New Age Review: Lia Scallon-Invisible Light

Release Date: June 12, 2020
Label: Sounds of Sirius
I feel compelled to share what the artist Lia Scallon has to say about her new release Invisible Light. Here is the impetus behind this recording…

On the March Equinox 2020, I received strong Guidance to create some special music to counteract the fear, grief, and isolation being triggered by the Corona crisis. There was a sense of urgency to this prompting, so in a leap of faith I booked the studio and on March 31st began to pull through from the ethers the music now called ‘Invisible Light’. What followed was an intense labor of love.

The purpose of Invisible Light is to offer comfort, solace, and serenity in the face of the multi-faceted Covid-19 crisis. I hope that this music will soothe the soul of the listener and help awaken that spark of self-empowerment that lies within.

Lia is one of many talented people among this human race that can offer something positive and some hope. She is giving away this recording for free as an MP3 download now. That is her gift to the world in dire need of some light, divine light, the rays of hope we can see on the horizon. For some of us, we may be stuck in a dark place, prisoners of our thought process, letting the outside events control our emotions. Pent up anger and frustrations have taken to the streets in many cities across the U.S. I watch in disbelief at how uncivilized some of us have become. With music, we can always heal and progress to another level of existence. This I hold with conviction and strength, and I know in my heart that the music can do so much for us.

The Invisible Light is a source of energy, power, belief, and compassion that every human has within. So, for my interpretation I see this light hiding in some of us, and for others, it may be invisible but we absorb it, believe it, and share that feeling with those close to us.

Lia’s recording is very unique in that she narrates some of the thoughts and meanings that pushed her in the direction to present this music and words to the world. The one thing she said that made an impression on me was her thought of how the Corona Virus has brought out our primal instincts, such as hoarding food and other essential items for survival. It is indeed a dark and desperate place for humanity to be in and then the attacks on each other and their very livelihoods for survival are being destroyed by angry and vengeful crowds for the wrongful death of another human.

The track “Primal Cry” encapsulates and replaces the dark with the light in the long-running track (close to 8 minutes) filled with new-age sounds that soothe the soul and energize the tired, relieve the stressed, and give clarity to the confusion. These, my friends, are the ultimate tonics and elixirs we all seek and can easily find and use as a tool to bring change. This one track I feel carries the most impact on the entire recording so I added it to my NAMR Spotify Playlist.

As I listen to Lia’s angelic vocals as it lusters the equally beautiful music, I am engaged, feeling everything that she is through the music. Music has truly been my savior many times during my saddest moments. I have felt the lowest lows and the highest highs and music has always been there to lift me or bring me back down to earth and reality. Thank you, Lia, for all of your gifts to humanity and for the amazing work you have provided through Invisible Light.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
June 2, 2020

Track List: 
1. Prelude 1 - Invisible Light
2. Primal Cry
3. Prelude 2 - Invisible Light
4. Light Emerging
5. Prelude 3 - Invisible Light
6. Renewal
7. Epilogue - Invisible Light
8. Lia Scallon Profile

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