New Age-World-Instrumental Review: David Arkenstone-Quest For The Runestone

Release Date: July 1, 2024

Label: QDV Music


Quest For The Runestone Listening Party on June 30. 

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Some names are synonymous with specific genres of music, and David Arkenstone is one of those artists immediately recognized for his contributions to the new-age music community. With a stunning 70+ albums, multiple Grammy nominations, TV scores, and over 1 billion streams, the man is accomplished in many fields of work.

Quest For The Runestone is a unique and captivating release that is set to captivate audiences worldwide with its distinct blend of new-age music.

The CD box of Quest For The Runestone offers more than just music. It includes a 48-page booklet, custom sleeve, *Vellum, sticker, pendant, magnet, and miniature rhinestone, providing a truly immersive experience.

(*Vellum-It is often distinguished from parchment, either by being made from calfskin (rather than the skin of other animals) or simply by being of a higher quality. Vellum is prepared for writing and printing on single pages, scrolls, and codices (books).

"Prophecy" starts with a dreamy, esoteric atmosphere. Then, as the percussion comes in, the track begins to build. The bell tolls, and the vocals call to the heavens as the story's meaning takes another turn. The orchestrations soothe and excite at the same time. Will the "Prophecy" be fulfilled?

"The Soothsayer Speaks" as the instruments and voices merge to emphasize the track's meaning. It reaches an apex and then starts to wind down as the wordless vocals come in like a chant from a faraway land. Once again, the pace picks up to convey more emotion and meaning to convey the crucial information they receive. It is one of the best tracks, for sure. It's so colorful and exciting.

"Ancient Magic Awakens" starts with tremendous color and energy. The instruments come alive with every note, notably the thrilling percussion, which drives the Celtic theme. Wordless vocals give it the epic feel when you reach the apex of the musical mountain. The violin leads the way from the beginning to the closing. There is a very soft interlude for a short time; then, it launches back into the excitement.

"Réann" begins with the Uillean pipes, which always give a song that original Celtic imprint. The old meets the new as the keys, violin, and cello enter the mix. This is the first track where the pipes are the main instrument, and everything else builds around it. It is very different from all the previous tracks and is the most effective.

In "Eyes Of Skata," the violin starts accompanied by a beautiful acoustic guitar. Then, that fantastic percussion comes in, this time more subtle but rhythmic. The vocals are in sync with the rhythms and atmosphere of the music.

"Oceans Of Ice" is like a veil of satin brushing over your skin. The story continues, beginning slowly, and then the tempo changes as the cello and acoustic guitar partner. The bass tones are a strong undercurrent, replacing the previous track's vital percussion parts.

"Path Of The Mountain's Bones" brings back the march of the percussion, and Celtic solid influences take over to inspire the climb up the mountain. The path is clear, and the people traveling do it purposefully. The rhythm and chants push them along to their journey's end. The vocals are strong and hold the promise of its people. Think of an Irish gig combined with a battle hymn—epic echoes of the past launch you into the future.

"Stars Without Light": For what is a star without its light? It begins with a mystical tone, and the wordless vocals give it a spiritual feeling. The music and vocals are soft. The cello cries, the violin answers, and a gentle picking of the acoustic guitar adds substance and beauty. A touch of melancholy towards the end makes you think about what could come next as it picks up the energy and flows again. It ends with those spirit-like vocals and leaves you wondering.

"The Arbos Stirs" begins quietly and thoughtfully as you anticipate a change. It arrives quickly, a bit more subtly than the opener, until the percussion arrives. As the track title indicates, the booming drums are an awakening, a stirring. Nice guitar picking accompanies the anthemic vocals. It is a powerful song that ends definitively and suddenly. It sounded like a warning to me that something was about to happen.

"Inscriptions" begins pensively as the violin enters the mix. The feeling is anticipation, as the measured beat of the drums enhances the overall atmosphere. As you move through those feelings, the track gently fades.

"Secrets Of The Runestone" you expect to be magical, and it is. The mystery and the secrets held are expressed in the feelings of the music as it takes shape. The familiar march of the Celts returns with percussive elements, moving along with strength and purpose and powerful wordless vocals to match. I appreciated a sharp electric guitar part about three-quarters of the way through; then, it continued to change and gather strength to the finish. It was my favorite track.

"Keeper Of The Flame" brings back the Uillean pipes and that fantastic violin. As the song gathers momentum, it gives you the feeling of watching a picturesque scene in a movie, like people traveling to an ultimate destination. The instruments merge into a gorgeous orchestration that provides inspiration to carry on and keep the flame burning.

Quest For The Runestone is an engaging and musically complex project for which David Arkenstone will receive many compliments. He created all the compositions, and he played a multitude of instruments. With some help from his friends, he has created an instant new-age and world classic.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-NAMR Founder

May 21, 2024


01. Prophecy 5:24

02. The Soothsayer Speaks 5:25

03. Ancient Magic Awakens 4:53

04. Réann 4:03

05. Eyes Of Skata 4:44

06. Oceans Of Ice 4:20

07. Path Of The Mountain's Bones 4:33

08. Stars Without Light 4:12

09. The Arbos Stirs 4:34

10. Inscriptions 4:30

11. Secrets Of The Runestone

12. Keeper Of The Flame 5:39

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