Contemporary Instrumental Review: Robin Spielberg-All The Best Returns

Release Date: November 18, 2022

Label: ‎Independent


Robin Spielberg's All the Best Returns celebrates resiliency, hope, and the power of positive thinking. That is the first thing I read about this album before listening. This is the music we all need to hear and a message we should embrace. She is a world-renowned Steinway artist celebrating the release of her 22nd album.

I have always found appreciation, comfort, and joy in the music Robin creates. This new EP clocks in just under 20 minutes.

As the recording unfolds, you get a sense of this being the listen that will lead you down a particular path, which is an intent more strongly than any music with lyrics. It must reach out and grab you and touch you in some way. Right from the beginning of "In Search of the Forest Fairy," you find the enchantment that the artist is hinting at on the cover art.

The only track that hinted at any sadness was "The End of Summer." The sun's brightness will stay present in many of these fall and winter months; however, the temperature will surely drop. Depending on who you are, that is a gift because you are into winter sports or enjoy being outside regardless of the weather, or something you dread and would rather stay in a warm house and go out only when you must. Whatever your choice is, this song is relatable.

"Shche ne Vmerla Ukrainy" is Robin's gift to the brave and resilient war-torn Ukrainians as she performs their national anthem elegantly. I saw a video of some of the folks in Kyiv lining up to get water. They were smiling and said they had no intention of leaving. I had to look at myself and ask what I would have to complain about.

EP's do end much quicker, unfortunately, so you must savor each minute and give it a chance to process within your mind and senses. From the artist's viewpoint, it takes more of a compact focus. I can assure you that Robin makes every second count, so however fleeting it may seem, it sure is lovely.

Robin Spielberg is like a musical clairvoyant interpreting and delivering all the music through her fingers. The flow is smooth and natural, with exemplary production values. And everything about this music brings forth good feelings and hope. 

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

November 6, 2022

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