Contemporary Instrumental Review: Jarred Walker-Becoming Tomorrow

Release Date: January 1, 2019
Label: Independent

Jarred Walker started tinkering with the ivory keys when he was four years old. Now all his all-instrumental acoustic piano comes flowing out of your speakers, phone, or whatever device you happen to be using. Even today that sounds so different to say rather than your stereo or car radio. Luckily for Jarred all the music on Becoming Tomorrow transcends time and all barriers. 

One of the more gorgeous tracks is “Dream of the Firefly.” I quickly put it on my New Age Music Reviews Spotify Playlist. Folks that do not read the review will be able to hear it if they go to the site. 

Spotify has a huge market share of streaming music now and it looks as though they are here to stay. That is just fine with me, it is a handy tool to access music and sample some new artists or listen to your library or anyone you follow. It is a great platform to get your music out there and people like Jarred need to be heard, it's as simple as that. It works I cannot deny it.

One of the more difficult things to accomplish with instrumental music is to keep a listener’s attention, particularly those that are accustomed to hearing vocals accompanying all the music. The music needs to demand your attention and paint a picture within each song. Jarred does accomplish that within the ten tracks on Becoming Tomorrow. 

Songs like “Turning Point” are uplifting. The rhythm and pace are something that you would hear playing during a more positive fast-moving scene in a movie. Whether it is one that you are watching or the one developing in your mind's eye, you feel it happening. This is the kind of realism that needs to happen in instrumental music or your audience is lost. Music such as this gives you pause, perhaps a moment to reflect, or just kick off your shoes, sit in a comfy chair and put the day behind you. It is satisfying, like a good day’s work, it keeps you going strong then lets you down easy when the track comes to a close.

All the music you will hear on Becoming Tomorrow was composed by Jarred. His ability to take a diverse array of influences, colors and various complexities within compositions is his greatest attribute. What you get is a composite of everything the man knows coming together like a patchwork quilt with perfected stitching everywhere. It is a contemporary instrumental potpourri that is sure to calm your nerves and satisfy from beginning to end.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
September 19, 2019

Founder of:

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01.  SOMETHING NEW  3:37
04.  FILL THE STARS  4:00
05.  STEAM HORSE  3:22
06.  THIS TIME  4:27
07.  TURNING POINT  2:25
08.  LOOKING BACK  4:16
10. END OF THE LINE  3:05

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