Instrumental World-New Age Review-Diane Wheeler Dunn-Peace In Our Hearts

Release Date: August 31, 2022

Label: ‎Independent


The native American flute is very simple, earthy, and spiritual. That is one thing that never changes. I am grateful for that and talented artists such as Diane Wheeler Dunn. Peace In Our Hearts is her second album release.

I think Diane’s story is inspiring. She is a retired transportation worker turned musical artist with something to say. And she does so quite elegantly throughout this ten-track release.


The addition of additional instruments makes this music so complete and beautiful. There is a steel guitar, dulcimer, upright bass, harp, Cajon drums, etc. The flute leads the way like a spiritual guide taking the other instruments along to accentuate an already sacred path to enlightenment.

What an incredible healing the Native American Flute can be. It takes me to a different place than other music. I think of the importance of the Native Americans and how they lived. They treated mother earth with respect and took only what they needed. If only we had followed their way, we would not be in the situation we are in now with pollution of all sorts and the devastation of forests. I have a deep respect for them and always will. I cannot help but have these thoughts whenever I hear this music. While that carries a weight of sadness, I can still move forward and let this music work its wonders on my soul.

“Kaia Malu” has a hint of sadness about it. It is very placid, and it relaxed me. I suppose it depends on who you are and what frame of mind you are in when you listen. That is with any music; however, for me, there is a bit more thought and reflection that goes into instrumental music. And particularly music so earthy and sacred as this.

“Imaginal Realm” had a different feel and atmosphere. It was more of a methodical piece, particularly with the Grand piano. The flute is divine, and the keys were there to enhance the importance of the main instrument. The keys make their presence known, but the flute is out front, as it should be.

Those are only two examples of the diversity of this music and how the flute can encompass so many realms and invite the other instruments to partner cohesively.

Diane Wheeler Dunn keeps your interest from start to finish rather than lulls you to sleep. I am sure it can be used for meditation or general relaxing listening. For my ears, it engaged so many thoughts and feelings. I am grateful for the artistry that makes me feel so good and gives me hope. Every track is so different, and I think that is a significant accomplishment utilizing the Native American Flute.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

November 11, 2022


01. Petunias are Stars : Flute in F#, Congas, Ambient Pad, Acoustic Steel Guitar

02. Kaia Malu: Flute in C, Finger Bass and Ambient Pad (A tilde goes over the A in Malu)

03. Imaginal Realm: Flutes in A#, Grand Piano and Ambient Pad

04. Follow the Sun: Flute in Low D, Dulcimer, Acoustic Steel Guitar, and Ambient Pad

05. Float the Boat: Flutes in E, Panflute, Upright Bass, and Ambient Pad

06. Peace in Our Hearts: Flutes in D and A, Flute Ensemble, and Ambient Pad

07. Be the Flame: Flute in Low D, Cello, Harp and Jazz Guitar

08. Mystery in the Mist : Flutes in High C and High F, Ambient Pad, and Pluck

09. While the Rabbit Sleeps : Flutes in Mid A and Low A, Cajon Drums, Ambient Pad

10. Pause for Peace: Flutes in A and E, Grand Piano and Ambient Pad.

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