Contemporary Instrumental Review: Dave Eggar-Awakening

Release Date: September 10, 2021

Label:  ‎Domo Music Group


If fortunate enough in our lifetimes we receive an awakening or several, if the universe allows it, and somehow, we do need it. Dave Eggar had his Awakening during the pandemic when he moved from NYC to the mountains of Tennessee. Getting back to your roots and in touch with the beauty of nature can heal the soul and trigger creative inspiration for many of us. For a multi-talented artist that has mastered the cello and piano like Dave, that is exactly what transpired. Moving from a bustling city to the mountains in Tennessee is what I would call a location paradigm shift. Literally, everything changes and the location is just the beginning.

Awakening features fourteen beautifully composed and performed tracks. This music truly touched me; its pure beauty engaged me in a spiritual journey. When listening I became reflective, grateful, and at times sad. The sadness relates to everything going on in the world and particularly in our country, its leadership, and what has been happening overseas. My heart cries for those in peril, suffering, or fleeing for their lives for poor decisions made by one man. It is at times frightening to see what has happened to our world, our country, and its people. I hope those seeking comfort can find some in this music, which I did with continued listening.

I am deeply moved by music such as this and it brings me back to who I am, what I believe, my history, and where it has brought me today. The track that triggered all these feelings was “Beyond.” And interestingly enough, it is telling me I must get past this, heal, keep the faith, and that God will watch over the children of the earth. I need to get “Beyond” this and move to another point of growth. Without that, I do not have the optimism and faith I need. I am sure many of you out there will not understand this process and my comments, and certainly, there will be those that will. My point here is the power of music and how it can change your train of thought and the outcome of your decision-making after listening. My decision to share what is in my heart was captured by this amazing music. That one track catapulted me to another space where I could feel everything at the moment then be able to communicate it to anyone that wants to listen.

“My Simple Gift” also pulled on my heartstrings. The combination of the cello and piano is always prolific for my listening experience. The cello has that longing sound that pulls you and makes you think. I think of it as a big bass violin. The piano helps the emotions that come up subside and smooth out. This, and I speak for myself, helps me to process everything going through my mind and how it translates to the heart. My oh my this is so powerful and affecting. Instrumental music allows you to open a door without being prompted by words to pull you in a specific direction. The best aspect of this transitioning effect is that you, the listener, get to choose what direction to go while taking all of these sounds in. It is indeed a beautiful thing to listen to this gift of music and the artistry of audio delights.

If you want to experience a true Awakening listen to this music.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
August 26, 2021 

01.  Awakening
02. Faded Memory
03. Through The Glass
04. Beyond
05. Forest Afternoon
06. Diamonds
07. My Simple Gift
08. Russian Winter
09. Arise
10. Fallen Leaves
11. Bristol Morning
12. Coming Home (featuring Avalona)
13. Earth Story
14. New Dawn (featuring Priya Darshini and Will Calhoun)

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