New Age-Classical Review: Ronald Van Deurzen-Imaginations

Release Date: April 17, 2012
Label: Independent

Before I sat down to take in Ronald Van Deurzen’s recording from 2012 Imaginations I had to take a look at the album’s one sheet. Also, the reason I am covering it now is that it was just released on Bandcamp.

This is what was said about the album: The songs have been composed throughout the years of Ron's journey exploring the nature of Sweden. A country of vast forests, ice, snow, and ethereal sunrises. An environment that inspires thought, reflection, and creativity. Imaginations tries to simplify and communicate the beauty that can be experienced in this far northern area of the world. It speaks to the listener in images of the imagination.

I think it helps the listening experience to glean some information like that. It most certainly works for me prolifically at times. Ronald is from the Netherlands and he is a pianist, composer, and teacher. For the listener, this is a lesson for an all-encompassing musical experience. This is realized after knowing how this music was created of course. Although each listener is an individual with their perceptions of colors, light, and sounds, the basic premise holds for us all. Music is the universal language that speaks to everyone. Ronald especially does that through his music while creating an ongoing script or movie in the mind’s eye.

The one track that reached me instantly was “Moon Flower,” in fact I felt it should be placed on my NAMR Spotify Playlist. Every track is excellent but there are always one or two you happen to connect with better than all the others and this was the one for me. Ronald’s classically influenced new age journeys are created and enjoyed in different platforms such as music soundtracks, movies, and most of all for the pleasure of you, the listener, who stands to gain the most benefit from listening and letting this music whisk you away to another frame of mind or space that allows for healing and simply quality listening enjoyment.

“Momentum Figures” is the longest track clocking in at 7:22 and it is an eclectic composition with varying paces and emotions weaved through it like a musical patchwork quilt. I can see why it took up that much time and the various layers of music and instruments that come into play make it a real treat for senses. It is serene, exciting, and joyous. All of that is pieced together in segments for you to feel and absorb. For my ears, it was a delightful trip from one end of the musical spectrum to another. It is the most complex work on the recording.

“Midsommar Känsla" is Swedish for "midsummer feeling." It is a gorgeous melody and as picturesque as one could imagine. This was another track that moved me and touched my inner spirituality. That is the spirituality that we keep captive at times buried deep down so nobody can break the barrier and come in. With all your defenses down and no triggers of negativity, you have nothing to lose and everything to completely enjoy and feel without someone talking to you, arguing a point, or just making you feel uncomfortable. This is the reality of our days and life on this planet at times and we must find healthy outlets that demonstrate something that turns that switch on to bring about our true selves and a one-way line to our higher self or higher power.

That is what this kind of music helps me to accomplish while I am writing about it, I cannot explain it fully but the music inspires me and brings out these thoughts and images that I feel compelled to put in words. This is much like the process of making the actual music and it is my role to provide an interpretation of the sounds I am hearing. It is my honor to do so, every single time I do this.

Imaginations is the most appropriate title for this recording and if you have not had the pleasure of hearing it now is the time to go sample it at Bandcamp or listen right here and now as I have provided the media player as well. Don’t miss out on a chance to hear some classic new age piano-based instrumentals from a clever creator.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
July 7, 2020

Track List:
01. Little Falling Flake (4:45)
02. Early Years    (5:21)
03. Moon Flower (3:43)
04. The Beaches of Heaven (7:44)
05. First Lights (4:40)
06. Midsommar Känsla (3:41)
07. Come Back Because I Love You (3:19)
08. Winterdrops (3:30)
09. Autumn Park (3:08)
10. Momentum Figures (7:22)
11. Stuck In A Dream (5:06)

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