New Age Reviews: Lia Scallon-Return of The Star Elders

Release Date: March 21, 2021

Label: Sounds of Sirius


There is a prophecy that speaks of a Pleiadean spaceship that came to Earth a long time ago, leaving behind a special device to be activated at a predestined time. The Aboriginal Elders refer to this device as a “Magic Box,” and say it is beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. This event will ignite a fundamental change in all people.

Musicians are the unsung heroes of our society and particularly in this time of great need, they all come through for us. They spread the positive and shine a new light on our lives.

Things of this nature are either taken to heart, completely ignored, or taken with a grain of salt. This is all dependent on your systems of beliefs or what you know as truth in your life. What you have to decide is where you fit into this belief.

One part of me says it’s a lot of hope and it may be true and the other half wants me to believe there is such a thing and it will actually happen and the world will change. Lord knows we need some kind of change after what we just experienced in 2020. So, in conclusion, my belief is that anything is possible and there is a vast unexplored universe with billions of planets out there that could actually help us to heal and heal our planet.

So on to this spiritual journey with Lia Scallon titled Return of The Star Elders subtitled On The Cosmic Wings of Song. There are nine tracks on this recording are composed with Lia speaking and singing in a different language. That fact usually does not steer me off of my goal, listening and absorbing the music and the message held within for me to discover. This process usually happens in a matter of minutes and I am off on my journey. I must say that the key to going into music with this subject matter or unfamiliar language requires an open heart and mind. Because of being open to any possibilities, I am able to achieve this state even though there is doubt tucked away in the corners of my mind. I can get past that quite readily just listening to all the sounds and letting it take me over. Once again, opening my mind and exploring the possibilities.

All the track names are ancient references so if you are not familiar you will have to do some research to put it all together. My only regret listening to this beautiful music is that I could not understand the words. Even so, I see the titles of the tracks and get the idea of what is being projected here. This is cosmic, spiritual, and all about how the stars and planets in our solar system have a significance in their movements, in this case, the Winter Solstice on December 21st. The Solstices are significant every year marking the change of seasons and the rotation of the earth around the sun.
Return of The Star Elders holds a lot of meaning for many reasons and the music is what I would expect from Lia and her vocals are always so beautiful, making the way for yet another great listening experience that provides hope, relaxation, and the ushering in of new age for the earth and all its inhabitants. If we all believe then it can and will happen, let the music lead the way!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

March 18, 2021

Track List:
1. Call from the Heart  
2. Arrival of the Star Elders
3. Mayan Star Majesty   
4. Tibetan Skygods    
5. Isle of the Druids  
6. Uluru Galactic Portal   
7. Ancient Kachina Wisdom   
8. Return to Lemuria  
9. The Rising of Isis

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