New Age Review: Kevin Wood-Eternal

Release Date: May 4, 2018
Label: Real Music

Eternal  is Kevin Wood’s fourth studio album. He is the penultimate indie artist, helping many other artists that make spiritually enlightened music with his company New Vision Music.

Kevin has been recording for quite some time now. We do have something in common, we both lost our beloved Mothers at a young age. Similar to how Kevin has dealt with that loss, I used the passing of my Mother as inspiration to carry on and always believed she was my guardian angel. Sooner or later like-minded people connect and realize they have the same goals and purpose and this case it feels that way after finding out more about the artist.

Eternal is an amazing tapestry of sound, vision, and voice. Typically, the new age music I have the opportunity to hear and share my viewpoint on is all instrumental. Little by little I am being introduced to more albums with vocals and finding enjoyment.This was a different journey for me. I heard some gorgeous vocals on this recording and did not understand a word, nor did I have any idea what language was being used. I do know one thing, it felt right, it moved me, and most importantly I sincerely appreciated it. The universal language of sound remains a true wonder to me every time I hear something new. 

The music and vocals seemed like they were meant for each other. I am sure once this album circulates amongst other artists, therapists, yoga teachers and the like, the news will travel fast that listening to it will provide many benefits to an open-minded audience. To be more specific, I mean listening with an open heart, mind, and spirit. This is the kind of experience that is three-fold, the triangle of life, that which encapsulates our existence as sentient beings on this planet.

Eternal has the power to take you to another plane that will help you heal and rejuvenate your soul. For my ears and spirituality, it stimulated me and made me realize I really do not have to understand what the words mean. What it was meant for is a relaxing way to look inward and realize the importance of reflecting on your day. This music carries the hope that you will generally be feeling better about yourself and your surroundings. Music such as this puts things into proper perspective and helps you to realize even more how we are all connected regardless of where we are from, what language we speak or what religion we may practice. We all want the same thing, peace, love, harmony, and basic needs. Music with power and a bright shining spiritual light tends to bring about a clear and pure thought process. It always does for me.

I hope everyone can listen to Eternal and garner something from it like I did. I stepped away from the listening experience with gratitude and thanks to Kevin Wood for creating a real piece of art and music on a single shiny disc that just happened to make my day.

5/5 Stars

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
May 10, 2018

Founder of:
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01. In Search of Meaning
02. Light Shines Through
03. Father’s Love
04. Love’s Embrace
05. Time for Change
06. Grace Eternal (Pachelbel’s Canon)
07. Peace Begins With Me
08. Compassion Reigns
09. Blessed Awakening
10. Life Eternal
11. Atonement (Bonus Track from Kindred Album)
12. Stillness (Postlude)

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