New Age Solo Instrumental Review: Kori Linae Carothers-Fire In The Rainstorm

Release Date: May 15, 2015
Label: Indie

Kori Linae Carothers is an award winning artist and has worked with the legendary greats at the Windham Hill recording label. A composer since the age of fourteen, Kori has mastered her disability of being deaf in one ear and turned a weakness into strength. She is an acclaimed keyboard player and pianist with four albums and hopefully more to come. Her album Fire in the Rainstorm is a testament to the joy of everyday. From the hidden beauty in the little things that surrounds us to the burn of a riotous sunrise to the cool splendor of the stars that grace the night skies the music sweeps you away on a journey of audible bliss.

The album begins with “The Day” and the tender shoots of life that reach their leafy arms to the sky in search of the bountiful light of the sun. Each delicate keyboard stroke paints a visual picture of the newness of life and the first breath of morning. Every day is a wonder with much to behold if only we open our eyes to the possibilities.

“The Kindly Beast” reminds me of the story of Beauty and the Beast. The thought provoking piano composition creates a story in my mind of a bookish young woman transported to a beast’s castle only to find the heart of a lamb resides inside the fa├žade of a lion. Tender is the heart that loves and perseveres when life becomes difficult. This also brought to mind the battles the artist faced as a young girl and the extreme inner strength she used to overcome what could have taken her dream of music away. Instead, like any great thing of value, it comes with work and dedication…but most of all, love.

“Winter’s End” is another piece that brought images of nature and romance. The swirling piano strokes evoke a theater of ice and snow, the crystals graceful and magnificent as they fall. Young lovers cascade across icy ponds, hearts full of joy but a little sadness as they know the winter is coming to an end. As with the tale spun with music, their love will go on with fond memories of winter’s kiss and the chill of snow as it drifts down for perhaps the last time.

Kori Linae Carothers is a talented composer and independent artist. She has worked with many greats in the industry, including the legendary Will Ackerman from the Windham Hill label. Kori is the epitome of showing what hard work and dedication can bring. Fire in the Rainstorm is a fluid album filled with natural beauty and wonderment by an artist I will be watching for again. If you want a respite from the day with some gorgeous piano composition, I highly recommend it.

5/5 Stars
Key Tracks: The Day, The Kindly Beast, Winter’s End

01. A Day Like No Other 04:09
02. NuNu's Sunrise 02:49
03. Meadow 03:53
04. Tidal Rift 04:20
05. Fire in the Rainstorm 02:58
06. Time Passages 04:10
07. The Day 04:22
08. Winters End 02:31
09. Liberty 04:05
10. The Kindly Beast 03:18
11. Whispers of the Heart 03:13
12. When the Trees Fell 03:52

Dana Wright, Sr. Staff Writer
July, 8, 2015
Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

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