Contemporary Instrumental Review: David J. Peña-Thinking of You

Release Date: June 13, 2020

Label: Independent



David J. Peña is a drummer and piano player. One look at his picture and he looks like a drummer, big and strong as an oak tree. His music is not a reflection of his physical stature by any means.

On his website it says:
Peña’s musical career has explored various genres, including Contemporary Christian, Lite Rock, and New Age Instrumental, and has drawn influence from icons such as Jim Brickman, Yanni, James Horner, and Hans Zimmer.

Everyone has their influences however once you listen to his new release Thinking of You, you will realize readily that he has his sound and his stamp and production values in place. The cover photo says it all, it is the singularity of the piano that takes center stage and it is David’s talented fingers that do all the talking needed.

David’s music is cinematic and exciting. It is a contemporary instrumental sound underpinned by the tenets of new age. I found every track filled with tremendous energy, rhythm, color, and a kind of anticipatory excitement. This is the kind of energy that flows right into your consciousness and affects your entire being. I felt completely energized and so happy hearing this music. It is a great way to feel after a hard day at work, that is for certain.

I loved the entire album but I had to choose one single track that got my attention and gave me great pleasure, and that was “Piangere Per Te.” I added it to my New Age Music Reviews Spotify Playlist (75th entry since the playlist went live).  

David knows how to bring the beauty of the music to you, the listener. The majesty of this instrumental montage will please any person interested in hearing music powerful enough to make an impression without words. That is exactly what Thinking of You can offer anyone within range of hearing this great music.

I know some of us tend to push ourselves every day to get as much as we can into being productive out of our day jobs. I am guilty of that but yet find satisfaction in it all when I am done. My relief valve is my music and music such as the kind you will hear from David J. Peña. It gives me what I need to get calm, centered, and re-energized to do it all again one more day. Thank you for the music!

Additional Credits:
Orchestral Arrangements: Judah Earl
Mixing Engineer: Greg Hill
Mastering Engineer: Brian Calhoun

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-TFOV Founder
October 7, 2020

Track List:
01. Renaissance
02. Serenity
03. Piangere Per Te
04. Wild and Free
05. Smoke Signals Rising    
06. Good Day (Uzziah's Song)
07. Grace
08. Mystify
09. Farewell
10. Thinking of You
11. Anaiah's Song
12. Yesteryear    
13. Lighthouse

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