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Instrumental New Age/Ambient Track Review: Eamonn Karran-The Edge (Summer Song Flight)

Release Date: August 27, 2021

Label:  ‎myndstream


“The Edge” from the Summer Song Flight release on the myndstream label, is Eamonn Karran’s new featured track.

The modus operandi here is diversity. Eamon says in his bio “I like to blend electronic music with flowing piano melodies and create something unique.”  He does exactly that on this gorgeous track.

Eamonn pushes the musical envelope and sounds very progressive on this track. My imagination was captured immediately while listening to the blend of the traditional piano with the electronics
Once the track was over, I felt like I need
ed to hear more, and for the artist, that is a good thing!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
August 31, 202


Instrumental World/New Age: Eamonn Karran-Deep Heart’s Core

Release Date: August 14, 2020

Label: myndstream


Age seven was the time Eamonn Karran found his love for the piano. With Deep Heart’s Core as with any recording he releases, Eamonn’s goal is to produce recordings that will help heal and enhance the physical and spiritual wellbeing of others. I think that becomes crystal clear as the opening track “Carrountoohill” begins.
The combination of classical, new age, and Celtic makes this is a worldly cross over sound that will appeal to many different audiences. When “Fair City” started, the beginning was so different and then it just got better and better as the track progressed. It is very cinematic and awe-inspiring music. It sounded like it could be placed on a soundtrack of a movie or nature special with a panoramic view of some of the world’s highest peaks overlooking the sky. That is what great music can do for a listener. It gives you chills and takes you places away from the current time and space you are in. To me, that is the power of the music doing its magic.
“March on Tara Hill” sounds like what it is, a steady beat and path into battle or a long walk to a destination for a great cause driven by the heart and beliefs of those involved. I found it to be regal, majestic, and strong as the roar of a lion. This is inspired music any way you look at it. With all its beauty shining and no vulnerabilities in sight, the music marches on to its ultimate destination.
“Newgrange Rises” has a similar atmosphere and drive to it and even so it is a beautiful arrangement with strong Celtic elements woven into the patchwork quilt we call ancestry and the pride therein. There is a combination of piano, synths, background voice, and orchestration that makes for a very interesting listen that you will want to hear again.
As you continue your deep dive into Eamonn’s music you realize even though it has a new age flair to it all, it was not meant just for meditation. This is the music of movement, the kind that gets you to reflect upon things that are rolling around in your mind. The catch here is it enables you to be excited about what you are hearing and at the same time find solace and relaxation in all of it as well. That is a special kind of music that has the ability to seamlessly integrate energy, excitement, with elegance and beauty all at once.
Deep Heart’s Core
is what it claims to be. It really gets to your heart and touches your soul. For each listener, it will be a different experience however the core that drives this music is the same and firmly in place. You will pay attention and enjoy what you are hearing. It really is amazing the multitude of sounds you will hear on this recording besides the piano. And that is exactly what makes it a worldly musical experience that is hard to forget or tuck conveniently

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
August 11, 2020

Review Provided by New Age Music Reviews

Track List:

1. Carrountoohill 5:28
2. Fair City 4:52
3. High King of Cashel 5:03
4. March on Tara Hill 5:20
5. Newgrange Rises 4:32
6. Spike Island 4:23
7. The Walls 5:04
8. Wings Over Glenveagh 4:10