Instrumental New Age Review: Laurence Furr-Deep Peace

Release Date: October 9, 2020

Label: Real Music


It is the night after the Presidential election and I need a cup of soothing musical tea to calm the storm brewing in my heart and soul. There is so much going on right now, so much unrest and uncertainty about so many things all at once. Today was the day it hit me like a tidal wave. Before that, I was dealing with it just fine, kind of like wading on the shoreline watching the coming storm. It still is not over but music is the ultimate elixir for me to leave that space of thought.

I found the perfect Deep Peace with Laurence Furr. His recent release of new age instrumental excellence has fifteen tracks and over an hour of music to absorb. You can take it all in through what I call the triangle of life - mind, body, and spirit. Like an essential healing oil, this music can melt away the day's stress. It is up to you whether or not you decide to go back to get it. Laurence Furr’s Celtic Harp is so influential he has the title of Therapeutic Musician.

And indeed, he is with Deep Peace. That term is so prolific and it remains quite elusive in today's world. There is a way out of that corner though and Laurence is offering that through the music on this recording. Dr. Furr is Cantor (Director of Music) at Trinity Lutheran Church in Ft. Worth, Texas. So that gives you an indication of where he is coming from and how deeply rooted his commitment is to people in his community. If you explore his website you will see a picture of him in a hospital surrounded by smiling nurses. He contributes his soothing harp music at the hospital. It is like bringing in a friendly dog for the patients to pet, it is disarming, brings the blood pressure down and all you can focus on is that one experience. Come to think of it, that is what music always does for me that is why I find it so easy to disconnect and let go of the day because of the meditative focus that music like this provides.

There is no doubt that this music is a part of heaven, its beauty will be obvious to any listener regardless of what they are seeking to find within it. I like to talk about music as a tool and the different aspects of what it can be used for. Focusing on the instrumentation is very important however in the end it is what the music does for you when you listen to it and how it makes you feel once it stops playing.

I always like to pick one track to add to my New Age Music Reviews Spotify Playlist and this time I found it difficult to make that decision because each track is excellent. I decided to choose “Healing Light.” First for the track name and what it can mean. This can be the light of a new day, the blazing sun on a beautiful summer day, the smile from a stranger walking by you on the street, or the way to your higher power or chosen path of religion or studies. The term light has many meanings and implications and I think Laurence personifies that in his music. The harp as a stand-alone instrument is most impressive if played properly. He not only plays it properly; it becomes an extension of his physical body and personality. This is a gorgeous track worthy of going on any new age music playlist.

Laurence also plays keyboards and the Native American Flute which makes few appearances on this album, notably on “Brown of the Soil.” The title of the track is a nice tribute to our Native American brother and sisters and a nod to the importance and reverence they have always had for mother earth. Lord knows if we had followed their ways all along, we would not be seeing environmental disasters on the scale we are seeing currently.

Deep Peace brings about a lot of thoughts and at the same time a lovely feeling of bliss and becoming one with the music. I took it all in and looked at the titles and their meanings from my viewpoint. It all made perfect sense and was a great listen where I found healing sounds that I greatly appreciated at the right time. I hope all of you listeners out there will find the same. We all need it so give it a listen and feel better and more hopeful than you were yesterday

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

November 4, 2020

Track List:
01. Quiet Earth
02. Red Wind of the East
03. Silver of the Dew
04. Grey Wind of the West
05. Gold of the Sun
06. Green of the Grass
07. Running Wave
08. Flowing Air
09. Sleeping Stones
10. Quiet Rain
11. Healing Light
12. Brown of the Soil
13. Shining Stars    
14. White of the Moon   
15. Gentle Night

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  1. Thank you so much. Hearing that my music helped you after the election process humbles me to my core. Peace......Laurence