New Age-World Instrumental Review: Jonny Lipford-Balance

Release Date: March 1, 2021

Label: Independent


My introduction to Jonny Lipford and his flute music began in 2019 with Migration. Nearly two years later and I have received the latest release Balance. You cannot help but notice the cover and how the title ties into the visual.

Music and its far-reaching capabilities meet and merge to create true meaning for the potential listener. I look at how the rocks are so perfect and how delicate the Balance is. Through my own personal interpretation, I see this how it relates to life itself, human, animal, plant, insect, any form of life and how it maintains a delicate balance and how one thing can break that chain. If were to go to that little tower of rocks it would be easy to knock it over. But my respect for what it stands for and my awareness of how quickly the formation can change makes me step back and take in its perfect beauty and peacefulness. This is as if nature and man are in sync and we are not on a path of destruction.

Thinking on this further is the core beliefs of Native Americans and their respect for all of nature and the gifts it provided for their survival. Jonny is an accomplished performing and recording artist and educator of Native American flutes. This is the visual and musical aspects that are presented on Balance. And the last thing the artist presents with this recording is a list of all the tracks are their meanings. This is more than a listening experience, it is three-fold, mind to ponder upon and have good thoughts, body to heal and regenerate our core energies, and for the soul, the purity of the music and internalizing it with the combination of the music and spiritual passages being offered with this complete experience.

You will hear the expertise of an enlightened individual playing the Native American flutes while implement a steady tribal drum along with sounds of nature and synths and keyboards. The mixture is absolute heaven and would give even the most stressed out individual a pause to actually stop and listen. How could a listener possible not feel better while hearing all of this music? Tracks with titles like “Clarifying Your Vision,” which is very possible while using this music for a meditative state. “Enlightening Your Spirt” and “Awakening Your Heart” will surely have you “Living In Your Power.” It says so much and with such conviction then the music solidifies those thoughts and meanings.

These track titles are exceptional in that they show you the way, it is the first door to open, you read the track name, process it, listen, then fall into that rhythm of the spirit and nature. My belief is that those two things go hand and in hand and they co-exist in peace and harmony. Without that we have companies tearing down our rain forest and populating the now open fields with cows to produce meat for consumption. There are other ways to get things done and feed the people without ravaging an entire eco system. That is but one example of many and I felt it important to discuss that and how it relates to the messages in the music. This is my own thought process and what the music made me feel. Everyone is different and will experience things in a different way and go do a path that is all their own.

We all could learn a lot from our Native American brothers and sisters. The music on Balance brings all of those realizations and beliefs back to the forefront of my mind. Listen closely to the music and how it is in harmony with nature and the true meaning of what our presence here on earth should accomplish.


Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
February 2, 2021

Track List:
1. Sun Salutation
2. Believing Your Truth
3. Affirming Your Desire
4. Living In Your Power
5. Awakening Your Heart
6. Nurturing Your Word
7. Clarifying Your Vision
8. Enlightening Your Spirit
9. Moon Salutation

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