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Instrumental World-New Age Review: Kelly Andrew- Revelation

Release Date: May 14, 2021

Label: Independent


It has been over four years since I heard the music of Kelly Andrew. 2016’s Rendezvous was my introduction. It was quite an introduction as I recall and the music was very cinematic. Judging by the first track and title track “Revelation,” I was in for another journey to instrumental music nirvana.


Kelly creates music that stirs the soul and makes your heart beat faster, in a good way. This music can also invigorate and relax all within the same song. So, if you are the type of listener that is looking for all that moving and emotional music then you will love Revelation.


As the music progressed onward to the third track “Spark of Life,” you are engulfed in its awesome energy and sound. It is so picturesque. The track title is spot on. I envisioned a person climbing Mt. Everest and getting to the top to plant their flag. This is a typical journey one can take while listening to this music. For my enjoyment and listening experience, that is perfect and the music plants visions inside my head and gets me excited. This is not a meditative state by any means, it is just too beautiful and exhilarating for you to get to that plane of existence. I would keep in mind that there are elements of the music that can get you focused and relaxed enough to get into the healing phase. That is a different state of mind and a place that exists in our consciousness as well, that is activated right at the start of the music, whether you realize it or not. I am grateful for that awareness and all the power the music holds for me.


“Escape” is another very cinematic one that could be used in a particularly exciting action scene in a film. Also, I believe there are certain documentaries where this music would fit, think of Planet Earth or something along those lines, in the same line of thought, films that exhibit the power of mother nature at work is a thought that comes to mind.


On the other side of that is the world new age track “Onagar,” with its irresistible tribal beats, sounds, keyboards, synths, and breathy nonword vocals. It is what you would expect and want to hear in a track that fits the world new age genre. The entire album is that genre, it just comes at you from different places, styles, and persuasions. In any case, whatever the way it hits you, you know it and find yourself part of the story very quickly. Now to me, that is very cool, it’s like reading a great story without having to read any words. 


“Arrival” is another energy-packed track with some great lead guitar, and I mean rocking. It fits well but only lasts for 2:45 minutes and I could have listened to twice or three times as much with what that track had to offer. It is because I love to hear great guitar lines. That very fleeting disappointment ends with “Manifesto” that comes at your bursting with all the color and energy that life can offer in one song.


For some listeners, I think artists like Yanni or Rick Wakeman will come to mind with their fabulous on-stage presentations with full orchestras all around the main instrument, keyboards. Those big productions like Journey To The Center of The Earth were my first thought. I could not help but have those thoughts and images go through my head.


I give full credit to Kelly Andrew for a magnificent and exciting instrumental production that brings you all the color, textures, various sounds, and inspirational voices that are tied into all this music to give it that final touch, that push that makes you feel like anything is possible and life is good because we are alive and well to enjoy it. And in the end, it will be a Revelation


Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

July 18, 2021

01. Revelation (3:39)
02. Times Untold (3:23)
03. Spark of Life (3:34)
04. Humanity (4:38)
05. Escape (3:56)
06. Onagar (4:32)
07. Arrival (2:45)
08. Manifesto (3:11)
09. Rebellion (4:34)
10. Days of Van (2:27)
11. The Garden (3:19)
12. Material Sons (2:37)
13. Regret (5:16)
14. Veil of Tears (3:52)
15. Samaria (2:45)
16. Sage of Salem (5:42)
17. Divine Embrace (3:39)


Instrumental World/New Age Review: Blue Monk/ Michael Whalen- Karmic Dreams

Release Date: September 18th, 2020

Label: myndstream


Sometimes the best and worst things in life are unexpected or spontaneous. For musician Michael Whalen getting Covid19 was unexpected and not welcome. On the other side of that was his music and another door to healing. To all things in life, there is the ying and yang. Sometimes it takes another person to make things happen and that is exactly what happened when Blue Monk came into the picture.

Blue Monk (Rasull), is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist on the Japanese shakuhachi, piano, synthesizer keyboards, acoustic guitar as well as concert flute and erhu. The multitude of world instruments you will hear on his collaboration with Michael Whalen is titled Karmic Dreams.

This will be Michael’s second release this year after the March release of Sacred Spaces. This is what got him back on his feet and healed him from the virus. I have always believed and supported the use of music for healing purposes. In this case, it was the first level of the musical experience, creating it. Michael received the music from Blue Monk then added and mixed his parts in and what you will get to hear in September is the result of that amazing collaboration titled Karmic Dreams.

