Classical Vocal Review: Danaë Xanthe Vlasse-MYTHOLOGIES

Release Date: August 6, 2021

Label:  ‎ Independent


"MYTHOLOGIES" - Mrs. Vlasse honors her heritage with an album inspired by Ancient Greek myths. Centered on vocal works, MYTHOLOGIES celebrates some of the most lasting legends in history and offers a return to creative collaboration with sopranos Hila Plitmann and Sangeeta Kaur. The album offers several performances of Mrs. Vlasse herself at the piano, along with pianists Robert Thies and Brendan White; the album also includes renowned South-African flutist Wouter Kellerman, and features memorable string performances from violinist Lili Haydn, cellist Eru Matsumoto, and violist Virginie d'Avezac de Castera, along with percussion from Nadeem Majdalany and Emilio D. Miler, Emilio D. Miler and Mrs. Vlasse co-produced the album. MYTHOLOGIES is an immersive Contemporary Classical journey into an ancient fantasy realm that invites listeners to ponder long-standing cultural concepts such as idolized heroism, divine power, crisis of faith and morality, and the junction of fate and free will. (Information provided by the artist)
For those listeners that can appreciate classically-based music and vocals that bring Greek Mythology to life, Mythologies will be an unforgettable listening event. The musicality is at another level to compliment the two Sopranos, Hila Plitmann, and Sangeeta Kaur. The aforementioned cast of musical talent is appreciated by this attentive listener.
From my perspective, this was a step away from the norm. That is the kind of experience I welcome. This music gave me an appreciation for an art form that started centuries ago. The combination of the voices and instruments is like coming home to your place in heaven. The angelic vocals welcome you as your spirit rises and you start an existence on another plane. This is the picture that my consciousness presented me to observe and absorb, then process.
Danaë’s piano playing is superb and with all of the beautiful vocals on display, courtesy of Hila Plitmann and Sangeeta Kaur, this is an opportunity for appreciative listeners of this genre. That combination provides a stunning tribute to the subject matter at hand. Mythological characters are no longer in that framework, you can imagine them as living breathing entities brought to life through the vocals and music.
To musically interpret these stories is not an easy task to be sure. The length of these tracks is considerable, raising the difficulty level that much further. “Sirens” opens the recording and clocks in at 11:12 and then takes you out to finalize the album in the “Sirens (Cinematic)” version at 14:12. In between those two tracks “Nepenthe” is a dramatic and moving instrumental showcasing the musical talent that is up to the challenge. The listener will note the tides of passion weaving throughout the song. Instrumentally this is as close to perfection as one could get.
I felt “Penelope” was particularly beautiful as Danaë’s remarkable piano playing is joined by her female counterparts with the rising vocal expertise you have previously witnessed. The blend of the music and all of those voices are incredibly moving and visionary. The changes of pace are impressive within the time of 7:19 minutes. I note the time of these tracks as I feel it is important to recognize the effort that went into them by these amazing men and women.

MYTHOLOGIES is a refreshing interpretation of Greek history. Emotion and collective expertise are key in making this album a success. Certainly, this album will be revered worldwide exponentially as time passes. It will be like adding a fine piece of art to your collection to treasure for years to come.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
August 23, 2021

1. Sirens by Danaë Xanthe Vlasse, Hila Plitmann, Sangeeta Kaur & Brendan White        
2. Poseidon & Odysseus by Danaë Xanthe Vlasse, Hila Plitmann, Sangeeta Kaur, Wouter Kellerman & Nadeem Majdalany
3. Penelope by Danaë Xanthe Vlasse, Hila Plitmann, Sangeeta Kaur & Wouter Kellerman
4. Nepenthe by Danaë Xanthe Vlasse, Lili Haydn, Eru Matsumoto & Robert Thies
5. Euterpe's Lament by Danaë Xanthe Vlasse, Hila Plitmann, Sangeeta Kaur, Virginie d'Avezac de Castéra & Eru Matsumoto
6. Metamorphoses by Danaë Xanthe Vlasse        
7. Sirens (Cinematic) by Danaë Xanthe Vlasse, Hila Plitmann, Sangeeta Kaur, Brendan White, Nadeem Majdalany & Emilio D. Miler

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