Contemporary Instrumental Review: Lynn Tredeau - Reflection

Release Date: June 10, 2022

Label:  Independent


Instrumental solo piano is many things, solitude, simplicity, one focus, and I am sure some people could think of a lot more. While it may feel different and hold diverse meanings, there is one commonality it can bring, peace and tranquility.

The music of Lynn Tredeau fits nicely into that frame of reference. Her latest release, Reflection, allows a listener to do just that. The music leads you and prompts you to reflect on what is inside your heart and mind.

There are some very descriptive track titles such as “The Passing of Time,” “Washed Away,” and “Celebration.” They have a meaning to the performer and can easily translate to a listener. You could be “Meandering” and find yourself “Deep In The Forest” as mother nature takes over and you are listening to “What The Rain Said.” Stories weaved into the fabric of audio frequencies, colors, and sounds are what good music can accomplish.

As every picture tells a story, like the cover featuring the Northern Lights, every note played highlights the words used to describe the music. The twelve tracks of solo piano offered on Reflection is an example of singular beauty created by an artist with the talent to manipulate the ivory keys.

Lynn Tredeau  is a talented pianist, and it was good to revisit her talents. The last time I had the pleasure of covering her music was in 2018 for the Fellowship of Solitude. I find sadness in this kind of music because it makes me reflect on my life and the people who have come and gone. Especially family members. For some reason, the music always finds a place in my heart that needs expression. There were no significant changes in the flow that would affect my mood that I would describe as a variable with this album. I think it’s best to say it felt like melancholy with elements of introspection. That is a tribute to the gently persuading style the artist offers. It is consistent throughout, thus giving me those strong feelings for most of the listen. I need to say it was all lovely, and it just affected me a certain probably because I heard it for the first time on Easter and missed so many people. The last track, “Celebration,” was quite uplifting in many ways and an excellent way to close out the album.

was therapeutic for me, and because it brought about feelings of sadness does not mean I did not enjoy it. I did derive a lot of satisfaction from listening because there was truth and honesty in the emotions I was going through. Music brings about awareness and a different way of thinking, and far as I am concerned, it was a success in every way.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
April 16, 2022

01. Tide Pools (4:33)
02. Someday, Somehow (3:22)
03. What the Rain Said (3:42)
04. Dreaming Tree (3:10)
05. Meandering (3:35)
06. Aspens of Targhee Mountain (3:03)
07. Deep in the Forest (4:36)
08 The Passing of Time (2:36)
09. Nomad (3:44)
10. The Road to There (3:34)
11. Washed Away (2:39)
12. Celebration (2:53)

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