Ambient Instrumental – New Age Review: Thierry David-Slow Motion

Release Date: March 15, 2021

Label: K-Vox


Thierry David has a very large catalog of music displayed on his website. It makes me wonder why it took so long for me to discover him. He is from France and as the music started on his new release Slow Motion, the first thought that came to mind was Jean-Michel Jarre, the legendary keyboard maestro. Being a fan of Jarre for many years, it was only natural to think of him.

If you go to the artist website and take a look at the information regarding this release it states the following… In this twilight period made up of fears of the Unknown, Thierry David's album brings us back to fundamental values by wrapping us with universal and restorative benevolence.

So onward we go listening to this ambient musical spectrum and all the gifts found in every track. There is some really strong bass in some of these tracks, and I mean coming from the keyboard, not an actual bass. All of this music is the keyboards and computer-generated and quite good I must say. When you look at the cover it shows the essence of humanity, water, in you guessed it, Slow Motion. I look at music and as an audible journey, another page turned in a comprehensive book of sounds. And so, it is as this recording takes shape from one track into the next.

Each track is an exercise in color, layers, atmospheres, and collectively served to your senses as ambient electronica with a solid foundation in new age in regards to the artwork and the implications of each track title. This is the key for my listening experience, to look at the entire picture of what this project represents and is sending to the listeners. This is wonderful music with shifting sounds and colors weaving in and out of each delicately placed note. It gets you transfixed very rapidly once you accept the purpose of the music and the presentation as a sentient being of sound and light ready to transfer to your senses.

I think in many ways I enjoy this music because it all connects the dots. From track to track you effortlessly float and feel like you are going from one spiritual space to the next. Think of how a soul is released from a body at death, and how it makes its way to heaven. I think what happens is a gradual ascension through many layers as your life flashes before your eyes. This is my picture of what will happen when I die. I did not mean that statement to be foreboding or final, as I do believe it is a time of rebirth and a different dimension. I visit my deceased relatives in my dreams so to me that is another dimension, a peek at where I will go eventually, we only find out when our day arrives.

That may sound farfetched for some of you however it takes a good listen to this transcendental music to create that spark to bring those thoughts back to me. Like anything good for you, it’s a process, completed in steps, to reach your final destination.

Is it time for you to look at life in Slow Motion? That may be exactly what we all need in these uncertain and ever-evolving times we live in. The music is telling you that there are release and relaxation points to be found and time to stop and smell the roses, as the old saying goes. The roses are there, you just need some help to discover them again and the music of Thierry David will you get you there.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
March 3, 2021



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