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Contemporary Instrumental New Age Review: Chris Field-Beneath The Sun

Label: Tosca Road
Release Date: September 4, 2020 

Chris Field has a name in the music industry for his cinematic instrumental music in some well know music trailers. Now for his second full-length release Beneath The Sun, he continues to create instrumental music that is energizing, beautiful, and incredibly mesmerizing. I would describe it as contemporary instrumental and new age.

The epic tone of the opening track “Time Will Tell” features the beauty and the impressive rising energy of his compositions. I can tell from the very first track why he has made a name for himself with many well-known movie trailers.

Beneath The Sun
will most certainly show the diversity and all-around talent this artist commands. Chris produced, composed, and performed all the music except for the Ethnic wind instrument that is credited to Sandro Friedrich on the inner CD sleeve. With all of this considered, there is a lot to listen to in each track presented.

“From The Heart” is what I say all music comes from and I like to write about it the same way. The song starts as a true cinematic adventure. I could picture some footage of a beautiful sunset or the peak of a majestic snow-capped mountain top. That is the advantage of music such as this, it allows you to encapsulate your entire being while letting your imagination take over. Watching a movie of your own making prompted by music is a beautiful thing. It is truly a gift.

The combination of instruments and effects utilized gives each track its personality and atmosphere. I certainly appreciate the diversity offered from track to track so it kept my ears glues to the speakers, wondering what was coming next. Take “Summerland” for instance, it is a total step away from the previous tracks with and a modern funky beat, jazzy keyboards, and beautifully layered orchestrations for all that to glide along on like a musical magic carpet. It was one of my favorites and it had a great rhythm and movement to it all. I could picture Times Square in NYC with all the people walking in the streets and traffic buzzing by. If you have been there pre-virus times you would understand what I mean.

Beneath The Sun
is a cinematic new age instrumental recording coming from the basic foundation of classical with elements of jazz and funk peppered in between, depending on what track you are listening to. This music continually builds and evolves, which makes Chris a multitalented artist with a true vision within each track.

“Eucalyptus” is a slower-paced track with a kind of sadness to it. Like watching the story of a child growing up, going to college, getting a job, then starting a family. There is joy in watching that progression but if you are a parent, you long for the days when the children were little again and life revolved around them and all the joy that brought.

These are the ever-changing tides of life in the music. It is altogether exciting, energizing, picturesque, beautiful, and more importantly entertaining. The title track “Beneath The Sun” was effortlessly flowing and it pulled on my heartstrings so much I had to select it for my NAMR Spotify Playlist. I particularly enjoyed the guitar passages and the way the keyboards were layered and how it all moved together effortlessly. It was a ray of sunshine for this listener and very inspiring. “The Prophet” was also very uplifting and positive, it gave me a good injection of high energy and optimism, like knowing you can conquer anything that comes your way in life.

Beneath The Sun
is an absolute joy of sounds, colors, and textures that any music appreciator could enjoy. For music without words, it says a lot about who we are and how creative and wonderful music can be and how it pushes a listener to places that can only be reached with its help. This can be a soundtrack to your life, a movie, or simply an incredible listening experience that you will never forget.

Remember the name Chris Field, and his masterful instrumental collection of songs titled Beneath The Sun!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-TFOV Founder
July 26, 2020

Track List:
01. Time Will Tell
02. Metamorphosis
03. From The Heart
04. Summerland
05. Eucalyptus
06. Beneath The Sun
07. Interlude
08. The Prophet
09. The Vision
10. The Journey
11. In Motion