Track Review: Richard Spasoff-There At Your Side

Richard Spasoff will be "There At Your Side" while you listen. His creative talents are pretty evident with this stand-alone track release. 

While I hear jazz, there is much more going on here. The elements of a new age tenet with a deliberate pace and style are present as well.

The idea is to help you feel safe and secure as you relax or meditate on this mesmerizing track.

This innovative artist has created another recording to look within to find peace.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

October 25, 2021

About Richard Spasoff:


Richard Spasoff is an internationally renowned modern day psychic, medium,and Stand Up Comedian, motivational speaker, and radio/television personality for over 25 years. He has given accurate and insightful psychic readings to clients ranging from everyday citizens to celebrities, people in law enforcement, clergy, judges, attorneys and business CEOs... READ MORE

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