New Age/Ethnic Fusion Review: Paul Adams-Imaginings

Release Date: September, 1, 2015
Label: Lakefront

Paul Adams is a man of many talents. A crafter of fine instruments, an artist, composer and nine critically acclaimed albums crossing several genres, what can this man not do? Imaginings is his newest accomplishment and together with the talented musicians Elizabeth Geyer, Pravin Godkhindi and David Hoffman they have crafted an album filled with meditative moments and pure fodder for the imagination just as the title to the album suggests. Instruments used in this album include the guitar, piano, hang drum, Chinese halusi, dobro, electric sitar and flute. 

The album opens up with the haunting strains of an electric sitar and the winding trails of flute music. Bearing the kiss of a piano, “Just Such Beauty” is a foray into the rainforest of lush musical experience. A buzzing sound denotes life uncoiling all around you as the breathless flute weaves a spell of expectation and bliss. This piece lulls the spirit into another place, guiding you past the trials of the day and into a higher place of spirit and substance. 

“Giggles and Grooves” is the second piece on the album and is a funny little piece complete with the laughter of children, flute, percussive elements and electric sitar. This song is the bounce and hop of a small child as they play ball with their friends. The skip and jump of a puppy learning first steps. The bubble in your belly of first love. A flower given. A grin on your face as your heart floats as light as the flute playing. Love and laughter live here within each and every note.

“Conch Shell by the Sea” is the last piece on the album. Echoes of time slip through the wisps of flute music as they sigh past your ear and into the vast ocean beyond. Piano music creates the waves that swirl and rush past your ankles as you step into the forever ocean. Life is limitless. Your possibilities great and ever flowing as the whisper of the conch spells out the secrets of the universe. 

“Imaginings” is an album rich with imagery that crosses into the New Age genre and also makes its mark with World Music. Improvisation runs rife through the thought provoking pieces, tangling up the spirit in a maze of lush plant life and effervescent compositions. Melodies hum and spin, carrying the listener deep into the meditative places that promote healing and stress relief. This is a remarkable album and I highly recommend it for some quality sound.

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Just Such Beauty, Giggles and Grooves, Conch Shell by the Sea


01. Just Such Beauty
Paul Adams, Pravin Godkhindi & Elizabeth Geyer

02. Giggles and Grooves (feat. David Hoffman & Pravin Godkhindi)
Paul Adams
03. Imaginings (feat. David Hoffman, Elizabeth Geyer & Pravin Godkhindi)
Paul Adams
04. Panda Bears At Breakfast (feat. Elizabeth Geyer & Pravin Godkhindi)
Paul Adams
05. Pastoral (feat. Elizabeth Geyer, Pravin Godkhindi & David Hoffman)
Paul Adams
06. Like Blue and Velvet (feat. Elizabeth Geyer)
Paul Adams

07. For Two Lovers (feat. Elizabeth Geyer)
Paul Adams

08. The Mysteries of Mood (feat. Pravin Godkhindi & David Hoffman)
Paul Adams

09. Upon Early Rising (feat. Elizabeth Geyer & Pravin Godkhindi)
Paul Adams
10. Clouds (feat. Pravin Godkhindi)
Paul Adams
11. Dawn
Paul Adams
12. Conch Shell By the Sea (feat. Elizabeth Geyer, David Hoffman & Elizabeth Geyer)
Paul Adams

Dana Wright, , Sr. Staff Writer
September 4, 2015
Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

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