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Instrumental New Age-World Review: Bodhi-Deep Dream-Shamanic Flute Journeys

Release Date: November 1, 2020

Label: Independent


Deep Dream
is my first Shamanic Flute Journey with Bodhi. This prolific artisan has 14 albums available at Bandcamp. I did notice he is offering all the albums in one package at 20% off right now if anyone has an interest. I thought that fact was noteworthy and he deserves attention to his recorded works.

Bodhi Setchko (Flutes, Keyboards, Bells, Chimes, Charango, Guitar, and Drum), Christopher Krotky (Drums, Drum programming), Jen Rund (Bass), and Spencer Nielson (Didgeridoo) are the vital combination of talent and spirituality that is the focus of Deep Dream.

The first and title track “Deep Dream,” got me engaged and attentive immediately. The mystical sound of Bodhi’s flute and the subtle drone of the Didgeridoo was very mesmerizing as well. That ancient instrument can sound like a worker bee just buzzing and inviting you to the center of the hive where everything is happening. That is what I felt and envisioned after just one track. I immediately added it to my New Age Music Reviews Spotify Playlist. I feel honored to have this opportunity to hear this music and provide my input so I am returning the good karma.

It comes as no surprise that Bodhi has been working with sound meditation, sound healing, and sacred sound journeys for over 40 years. Around the globe, his music is used in yoga studios, health spas, and health practitioners’ offices. I can understand the therapeutic effect this blessed music can have, experiencing it first hand is the best way to be able to convey your interpretation or simply use it for meditation, relaxation, or listening enjoyment and let those in your circle, or should I say bubble these days, take their journey and decide how it works for them.

The beautiful combination of the flute, drums, sounds of nature, bells, keyboards, guitar, bass, etc. is what makes this music so exceptional and alluring. Having that present drone to focus on for meditative purposes is helpful. Once focus is attained then it becomes natural to let all the colors, textures, and amazing sounds permeate your soul.

Whether it’s the sounds of crickets or water it fits so well with what they are presenting. This is very complex to put all of this together for it to make sense and have the ability to pull you in. This process will allow you to open that portal to your mind, body, and spirit for the complete audio experience Bodhi and his band members are offering you.

The shortest track is “Behind The Buddha,” clocking in at 6:34 and the longest is “Gathering Dawn” at 9:55. This gives each listener ample time to settle in and utilize the therapeutic tools on offer. If you are a novice or old pro at meditation, or you can get in focus readily or it takes you some time, Deep Dream will serve you well.

Congratulations to Bodhi and the band for making an incredible album and presenting such a wonderful gift to humanity. I think that puts it all into proper perspective.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
November 30, 2020

Track List:
1. Deep Dream 08:57
2. Gathering Dawn 09:55   
3. Every Breath 08:05
4. Desert Canvas 09:54
5. Alone 07:30
6. Surrounding Mountains 07:14
7. Waves Of Color 09:26
8. Behind The Buddha 06:34
9. Purple Shadows 08:24