Instrumental New Age Review: Eric Bikales-Mandala

Release Date: January 9, 2021

Label: Independent


Eric Bikales is ringing in the new year with his album Mandala. He is an established artist that restarted his recording career after several years in music and video production. He moved to Tennessee and found peace and re-engagement with his true paths in the music industry. He now concentrates on helping others in music by creating online courses for the Academy of Art in San Francisco and playing the piano and bringing new age world his music.

For the folks that may not know what a Mandala is, here is the description I found on Wikipedia:

In New Age, the mandala is a diagram, chart, or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a time-microcosm of the universe, but it was originally meant to represent wholeness and a model for the organizational structure of life itself.

I have to admit the artwork is very eye-catching on the album cover. I find it similar to a tapestry and the combination of orange and blue always works. It is arranged like yin and yang. Two forces interdependent and becoming one within the music. I can assure you; Eric makes it all come together properly on Mandala.

is incredibly relaxing and pleasant music to take in. The combination of piano, synths, flute, and other ambient and spacey sounds that are generated to give more layers to the music, will have you looking more intently at the titles of the tracks. This is a key component to this experience and an all-encompassing experience it is.

What you will observe are the 12 commandments of a new age being ushered in by a gifted and spiritually enlightened musician. After looking at the track listing all I could think of was god at the top of the mountain with the 10 commandments. Yes, this is spiritual music in every way not religious. It is a point that came to me, and as I have said many times, different people have varying touch points and things that click for them. This is a good thing; it allows the music to be seen through several different lenses of humanity.

Mandala is engaging and each track is different utilizing an array of changes in flow, instruments, and computer-generated sounds that all interconnect to make beautiful music. Every part has its place and every sound falls together quite nicely.

“Resourcefulness” is a fine example of how one musician can have the ability to do so much in one song. I found it to be one of the most different tracks from all the others. It was the one out on the fringes that is undefinable, giving you something entirely different to show the all-around talent and eclectic approach being taken by this artist. I truly appreciate that kind of change in an album. If you are meditating with this music this may take you off course however if you are well focused and, in the zone, it will be a stop along the way to put a different spin on your frame of mind.

In the end, what Mandala does is take you to different places in the musical spectrum thus your listening space will shift along with that. I found it highly entertaining and I was very appreciative of the range of talent that Eric Bikales has on display in this inviting release. It is a nice reprieve from the day and something to look forward to and you are guaranteed to find “Serenity” as the curtain closes on this experience.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
December 14, 2020

Track List:

01. Generosity
02. Kindness
03. Honesty
04. Love
05. Compassion
06. Charity
07. Forgiveness
08. Devotion
09. Resourcefulness
10. Humility
11. Respect
12. Serenity

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