Contemporary Instrumental Review: Ann Sweeten-Love Walks Through Rain

Release Date:  June 11, 2023

Label: Orange Band Records


Ann Sweeten has an extensive discography to share with music lovers. Love Walks Through Rain has assured a place amongst one of her favorite recordings. She shares her music on a magnificent Steinway piano with exceptional grace and precision. Ann returned to Will Ackerman’s Imaginary Road Studios to record her ninth proper album—as would be expected, the recording production values are beyond reproach.

The title would imply that true love can withstand life when rain comes our way. When we are in a storm, the one person we know that can be counted on is the one we love or, if we are fortunate, all those we love. In Ann’s life, she has conquered cancer twice and is currently battling leukemia. That says much about her resiliency and ability to let love help her walk through the rain. Her music is beautifully composed and performed with flawless melodies.

In addition, the timeless beauty that her piano gives a listener with each track, there are brilliant guest appearances included such as Charlie Bisharat (Violin), Eugene Friesen (Cello), Nancy Rumbel (English Horn), Premik Russell-Tubbs (EWI, Soprano Saxophone), Will Ackerman (Guitar) and Tom Eaton (Bass).

Her soul's emotional depth and impact in the music is felt strongly. Take “The Winter’s Circle,” for instance; her piano calls out to you like it is singing with the angels from heaven. The additional instruments, such as the violin and cello, are the perfect companions to emphasize the delicate touch of her fingers on the piano's keys. It is an ode to strong faith and unyielding spirituality that the artist feels and how it is transformed and envisioned for the listener to receive. The impact is unquestionable.

You will notice some changes in the mood and pace with a track likeRed – Requiem for an Old Friend.”  There is some melancholy with a requiem; however, you can also hear the triumph and hope in the song. The track runs for 5:58, which is the longest on the album, thus giving it space for several changes in pace and depth. I did appreciate the different feelings I went through, and that was the point of the track. One goes through several emotions when losing a loved one or friend, so the natural flow of the music and its changes was like an emotional mirror for the creator and could serve in the same way for anyone. The power of great music and piano-based instrumentals like those presented on Love Walks Through Rain will show you how that works so well.

Every track on Love Walks Through Rain will allow the listener to use it for healing, grieving, happiness, and sadness. The range of the human condition is far-reaching, and everyone should stop and listen to any instrumental music that can touch upon all that complexity.

Ann Sweeten has created another masterwork of piano instrumentals that will leave an indelible mark on you. You will be compelled to listen to it more than once; I can guarantee you that. With everything to gain and nothing to lose now, why wouldn’t you listen to Love Walks Through Rain?

I cannot tell anyone what they feel or how the music will be interpreted. I can promise that the pure emotion of Ann Sweeten’s instrumentals will touch you somehow. I know how it affects me, and I do my best to describe that in my own words. I hope that each listener will find peace and healing in this music. I most certainly did.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck- NAMR Founder

September 26, 2023


01. Valley Greene 4:22

02. Glimmer 5:21

03. Seirios 4:08

04. The Winter’s Circle 5:33

05. Love Walks Through Rain 4:54

06. Red – Requiem for an Old Friend 5:58

07. The Hills of Riversong 5:32

08. The Shadow of You 4:38

09. Through Jasmine’s Eyes 5:12

10. Out of the Fog 4:42

11. Valley Greene Orchestral Reprise 4:26

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