From the first track “The Secret Garden” I was relaxed and entranced by the instrumentation and atmosphere it created. From that point forward, for my listening viewpoint and experience, it was all linked together. So, for this listener, it was an all-encompassing experience that is easy to convey in words. First, I look at my state of mind and being before listening. I am heading into a week long vacation and have quite a struggle clearing my head and changing my energy, in other words, knocking it down a few levels to enjoy getting some rest and doing things I enjoy more like listening to music, reading, or watching one of my favorite series on TV or Netflix. My strong sense of responsibility to my day job, my role, and contributions there daily keep my energy flow extremely high and one of my main releases is exercise, meditation, or new age instrumental music and sitting down and getting my thoughts down for potential readers and listeners. That is not a chore it is my way of meditating and getting another frame or space where there is no clutter of thoughts or resistance.

The beauty of the instruments that Blue Monk plays gives this recording an ancient worldly feel. He demonstrates exceptional command of the tools of meditation and spirituality. He found what he sought and is now sharing with us, the listeners and seekers of the same. It works very well indeed! All you have to do is prepare the mind, body, and spirit for the transition the music brings and in seconds you can be in another frame of reference where healing and joy exist. It is that simple if you open that invisible portal.

I have to personally relate to this music to give an honest overview with the hope that all of those people that happen to come across my review or listen to samples and eventually buy the music to support these incredible artists, find what I find waiting inside the music.

The flutes are what makes this music so special and feel so mystical. Then as Michael adds all of his production values and synthesizers, electronics, and percussion, what you get is the beautiful combination of the old world meets the new world. This is the kind of mixture you find happening a lot in the new age genre, and I love it.

Michael Whalen and Blue Monk have created a new age world masterpiece that will be a tool for all those seeking comfort, healing, and solace in this very difficult time we are all experiencing on some level.

Your karma and dreams do converge and send very important messages to your soul. Karmic Dreams can be the gateway to where you need to go right now. Give it a listen and let it work its magic, you will not regret it.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
July 19, 2020

Track List:
1. The Secret Garden (4:52)
2. The Way of the Samurai (7:21)
3. Cherry Blossom Heart (5:50)
4. Moonscape (5:30)
5. The Trance (3:52)
6. Boundless Love (7:02)
7. Karmic Dreams (4:29)


Instrumental World-New Age Review: Doug Hammer-Celtique

Release Date: September 21, 2018
Label: Dreamworld Productions

Doug Hammer must be an old soul. To write instrumental songs about ancient lands and fisherman of the world, you have to dig down deep. You have to get the feeling of a place and time, then look inside yourself where that spark can turn into a flame. I think Doug does that with his music. Keep in mind that every track has double meanings and it ends like it starts, an unbroken circle. That will give you something to ponder while listening.

Celtique is dedicated to all fisherman that have risked their lives for our survival. There are 15 tracks to enjoy on this release. I found it most interesting just how many albums were released on September 21st this year. I think there is a connection with that date, being the introduction of another season is significant and the new music ushering us in. I notice subtle nuances like that but to me there is nothing subtle about it. And here is why - it's also a Celtic Holiday called Mabon, a mid-Harvest celebration. There was a fact I did not know so thank you Doug!

The perfect track to encapsulate the feelings, atmospheres, sights, and sounds that this music delivers to you is “Wind and Waves.” The music is like the wind blowing against your face and the rhythms and force of the sounds are like waves combing across your body, making their way inside to your heart and soul. Suddenly you realize that this man and his piano has put you right where he wanted to.

I think an album cover sets the tone and atmosphere of what you are about to hear, and with an entirely instrumental album, it is absolutely key. The flavors of the world are what this artist is all about, and the title (and fonts) tell you where you are about to arrive. Every album is a celebration of a place or timeframe. For my listening experience, the time is now, however, I am able to go back as far in time as I wish because this kind of music allows it. The intrinsic element of instrumental music is the focus it provides, not to mention how intensely focused the person presenting the music must be!

The way Doug plays those ivory keys is something to behold, his sound is so full and alive. One would think just one piano could not tell such an interesting story but he gets it done. It actually sounds like more than one piano at times, which is quite amazing.

That, my music loving friends, is the power of music. Celtique is an awesome expression of art. The talent it takes to create a recording like this is beyond my comprehension. To be a listener and feel the music like it was intended is something special. That is all any recording artist could ask for.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
September 27, 2018

Founder of:

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

01. Celtique (Daybreak)
02. Through the Mist
03. Wandering Path
04. Crumbling Wall
05. Ancient Stones
06. She Beckons
07. To the Sea
08. Wind and Waves
09. Calm Water
10. Safe Harbor   
11. Voices of the Past
12. Golden Land
13. Moss and Earth
14. Journey Home
15. Celtique (Twilight)