and his music was the 2018 release An Open Sky.  I was very impressed by how beautifully matched his acoustic guitar playing was with Kristen Miller’s cello. Once again that duo presents ten tracks of absolute blissfulness.

Judd’s delicate touch on his guitar and the sound of the nylon strings produce a very pleasing sound. The way his sound melds with Kristen’s cello is a match made in musical heaven. And the end result is like you are actually in another dimension or your own personal heaven, that suddenly became your reality thanks to the music.

I love the cover art and how the title shows you how we all can start Soaring Together. This is the kind of message that hits home rather readily when you look at the layers of colors in that picture. This is interpreted through the music in layers as well. As I always say, it is all in how you perceive the image and music being presented. What I hear in this instrumental acoustic new age meditation are all three of those elements joining hands to create this amazing soundscape for each listener to get some relief from stress, worry, exhaustion, all of those negative aspects of many lives these days. When you are weary of fighting those battles during the course of a 24-hour period you need something to pull you out of that void of negativity. This is music to soothe the savage beast of energy stealing emotions.

It is indicated in the artist's one sheet that he felt deep love and loss which is translated in the music. This can be heard in the tracks if you listen intently. On the other side of that is the joy and a child’s wonder to reflect upon. How often does an adult look through the lens of a child? I would think very rarely. For me it is being with furry friends or watching the simplicity of nature in front of you, like the wind in the trees, a bird singing, any number of things bring about that sense of wonderment I felt as a child. It really is not that hard to find, you just have to uncloud those emotions and flip that internal switch from being a serious adult to a care free innocent child. Everything becomes clear, focused, and unencumbered by the responsibilities of your life weighing on your shoulders.

This album was so seamless and flowing it was like one track as an entity in lieu of going from one track to another and singling any out. This is why I did not mention any particular track. Every track was beautiful music perfection as far as I am concerned. It all fell together for my listening experience. As the music led me down that path to feeling whole, I listened to it as one because it made me feel clear and uninfluenced by outside forces (noises of car doors slamming, a TV on etc.). I am not sure if that makes any sense to some folks but it sure did to me and that is how I could explain it.

Yes, music can get you to that place and it takes music from people like Ryan Judd and recordings like Soaring Together. So, come along for the ride with Ryan and Kristen because Soaring Together is better than going it alone.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
January 22, 2021

Track List:

01. Innocence Lost
02. A Child's Wonder
03. Sharing the Joy
04. Hearts Entwined
05. On Her Wings
06. Never to Return
07. A Waltz with Jena Lynn
08. Alone Inside
09. Soaring Together
10. A Look in the Mirror

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